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Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon Paperwhite e-book reader has had a couple of changes over the years but no big changes in the look. Instead, Paperwhite took something from a similar product and now Kindle Paperwhite has a 300ppi display. Even with the screen having a higher resolution, the Paperwhite still manages to have an affordable price making it an easy purchase.

When it comes to the screen, Amazon has really stepped up from the previous model of the Paperwhite. The Kindle Paperwhite is all about reading so having a nice display makes the whole experience even better and it just looks good to the eye. The screen is 6 inches and it’s backlit so you can easily read in the dark without any strains on the eye. Even with its higher pixel density like the Kindle Voyage, it hasn’t got its automatically brightness and nicely distributed backlight but this isn’t that big of an issue since Amazon is never going to bring high-end features to its mid-range products but you still get a brighter light towards the bottom part of the screen.

The main feature, however, is the resolution, at 300ppi it’s up there with a lot of mid-range phones and tablets currently in the market and it’s definitely a huge jump up from the previous model of Paperwhite. The difference is like moving from standard definition to high definition, the tests look much more crispy and it looks like you are reading words printed on a paper. You even see a better improvement when reading at night, the backlight doesn’t cause any eye strain, even when you use one of the lower brightness settings and it can even be used in direct sunlight.

Amazon thinks that the design of Paperwhite is a winner and it works and you can see that by seeing that they barely changed up the look since the first model of Paperwhite. It’s made out of matte, soft plastic with lots of grips and it’s narrow enough to hold in one hand while being comfortable. There’s still a good amount of chunky bezel surrounding the display and this actually gives your fingers somewhere to rest, the Paperwhite is nice to hold and light enough.


Kindle Paperwhite

While we are used to charging our phones on the daily, you don’t have to worry about charging the Paperwhite since some people have measured their battery life to last for months, not days. You can leave it for a couple of weeks, come back and your battery life will be pretty much the same. Amazon claims that you will get six weeks of battery life before you ever have to consider putting it on the charge. One main issue that we have with the Paperwhite is that it completely relies on Amazon’s services, Amazon’s book library is amazing but sometimes we still want to put some ePub files without the use of some apps to achieve it. Also, one strange thing with the Paperwhite is that it has no support for audio.

If you haven’t made up your mind on picking up an e-reader or looking to upgrade from an older model, the latest Paperwhite is an amazing choice. I would go as far as saying that it’s the best all-around e-reader device in the market. It might not have some of the fancier features that can be found on Kindle Voyage or like the waterproofing on the Kobo Aura H20 but it does everything well and with its screen and its price, it should definitely be a pickup.

  • Nice screen
  • Battery is on-point
  • Display is responsive
  • Pretty affordable

  • Locked into Amazon
  • No audio functions

Some Main Features:

  • 6-inch Paperwhite Carta e-paper display
  • 300ppi display
  • 2GB storage
  • 6 week worth battery life
  • Integrated backlit display

Last updated on September 19, 2020 11:22 pm

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