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Top Flite 2021 xl 13-piece Complete Set: The Absolute Review


The admiration of Golf around the world is seamless, and to validate the statement is an interesting fact that it is the only sport that has ever been played somewhere other than earth, i.e., on the moon, which was during the Apollo 14 mission back in 1971. The sport itself requires utmost precision, practice, skills, and patience, especially for someone who wishes to reach a high handicapper level.

However, apart from the qualities mentioned above, just one other thing that could improve your game by multi-folds is a set of good golf clubs. While many are skeptical about investing in a golf club set at the very beginning of their journey with the sport, the imperativeness of having everything that you might require on the course right at the get-go cannot be emphasized enough, not to mention the cost-effective front of the same and the trouble it saves you in terms of finding the perfect equipment to go with what you bought last.

Following is the review of one such golf set available in the market, i.e., Top Filte 202 xl 13-piece complete set, you must take a look at –

Overview Of The Top Flite 2020 xl 13-piece Golf Set

Being a well-known brand in the world of Golf, TopFilte has a wide range of golf club sets for everyone, from a low handicap level to a professional at the sport, regardless of their skill levels.

This 13 piece golf set is one such remarkable addition to Top Flite’s collection, specially designed for beginners with easy shots, better grip, extra control over the clubs, and much more, considering the time newbies require to adapt to the game and the golf club sets.

Let us have a quick look at everything that is included in this 13 piece set –

  • Driver
  • 3 Wood
  • 4&5 Hybrid
  • 6-9 Irons
  • Putter
  • Pitching Wedge
  • Stand Bag
  • 2 Headd covers

Pros and Cons of Top Flite 2020 xl Golf Set

Although the set is considered an ideal option for beginners and is equipped with everything one might need when starting out, there are certain drawbacks of the same one must know about. So, before we dive into the golf set features in detail, let us know more about the pros and cons of this set.


  • The brand ‘Top Flite’ is one of the most reliable and well-known brands in the golfing world, and therefore it goes without saying that the quality of all of their golf equipment is certainly the best in the market.
  • This particular golf set is made after extensive planning, development, and research, using the latest technology to perfect beginner use.
  • Since the set offers two hybrids and not one, the person using will always have more option to explore when on the course.
  • The clubs feature counterweighted putter design, increasing their stability when in use.
  • A simple cavity design on the back of the Irons with no added features is the best way to go for anyone starting their golf journey, which is precisely what this golf set has to offer.
  • A simple cavity design on the back of the Irons with no added features is the best way to go for anyone starting their golf journey, which is precisely what this golf set has to offer.


  • The set though fairly equipped, does not include a sand wedge or a 5 Iron.
  • This particular golf set is designed for 5’6 to 6’1 tall players, and therefore, is not ideal for anyone who doesn’t fit the criteria.
  • Some pockets on the carry bag are quite thin, making them susceptible to rough use, with an increased possibility of getting torn off over time.
  • The set is made for beginner’s use and might not meet the complete requirements of a professional player.

Top Flite 2020 xl Golf Set Features

Now that you know about the pros and cons of the golf club set, let’s discuss the features like accuracy, forgiveness, and more of the same –

Forgiveness –

Forgiveness is an invaluable asset in the golf world, something that beginners undoubtedly need to consider when buying equipment.

The Top Flite golf set comes with an oversized Titanium composite driver (460cc), offering a low/back center of gravity placement along with increased forgiveness, distance, and ball flight on every shot. Moreover, the stainless steel Irons are designed such that they have a wide sole alongside perimeter weight placement, giving the player incredible forgiveness and eliminating chances of bad swings or poor ball contact.

Accuracy –

The distance the fairway wood offers and the performance and accuracy of the irons when combined gives the player seamless scope to hit the most accurate shots, which is further backed by the fact that the Top Flite golf set consists of not one but two such sleek hybrids.

What’s more, the exceptional mallet putter featured with the alignment cutouts ensures that each shot is aimed properly and consistently when on the green.

Ball Flight –

The low center of gravity presented by the low-profile 3-wood makes the Golf set an ideal one for the beginner as it allows the player to ace shots that not just fly higher but also fairly straighter, making it easier to cover more area with low deviation rates.

Material –

As mentioned earlier, the clubs are not just made using good quality material but are also well designed and thoughtfully managed. The irons, wedge, and hybrids are all fitted with a steel shaft giving one enhanced control and feel while taking each shot, while the fairway woods and the driver are tailored with graphite shafts, focusing on better clubhead speeds, given the lightweight they offer.

Durability –

Both the 3-wood and the golf set driver are equipped with headcovers that are made using nylon, which provides excellent durability and protection.

Stand Bag –

The stand bag of the Top Flite’s 2020 xl golf set again is made of nylon, ensuring its durability. The six-way top alongside the full-length dividers besides padded mesh makes it so that all the equipment remains well organized at all times and also protected.

Furthermore, unlike most stand bags, this one does not have uncomfortable carry straps. Instead, they are dual padded and adjustable, designed with extra caution such that balancing them becomes hassle-free with comfortable carry.

As far as the storage space of the bag is concerned, the five pockets in the bag, including – a wide garment pocket, a pouch for the valuables, and a ball pocket, make it so that you that one has abundant space ever to not miss out on any necessary item on the course.

And, if you think all this means a heavy stand bag, you’re in for a surprise as the bag is as lightweight as 1.4lbs. Also, since Golf is an outdoor sport, do not forget to carry an umbrella along, as the bag provides you with a holder for that too.


While there are many golf club set options in the market to choose from, there are rarely any, which also fits the budget goals. Top Flite 2020 xl 13-piece Golf set apart from all the brilliant features mentioned above is also impressively budget-friendly, making it an ideal choice for an absolute beginner or someone looking to polish their skills before playing high handicap levels. Happy Scrolling!