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Top 5 Mountain Biking Destinations Around The World


If you have ever gone off the track riding over rough terrain, then you can relate with the feeling one gets, after a long ride with life’s best mountain bike when sweat is dripping and muscles are tired but we still laugh and enjoy the landscape. This conqueror feeling does tremendous healing to our mental stress, anxiety, and insecurities. As health concerns including obesity, heart disease, mental health, and diabetes are on the rise, physical exercise, especially in the outdoors while inhaling fresh air without the requirement of best air purifiers, is becoming more critical to our health as individuals and as a society.

And if have never gone to such a magical ride then let me tell you, that you are missing out some intrepid experience in your life. The time for action is now. It’s never too late to do something adventurous like this, start sifting through some old lonely planet guide or browsing some travel blogs to find your dream destination for this astonishing sport.

Here are some top mountain biking destination around the globe –

British Columbia, Canada –

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Old mining hills and expansive slopes make perfect terrain for mountain biking. This the dream destination of mountain bikers. It is the place where mountain bike dreams are born and thrive. There are some legendary free bike rides trails in the woods at the north shore of Vancouver. Half and an hour north to it, you’ve got Whistler, the mountain biking capital of the world. Every bike rider gets a dreamy look in his or her eyes when they listen about Whistler Bike Park which is one of the best bike park around the world for full suspension mountain bikes, cause of it astonishing trails and excellent maintenance. Starting from free-easy rides to extreme stuff that mightn’t for faint-hearted it provides some amazing networks of trails.

Finale Ligure, Italy –

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The Finale is 62 miles from Nice, the minute you step out of the Nice’s airport and start crawling toward the Mediterranean coast in your cab, you will fall in love with Finale Ligure. The exceptional setup of the sea and Finale hills in this old medieval city is majestically done. Locals have been building this trail from 30 years now, they provide every type of single-track terrain from sharp-steep rocks to smooth windy ride in the forest. There are around 150 trails in the hills around this mesmerizing old city. Even on the cheapest mountain bike you can enjoy this terrain. We’ll suggest you take the help of some local guides to explore all of them.

The Fjords, Norway –

Top 5 Mountain Biking Destinations Around The World

The trails in Norway take us to some exceptional and eyes stunning landscape. It has some remote 1000 m trails which require both trekking and biking, so make sure to take your best trekking equipment with you. These incredible and granulose trails are not definitely for faint-hearted. You will never forget the efforts and difficulties you will face in getting to the top but the outstanding landscapes and refreshing air will make all of the efforts worth it. If you think you are not ready for this thrill and seeing for some smooth and accessible trail- Hafjell bike park, Trysil Bike Arena and Nordmarka are some notable easy trails in Norway.

Vermont, United States –

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There around 75 trails in Vermont, a paradise for nature lovers. Vermont is a breath taking place that hosts some of the most pleasing trails in America. It provides smooth trails to test riders of all ages and also rough terrain with gorgeous scenery to pro bikers. Vermont, is every mountain biker’s dream, especially in the USA as it offers challenges like no other course in the state. It has courses that are designed for every level of rider, from beginners to experts or professional riders, this scenic locale offers around 45 miles of trails that range from classic smooth single track to challenging big-bike downhill routes and free-riding trails.

This is done to test the skill level—and nerve—of even the most experienced off-road cyclists. Some of the famous trails here are- Killington Mountain, Sunny Hollow, Pine Hill Park, kingdom trails and Perry Hills.

Chilcotins Mountain, Canada –

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If you are in chase of total isolation and wild experience or we can say opposite of the Whistler, head towards the Chilcotins Mountain which is few hours north to Whistler. Here you will not find any ordinary bikers, but some experienced and professionals. There is no park but you will come across a lot of wild animals. The trail takes you far away from society, technology. Helicopter or seaplane takes you to the desired height. According to professionals, coming down through this trail is like biking long distances back to civilization.


Choose yourself the best mountain bike and take some best trekking equipment if you are planning to conquer some hard trail. Don’t keep burring yourself with the work burden and stress, change this monotonous lifestyle for some break and go no some adventurous ride in chase of fresh air. Explore this beautiful nature get a glimpse of some of the astonishing landscapes around the world before your last to breathe.

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