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Should High Handicappers Use Pro V1?


Titleist is among the most respected gold brands. Its Pro V1 golf ball is one of the famous balls in the game as they’ve produced several wins on the PGA Tour. However, is Pro V1 good for high handicappers? Let’s find out.

If high handicappers can afford the premium price and are serious about saving shots, Pro V1 is great. But, if you’re a beginner, it’s best to start with cheaper alternatives. These help boost your game while costing lesser.

The Pro V1 is a golf ball for elites. Titleist designed it considering the pros as it is among the best functioning balls used by many major PGA Tour champions. Jordan Speith, Justin Thomas, and Bubba Watson are among the golfers who played with Pro V1 balls and won illustrious tournaments like The Masters and the PGA Championship.

But what makes Pro V1 so amazing? So, their durability and quality make them the king of golf balls and let their users cover longer distances. The ball flight is also more consistent, not to mention the softer feel. Further, pro V1 is technically made of three layers that allow greater forgiveness as your strike a shot.

You can also buy a box of Pro V1 balls on Amazon.com. So, while most other golf balls have a two-layer construction, Titleist Pro V1 has three. The former results in a hardball that offers a much lesser spin compared to the latter. If you’re an intermediate and wish to enhance your golf, you can opt for this ball.

As a beginner, one must note that softer balls will make your shots better. Going at the high end of golf balls from early on may prevent you from improving your shots.

However, a high-performance golf ball is perfect when it comes to players who aren’t highly skilled. It is more beneficial than a ball found in the bushes. Of course, worn balls have their uses. But not for high handicappers.

A major issue with the Pro V1 golf balls is their price. Since Titleist is an elite golf ball, it charges higher rates for Pro V1. Most boxes cost somewhere between 50 to 60 dollars. But, it isn’t worth the price beginners are willing to pay. Furthermore, at the start of one’s golf journey, he loses many golf balls. So, these balls aren’t so apt for high handicappers.

So, unless you want to pay a premium for Pro V1 golf, experts advise you don’t waste money. Since as a high handicapper, you’re going to hit many balls in the water, trees, out of the boundaries, consider wisely. Always compare your golfing abilities with the price of the golf ball, and then make your decision.

If you are still keen to purchase Titleist Pro V1 golf balls, there’s a sneaky workaround. Also, golf balls do not float. It means your local course sells recycled lake ball boxes at a lower price.

The good part is buying lake balls lets you save a lot of money. Here you are still playing with elite golf balls. However, these local balls won’t be the same quality as a new Titleist Pro V1 golf ball. Yet, you can buy recycled Pro V1 lake balls from Amazon.

Best Golf Ball For Beginners

One of the best balls of high handicap golfers is the Callaway ERC Soft. Depending on the subjective choice of golfers, their ability to add spins, swing speed, ERC is brilliant. The ball is cost-effective as well. It helps beginners add distance to their sport.

There isn’t a wrong or right golf ball for beginners. It depends on your ability, personal preference, and style. For instance, if you like to run and bump often, choose hard balls from Amazon like the Taylormade Distance Plus.

If you want to flop bombs like Phil Mickelson, you may choose a softer ball. Volvik VIMAX Soft Matte golf ball (finish) comes in some amazing colors. Find them at Amazon. Colored balls can actually improve your game in several ways.

However, for enhanced distance, soft feel, and great spin, the Callaway ERC is an all-around golf ball. Although ERC is an intermediate golf ball of Callaway, it can greatly enhance beginners’ performance.

In addition, the price is just 30 dollars which isn’t much for high handicappers. So, every time you hit a ball in the water, you won’t cry. Select your Callaway ERC balls from Amazon.

As a beginner, it’s better to avoid getting a brand new Pro V1 box just because it’s the best. Instead, experts suggest that you shop around more and select the ball that suits your entire game. The exceptional performance of the Callaway ERCs on the greens and from the tee makes it perfect for beginners.

Whether you’re chipping around the green or driving, many people forget they require the right golf ball. So whenever trialing new golf balls, hit a few chips, few drives, and putts before buying it. This purchasing is perhaps the most critical part of the golf game.


If you plan to buy a Pro V1 lake balls box, that’s useful as a high handicapper. However, to save money, you can purchase Callaway ERC Soft. Experts suggest Pro V1 golf balls can be great for beginners as well. But, their cost is high enough not to outweigh the golfing benefits.

Another recommendation is that players should stick to using one kind of golf ball. It’s because if they keep switching, they cannot improve or maintain consistency. You may not feel it sometimes. But playing with varied balls becomes an impediment to improvement.

High handicappers experience different outcomes and feel with each ball. So, pick a golf brand you like and stick with it initially. Then, as you improve, change to higher performing golf balls.