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Reclaim Your Life Before It Is Too Late


I miss those childhood days when my whole family used to go on fishing vacations on boats hand rowing as we didn’t had those fancy and best trolling motors fitted those days, but it was more fun. People across the world remember their childhood days. For most American kids it was fishing. My grandpa was the one who nurtured the passion for this fascinating sport in all of his grandchildren. He used to buy the best fishing rods across the country for us and we all use to do angling for hours. At that phase of my life (being a child) fishing was just a fun-loving activity but now after entering my adulthood, I understood that how the angling relives the stress, gives us tremendous health benefits. As the fishing vacation is the only time when I feel relaxed.

Because rising a pre-schooler girl and also being a product manager my life is turning out to be more rambunctious and stressful day by day. I’m not the only person who is struggling with the stress, the whole human race is struggling with this. It’s like stress has become, a normal part of our lives. Stress can be a motivator but if a person fails to manage the stress, it can be harmful to his or her physical and mental health as well.

Each individual has their ways to respond to stress but the excess of stress may lead to some severe health problems. Here are some bodily changes that occur in the body because of excess stress.

  • The immune system weakens.
  • High blood pressure
  • Heavy and fast breathing
  • The digestive system slows down
  • Sleepless nights
  • Chronic stress level may also lead to anxiety attacks and heart attacks

Now we cannot make the kids suddenly stop from screaming, neither can we change our boss who keeps on hounding you and nor we have thousands of dollars, to return IRS that we owe. So, how to manage all this stress. All you have to do is make some slight changes in your lifestyle so that you can easily manage the stress. Here are some legit ways to reduce the effect of stress on your health.

1. Include Physical Workout in your daily routine

Putting physical stress on your body can relieve the mental stress, that may sound contradictory but it’s true. Do exercise at least 5 times a week and go on a morning bike ride on your best mountain bike on weekends. You can also go on a trekking with the best trekking equipment on the weekends to explore the beauty of nature.

These adventurous sports will not only make you physically active but will also, provide you a fresh beautiful environment to breathe in without the best air purifiers.

2. Healthy Supplements can do wonders

There are several supplements present in the market to reduce stress levels like lemon balm, green tea, ashwagandha, valerian, etc. If you have some sort of medical problem and take medication daily then please consult your doctor before taking these supplements. Cause some of them may react with medication and may result in severe side effects.

3. Caffeine is not your friend

Caffeine is a stimulant that we generally found in coffee drinks, tea, energy drink, and chocolate products. High doses of caffeine can increase anxiety. Every individual has a different threshold for caffeine tolerance. Study yourself for a week by not taking caffeine at all and if you feel less anxious( or jittery) then consider cutting back the intake of caffeine.

4. Spend Quality Time With Family And Friends

Social support and interaction with friends and family can help us to get through any difficult situation. Quality time with your beloved can be a natural stress reliever. As I told you before that fishing vacation with my family and friends is no more a pastime activity but it is like that period of per year in which we all feel relaxed, and reconnect with each other and nature. Go golfing with your best golf balls and your best friends.

5. Learn To Say No And Avoid Procrastination

Not all the causes of the stress are under your control but some are. If you find yourself taking on more than you can handle and then feel struggling to cope up with all your responsibilities. To handle such a situation the only way is to, say ‘no’ more often. Be selective on the responsibility take them according to your ability and say no if you feel loaded unnecessarily.

6. Yoga And Meditation can transform your mind and body

Yoga is a mindful activity that helps to reduce stress and anxiety. It can be practiced by any age group. Yoga helps to make a good bond between mind and body, this is done by increasing body and breath awareness. Yoga enhances the mood and had a great effect on mental health. Yoga and meditation increase mindfulness which in turn reduces the anxiety and effects of negative thinking.

7. Go For Spa Once a Month

Go for a luxurious spa after having a hectic month. You can also do spa at home by lightening some scented candles and giving yourself a massage with soothing music in the background.

8. If Possible Keep A Pet

Pets help to reduce stress and improve our mood. Interaction with a pet may help to increase the release of oxytocin, a brain chemical that promotes a positive mood. This will help you to reduce anxiety. A dog or a cute cat can act as a natural stress buster, plus they would give you unconditional love. Keep them in the best dog house or the best cat house, so that they feel warm and secure.


The stress and anxiety are rising whether it’s a workplace or at home while dealing with your partner and child. The above tips will distract your mind from sources of stress. Exercise, physical fitness, mindfulness and interaction with nature all this will help you to improve your overall balance between personal and professional life. These slight lifestyle changes would transform your life and you would feel happy and content in your life.

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