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Trolling Motors A Boon To The Fishermen


Fishing has bee the American family bonding pastime since ages, and families have come together and strengthen their family affection  thorough fishing. The weekends with the whole family coming together packing the sandwiches, getting the fishing gear, and hopping in the boat together, to fish together is a heavenly feeling which no WIFI, no video game or no other electronic gadget can cater to.

Now the boat is a integral part of the fishing adventure as it provides the transport to the water, but boat without a trolling motor is like a car without engine, the best fishing spots are more or less located at the far end of the ocean or lake, now you cannot exhaust all you energy on paddling  your boat and then becoming to tired for fishing and wasting your valuable fishing time , no way sir, that is why a good trolling motor is always handy while on fishing, it not only saves your valuable time for fishing but also saves your energy and zeal for the fishing adventure. The trolling motor gives wings to your whole fishing experience and you can very much conquer all the enchanted waters where fish bounty is waiting to be plundered by you.

Now trolling motors are available easily online as well as in retail, but there are few things that you must keep in mind before ordering trolling motors online:

  1. Salt water or Fresh water

    : The first thing that you must keep in mind, while ordering the trolling motor online is the type of water, whether it is salt water or fresh water, because companies make different trolling motors for fresh and salt water.

  2. Thrust

    : When choosing the best trolling motor for your boat, it is always important to give full attention to the thrust, which is nothing but the amount of power that the trolling motor has. the large boat need more thrust while vice versa for smaller ones. Like for example, a boat or a dingy with a length of 15 feet will need 33 pounds of thrust to perform optimally, while a vessel of 20 feet will need 74 pounds of thrust. The more the power the more the cost of the trolling motor, but if you want to have a smooth and great experience then the thrust is the factor you cannot miss.

  3. Power System

    : Another very important aspect that should not be missed out is the power system for the trolling motors, in general there are three type which are used for the trolling motors 12V, 24V and 36V. The usage is completely depended upon the size of the boat or vessel, for smaller ones usually below 15 feet the 12V is used and above that 24V and 36V respectively.

  4. Positioning and Mounting

    : Now this aspect is also dependent on the size of the boat, as the smaller ones like dingy and kayaks, the space is less so it is proffered to use transom motor and for the bigger ones it is convenient to use bow-mount. Although the bow-mount trolling motors provide better control and usability.

  5. Shaft length:


    The correct shaft lenght is the key in getting the maximum performance from the trolling motor, as if it is short, it wont provide great performance and if it is too long then it would be tough to operate in shallow water, and again the size of the boat is also a deciding factor as the smaller ones need short shaft while the bigger ones a longer shaft.

These are a the main and important points that one should consider while purchasing the trolling motors, but there are various smaller details that should be kept in mind, and remember if you are spending your hard earned money, then you should get the best deal out of it and all together the experience should be awesome for you and your family, it is all that matters. Now that you have understood the basics that have to be kept in kind on handling the trolling motors, here is the list of The best of the fresh water Trolling motors:

We have handpicked the best trolling motors for you, after much research and experts opinion, and intensive reviews on the web, so here is the list of best fresh water trolling motors.

  1. Goplus New 86lbs Freshwater Transom Mounted Trolling Motor36″ Shaft.
  2. Outsunny 12V Transom Mounted 50-Pound Thrust Electric Fishing Boat Trolling Motor.
  3. Haswing Protruar 24v 2.0hp 110lbs Transom Electric Trolling Motor (38.5″ Shaft).
  4. Newport Vessels NV-Series 86 lb. Thrust Saltwater Transom Mounted Electric Trolling Motor with 36″ Shaft.
  5. Minn Kota Endura C2 50 Freshwater Transom Mounted Trolling Motor (36″ Shaft).
  6. Watersnake T18S Asp Motor (White, 24-inch).

All these Trolling motors are selected on the basis of their performance, durability, speed and value for money, so that you don’t have to waste your precious time in searching for the best suitable trolling motor for you.


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