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Ten Low Impact Cardio Workouts For Indoors


Low-impact cardio workouts focus on keeping one foot on the ground and alleviating your joints’ pressure or stress.

For your health and wellbeing, cardio workouts are an essential component. To maintain your weight and cardiovascular health in the process, you do not have to spend hours at the gym or fitness centers. Even if you do not have exercise equipment or a lot of space, you can still implement an effective cardio workout at home.

Below Are The Ten Low Impact Cardio Workouts For Indoors:

  • Cardio kickboxing:

    Cardio kickboxing mixes boxing moves with cardio to get your heart pounding and get you sweating a low-impact workout. All movements performed with the kickboxing in the air impacts less on the body.

    What cardio exercises can I do at home

  • Jumping jack

    A jumping jack is a low-impact and an excellent warm-up exercise. It will get your muscles moving and your heart pumping. To burn maximum calories, you can stretch the arm movements.

    To get started, stand with arms at your sides, step the right foot out, and arms above your head. Throughout this movement, keep your weight on your right foot. Return to your original position and repeat with the left foot.

  • Elliptical:

    Training on an elliptical also stimulates the lungs and heart, like swimming, and you can get an even more tremendous cardio boost by doing sprints on the machine. According to the physical therapist, runners usually make the blunder cranking the resistance up on the elliptical to get a better workout. Still, they’re better off endeavoring for a higher measure at a lower gear.

    Low impact cardio at home

  • Cycling:

    Cycling is an excellent way to enhance your fitness and strengthen your glutes, hamstrings, quads, whether you ride outdoors on a bike or indoors on a stationary bike.

    Low impact cardio workout for beginners

  • Jog in Place:

    Jogging in a fixed position is an excellent workout at home. It is a great way to warm up for more intense exercise as it is accessible, simple, and gets the heart rate up. Wear a good pair of shoes. Use precaution as it’s high impact and may tax the joints. It isn’t as intense as jogging outside because there’s no forward motion.

  • Rock climbing:

    Rock climbers have strong muscles as climbing requires controlled and slow movements, just like trekking which means the muscles get a serious workout without adding any strain. Rock climbers raise the heart rate while building endurance and strength in the core. It would be best if you use strong wrists, and this exercise requires precaution to tax the shoulders, arms, wrists, and abdomen core.

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  • Pilates:

    Try pilates as you will not get a strong abdomen core just by doing crunches the whole day. Also, without putting too much strain on your joints, you may even lose weight. A study revealed that a 7 to 8-week pilates schedule was enough to help participants change their body form.

    Light cardio workout for beginners

  • Step aerobics:

    Step aerobics have been under low impact workouts for decades. We suggest you do step aerobics or join a training class for a timeless cardio workout without all the pounding. You can easily do this workout indoors if you can’t find one at your gym. You can search for its training online and start doing it. However, don’t forget your leg warmers and leotard.

    low impact cardio at home

  • Dancing:

    Dancing is said to be the best cardio workout at home. Put on some tune and have some joy with your cardio workout at home. Certain dance moves also help build muscle, as anything that gets your cardiovascular system good is heart-pumping exercise. Remember to wear some comfortable shoes and clothes for a fun workout.

    low impact cardio for bad knees

  • Jump Rope:

    You can do an aerobic workout by jumping rope at home. Jumping rope is used by many athletes and is often considered the best cardio workout for cross-training. You can do jumping rope almost anywhere as you can buy just a simple jumping rope, which is why it is the best cardio workout for indoors. You can burn about 220 calories if you jump rope for only 20 minutes.

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Final Words

Low-impact cardio workouts can be a great supplement and alternative to running as they allow you to build a strong aerobic base without killing your joints and legs with more pounding. For injured athletes doing exercises that don’t strain your joints and bones is the key to maintaining fitness. To prevent the injury from coming back, get to supplement the cardio exercises with strength training and rehab exercises.