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Things To Pay Attention If You Have A Trolling Motor


Things To Pay Attention If You Have A Trolling Motor:

Fishing is perhaps one of the most enjoyable and challenging hobbies out there, giving you the opportunity to take in nature at its finest while handing you the chance to bring back dinner in the form of the fish you wrangled in.

Fishing is America’s favorite pastime. It is among the most enjoyed and adventurous hobbies among American folks. Not only does it provides for delicious food, but also makes us one with the nature. It is also a great family bonding activity and the best way to spend your vacations and weekend. Trolling has turned fishing into a more exciting form and has increased the thrill associated with it, but increasing the performance of the angler. But there are few things that you should pay attention to when you have a trolling motor for fishing. As the trolling motor can be quite expensive, it is all the better if we heed attention to some points.

Selecting The Trolling Motor:

The first and foremost thing that should be given importance, is while selecting the trolling motor that you need for fishing. The selection process can be the game changer for the whole deal. If you select the wrong trolling motor instead of a best trolling motor, then it is a complete waste of money, energy and time. The first thing to note while selecting a best trolling motor for your boat is, for 10 pounds of thrust for every foot of length over fourteen feet beginning with thirty pounds. The next thing is considering the area of fishing. If you like to fish in flowing water or places where there is high winds, you need a trolling motor with much higher thrust. Likewise if opposite is the cause then you can go for a low thrust motor.

Taking Care Of The Maintenance

Before taking it our please check whether it is running or not. Always unplug the plug of the trolling motors, as this is the most common mistake anglers do, which leads to contacts being corroded and damaged. The next step is to always check the fuses of the trolling motor. The best practice would be to install circuit breakers, as they are easier to reset when the fish is biting. You must also check these circuit breakers from time to time to check for any correction. Always clean them with cleaners which are easily available at auto part stores.

Other things that need regular maintenance are checking the line under the prop, shear pin if bent replace immediately, check the prop if it is spinning properly. Check the rope, as the rope wears really quickly it is always good to check the condition of the rope regularly. It is advisable to always carry a spare rope with you. Regularly grease the gearing and remove the residue if formed. Last but not the least check the directional pointer because it is a major accessory whenever you get stuck somewhere.


Mounts: Always go for a breakaway mount which gives high thrust. The most common problem that any angler faces is of failing of mounts. With enough force even a spring loaded mounts fail. If the conditions favor any trolling motor is prone to failing of shaft. The bolts which secure the mount on the boat should be checked regularly, as the continuous cold and vibration can loosen them and can create disaster.

Props: A correct prop is very vital for any angler. But this fact is often missed by majority of anglers. Most of the seasoned anglers often carry three different props every time they hit the water for fishing. The grass often fouls a two blade prop. Here the Minn Kota two blade props are really enduring against the grass and so is highly recommended by the pros. Of course the three blade and four blade pros are almost wheedles in performance.

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