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Is Kid’s Smart Watch A Smart Choice For Your Kid?


Advancing technology has drastically changed our lifestyle, especially in the last decade. Whether it’s a smart phone, TV or a even a mere doorbell everything is smart now, embraced with Hi-Tech and artificial intelligence. No doubt, these appreciable inventions made our life way too easy when compared to the early decades, but as we know all that shines is not gold. Same can be said for inventions; some are just for making money and are unnecessary. So, one should be careful while purchasing anything.

In this growing age of media and technology, choosing useful products has become a strenuous task, especially for our kids. As children of age group 6-18 are easy to convince for any new invention and these years are also the years in which a parent plays a crucial role in their child’s life. So, being a parent we must guide our children what is good for them and what is not. There are many products available in the market that can easily attract your child one such product is kids smart watch.

If your child is stubborn to have a smart watch you should better start doing your homework before purchasing one. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of kid’s smart watch that may help you know whether a smart watch is a good choice for your kid.

Advantages Of Kids Smart Watch

  • Allows You To Create A Radius Of Safety: –

    Kids smart watch allows parents, to remotely control their child’s area while they are playing. You can define a particular safe zone through these watches and whenever your child steps out from the predefined zone, an instant message will be delivered on your connected phone.

  • Provides Two-Way Communication: –

    Some Models support GSM SIM cards which converts the wristwatch into a small size cell phone. This allows you to call or message your child whenever you want. Some of the exceptional smart watches support video calls also. These model could e a great substitute of cell phone for teens that are careless and lose their phones.

  • Gives Real-Time Location: –

    Kids smart watch has GPS tracker for kids which provides you with the present location of your child. With the present location, they also provide parents the history of the whole location track.

  • Gives The Record Of Your Childs Activities: –

    They track your child’s runs and step through fitness apps. These applications like fitness, calendar, and to-do list encourage your child to be active and productive. Coach them on how to track their activities so they could have a healthy and productive competition with other kids.

  • Alerts You When Your Child Is Not Safe: –

    Kids smart watches have a panic button, that can be used by your child when he or she is not feeling safe. Pressing these buttons will instantly send a tamper alert notification to the parent’s connected phone. Make sure that your child acknowledge uses of all features to otherwise all these features will be of no use.

Disadvantages Of Kids Smart Watch

  • Your Kid May Feel Tracked By You: –

    All parents want their child to be always safe but to be always around them or continuously looking for them can irritate them or they would feel that their privacy is invaded by you. It is a parent’s responsibility to guide your child on how to be independent, rather than being around their shoulders for the whole time.

  • May Cause Distraction In Studies: –

    Giving your child a kids smart watch would be like gifting them a portable toy. This would result in severe addiction-like adults have of smartphones. You will always find your child killing their precious time on their smart portable toys. And, they will find boring to involve in productive and adventurous activities like painting, playing, tracking and many more.

  • You Can’t Trust A Machine Blindly: –

    Cybercrimes are rising steadily, we all know any wireless device whether a home security camera, phone or a smart watch can be hacked easily. The thought of a child’s watch being hacked by some can give cringes to any parent. This is like a nightmare that your child’s location is being tracked by someone constantly and your child is also in communication with that stranger.


Giving your child a smart watch or not is your choice. It would be better if you and your child have some rules and regulations for using it. Make sure that you and your child have some precious memorable times without the interception of any smart device every day.

Kids Smart Watch

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