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The Ultimate Golf Ball Buying Guide


Your favorite game is golf. And you don’t want any factors that affect your game around you. Make sure that you have the right golf ball before you head to the course. There is a scientific reason behind every successful round on the course, and you need to take care of several factors that can affect your game, ball speed, angle, spin, and launch. These are certain mechanical factors that need to be taken care of when the clubhead meets the ball.

Learning how to play golf requires efficient efforts, and there is a series of technologies packed to use golf balls for your advantage. Learn how to use the golf ball by the following golf ball guide.

Understanding the anatomy of the golf ball

There might be several factors that come to your mind when you play golf, like what makes the golf ball fly? To what distance it travels and how much it spins? So, to understand the golf ball’s performance, we need to get to the core and try to study it.

Here is an overview of the whole core, cover, and dimples-


The core is the main part or center of the golf ball, and it influences the spinning rate, compression, and initial velocity. The measurement of the ball’s compression up to what extent is the ball’s compression rating, which is against the impact of the clubface. More than 100 compression ratings are considered appropriate, especially for the golfers who have high swing speed and those who can carry drive for more than 140 feet in the air. The golfers whose swing speed is slow should consider a compression rating below 80-90.


The two main golf balls covers introduced in the 1960s are urethane and the moody. Surlyn is more durable, and the reliability is also more than that of urethane. But this can be a drawback for the low handicap golfers as it will not provide much backspin.

If you’re a beginner, then the surly can be one of the best choices to choose from. Urethane is not harder as surlyn, and also it offers great spin and has high controllability. Urethane can be used by those who are professionally skilled and who usually select urethane for its binding power.


Your golf balls have small dimples, which are technically called indentations on them. It is so to reduce the drag and control the trajectory of the ball. They are simple to look at, but their simplicity shouldn’t be taken for granted. They are of great importance. A smooth surface golf ball would not travel even half a distance from that which has dimples.

The manufacturer decides the golf ball’s pattern, and the dimple patterns may vary, according to which type of ball you’re playing with. The ball’s performance depends on the size, shape depth, and total number of dimples. There are often 300-400 dimples than a golf ball has on it.

The construction of the golf balls

Different materials are used to construct different types of golf balls. So while choosing the golf ball, we need to consider the number of pieces used for their constructions.

There are especially two-piece of golf balls-

  1. Two-piece golf balls
  2. multi-layer golf balls

Two-piece golf balls

These types of golf balls are made up of core and cover. The ones who are just beginners and do not have much knowledge about the game, and the ones who are high handicap, the two-piece golf ball is just for you, and it is the right choice for you. It has a large core design that reduces the hook and cut off the tee, and promotes distance; these are the issues that the new players commonly face.

The two-piece balls are generally durable because of the thick covers, and the durability helps increase the lifespan of the golf ball. This is the main feature if you have frequent contacts with the hard surface, trees, etc… Two-piece balls are the most ordinary and common among the ones who play golf every day. They have a single solid core, often a hard plastic enclosed in the shape of a ball.

Multi-layer golf balls

Specially designed keeping in mind the skilled and the professional players. And as the name implies that there are more than two layers between the cover and the core. It helps to elevate control, shot sculpting, and feel. It also provides enhanced spin control and feels. There are many layers used in manufacturing the multi-layer ball. They are a bit expensive but at the same time offer the highest level of tour performance.

It’s great design also impacts the swing, and each shot will have a different reaction, and the outcome will be the most optimized performance possible.

Types of golf balls

Which is the best golf ball I should choose? This question is constantly there in the golfers’ minds after studying anatomy and how the construction is done. It is time to find the right ball for your game. Let us learn about different balls that fall into a different category and choose the best one from among them.

  1. Soft feel
  2. Distance
  3. Tour performance
  1. Soft feel

    Soft feel is closely associated with low compression. Low compression balls can be easily deformed and can reduce the spin, longer lights on low lofted clubs. They are not in contact with the irons and wedges, resulting in the softer feel in a golf ball.

  2. Distance

    Distance balls have a large core that gives maximum support and minimizes the spin that emphasizes the hooks and the slices.

    They feature a multi-layer design and firm cover.

  3. Tour performance

    Designed for the ones who are mid-handicapped and are experienced. It helps to enhance the control and feels and allows golfers to sculpt shots and add spin around the ground. Due to its construction of the thinner cover, it helps to enhance the spin control for the golfers who demand a crisp feel.

Differentiate yourself from the pack

Choose a ball that stands out from others on the course, the one with high visibility, and also you can get yourself a personalized golf ball.

  1. Personalization
  2. High-visibility


Isn’t that amazing that you can get your golf ball self-designed and custom made? You can add your initials and your favorite quotes to them. They are available for most golf balls, and you can also think of gifting them to your golfer friend.

High – visibility

Now a days higher-visibility golf balls are more and more preferred by golf players. This is because of their high visibility, making them easier to track on the ground and in the air. With the help of high visibility balls, you can track your shots faster.

And due to the advances in technology, there are different bright colored patterns which you can choose from, the matte finish ones, the bold patterns, etc. many of the golf balls are available in the high visible colors.

Remember- all golf balls are not the same

All golf balls cannot be covering the same distance, it cannot be very clear for you, but it all depends on their structure. When studied in-depth, the actual difference might surprise you.

  • Driver distance- the ball which can cover the average distance from the shortest and the longest ball is 7.66 yards. (85MPH)
  • For 115 MPH, the distance is covered between the shortest and the longest ball, which is 17.43 yards.
  • Wedge spin- the distance from the highest spinning to the lowest spinning is measured at 1425 RPH.

Golf balls are rapidly advancing due to the advancement in technology, and there are plenty of specifications you need to consider before choosing the right ball for yourself. Due to the advancement in the golf ball industry, it is easy to find the right pick for you.


To all the golf players put there! Golf ball is the only among the other golf equipment that you use to hit your best shot. So it is your responsibility to make sure that you have the right golf ball in your golf kit. You can choose from the number of options you can choose from, but knowing the anatomy and other elements is also necessary. Consider so many factors before deciding which one is right for you. There is the right center who can help you find the right one for you, so do not forget to take advice from them as well.

Now you have an idea about the anatomy and the construction of the golf balls and the types of different golf balls. So get ready to get a good golf ball and smash the course. Pick the one you think is the best for you.