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Top Trekking Destinations Around The World


We all live in a polluted world i.e. a concrete and polluted forest and are far from nature. So, adventurous sports like trekking help us to bridge this gap with some tremendous health benefits. It encourages us, to push out from our comfort zone and also increase the coordination of the brain and the body. Trekkers have some majestic, satisfying and refreshing connection with nature. Equipped with the best trekking equipment, trekking gives us a reason to escape from the hustle of life schedules and live a few days breathing the fresh air and seeking adventure.

So, here are some top treks around the globe; all of these trails require sturdy pairs of lungs, fit legs and best trekking equipment to conquer them.

1. GR20. France

Best Trekking Equipment

GR20 is 15-days demanding long-distance trail goes through north to south of Corsica, France. Corsica is legendary land with forests, granite moonscapes, windswept craters, glacial lakes, torrents, peat bogs, maquis, snow-capped peaks, and plains. The path is rocky and steep and has rickety bridges and slippery rock faces. If you love adventure and mountains you will definitely like this trail. You can also try mountain biking and ride the best mountain bike if you want. This rugged mountain region is not available throughout the year. The best time of trekking on it is summer months (June – September).

2. Inca Trail, Peru

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Inca is the most famous trail in South America. It is an ancient trail to the hilltop citadel of Machu Picchu, discovered by Hiram Bingham in 1911. Millions of hikers had flocked within in the last century, to get a glimpse of this ‘old peaceful place’. To have this tranquil experience you should have fortune as only 200 hikers are restricted on the trail per day.

This 33-km trail starts from a sacred valley and has three passes towards the top. The best months for trekking on this trail are dry months. They are the natural best air purifiers in the world.

3. Pays Dogon, Mali

Top Trekking Equipment

Pays Dogon is one of the most breathtaking regions in Africa. The trek here lasts between 2 to 10 days. Dogon is an isolated area that is situated in eastern Mali, near the Burkina Faso border. Dogon villages are considered extraordinary highlights of this journey. The inhabitant of the Dogon villages is famous for their masked stilt dancers, intricately carved doors and pueblo-like dwellings built into the side of the escarpment.

The summer months here are brutal, so avoid. The cooler months (November/December) are ideal for trekking as days are warm and nights are cold.

4. Everest Base Camp, Nepal

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Covering the height of 5,545m at Kala Pattar, it is a two-to-three weeks trekking trail and is famous for its spectacular scenery. This trekking experience involves sentiments of trekkers as they will climb the base camp of the world’s highest mountain.

This trek has some famous small and glamorous mountain villages that are trafficked by the Sherpa people of the Solu Khumbu. The ideal months for this trek are from March to May and from September to December. WARNING: – You may face serious crowd during the prime trekking season.

5. Indian Himalayas, India

Top Trekking Destinations Around The World

The Indian side of the world’s greatest mountain range could be great for trained trekkers. If you are seeking for isolation try trekking in Himachal Pradesh. It is 24 days trekking along the mountain top from Spiti to Ladakh. Hardcore trekkers feel enthusiastic, to walk through the remote and challenging trail that follows ancient trade routes. After seeing the high-altitude desert terrain, Rudyard Kipling exclaims, ‘Surely the gods live here; this is no place for men’. They also have some pristine and beautiful lakes, you can take a ride on boats that are fitted with best trolling motors instead of diesel motors, so that you can have a quiet and peaceful stroll.


Some like to hit the best golf ball, some like to go fishing with the best fishing reels and rods, but nothing compares to trekking. Trekking cannot be express in words but can be experienced. So, fill your bag with the best trekking equipment and get ready for romanticism experience of your life. Don’t become a douche bag in a four cemented wall. Get up and chase some fresh air, connect with nature, explore within yourself and nature.

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