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How to Master Fly Fishing?


Fly Fishing as the name suggest is the technique to catch Fish with fly rod and a fly line, with the help of lures made of artificial flies. It is a very ancient technique and though it is debatable but still it’s origin can be traced back to the Roman Cludious Aelianus to end of 2nd century. He has described the fishermen of Macedonian using the fly fishing on the Astraeus River. So we see that fly fishing has been there for ages, and is popular even today among angler’s all around the globe since centuries, and it has been a popular way of fishing all across the earth.

American’s love to fly fish and it’s technique has attracted them always, and fly fishing is a popular way of catching fish all across America, and anglers all across the state enjoy this beautiful and fun  filled sport with all there heart, it has been indeed a American family bonding event since ages, and have helped families to bond with each other, coming together and keeping the great American tradition alive, but this technique however interesting and fun it looks, is not a easy task to handle, and many find it difficult to get any success in this amazing leisure and fun activity. so we would be discussing some basic techniques that would help you to master this thrilling and phenomenal sport.

Fish flying if learned correctly can be one of the most beautiful and fun-filling sport. But as a new comer if  you want to learn and seek for information, you would be bombarded with tones of useless crap on the subject, which would make you all filled up with junk, and in the end you would end up may be only with the fly minus the fish. So we would be learning the basic necessary tips that can help you to learn this sport.

Correct Equipment: Now it goes without saying that if a soldier going on a war with ill equipped gear is bound to lose, it does not matter if he is highly trained or not, if the weapon selection is wrong you don’t stand a chance, the same logic applies for  fly fishing, selecting correct equipment hold the key for success. The Fishing Rod, Fishing Reel and Fishing Fly line, hold the key to your success to fly fishing expedition, it would be the make or break deal, spending money on quality products would pay you in the long way, as low quality equipment would spoil your chances and would believe you to think as a looser in this field of fly fishing, which you had just begun.

How to Master Fly Fishing

Local Information: This point may seem irrelevant, but this in fact is the most crucial aspect of the process of fly fishing, as the local shops which deal in fly fishing, local anglers all are a encyclopedia of important information to fishing spots, water quality, time to fish and aquatic life, you don’t want to spend time with all your expensive gear at a spot where there is zero catch.

Aquatic Awareness: Nature though beautifully and serene, if not studied properly can be life threatening, specially water bodies can be dangerous if we lose caution, water fluctuation is a realty and rising water can be life threatening, so always check with the weather authority before heading out, and always keep an eye on water level, hold your ground firmly, be stationary when casting.

Correct trolling motor: As pointed earlier water can be bit tricky, so it is always important to select the correct water transport to go in water, be it boat, dingy or kayak, depending upon whether the water is salty or fresh selection of best trolling motor is also very crucial, as different boats have different selection of trolling motors, so please select your trolling motor with caution and research.

Practice, Rehearse and Repeat: yes, that is correct no amount of theory can make you a better fly fisher, it is only when you enter those murky waters and try your hands again and gain then only you could be fly fisher and with more practice may be a great fly fisher, as they say there is no substitute to hard work so with all the above information practice and you would be a great fly fisher.


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