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Ways to Make Your House “Dog-Friendly”


I have a three-year-old Westland terrier breed, name Detective Olivia Benson, inspired by Taylor’s cat name. I call her Olii. She is a quick learner, intelligent and be gentle around children. Oli loves to play with balls, belly rubs, and our neighbour’s children. I own an average size house with enough rooms so that she can safely play around. She also has a dog house which is spacious and comfy but that doesn’t really matter for my dog as she follows me everywhere around our house. I love her unconditionally just like any other pet-owner loves their pet. They help us to relive our work stress and never let us feel lonely. It is really worth to invest in the happiness and health of your pet.

Here are some tips to turn your home to a happy home for your dog.

Make Your House Dog-Friendly With These Pet-Friendly Adjustments

  • Do Not Ignore Flooring: –

    Scratch-proof tiles or Wood flooring of thin oak, maple, cherry, and mahogany would be ideal for you. They will also provide a cool place for your dog in hot weather. Avoid carpets, as most of the dogs shed a lot which invites a whole host bacteria resulting in allergies issues within the house. Keep carpet in the room in which your dog visit the least. Make sure to clean them with the best carpet cleaner 2-3 times a week and keep your dog nails trimmed regularly.

  • Avoid Light Coloured Decors: –

    I made this mistake, by purchasing white couches for my backyard and regretted it. So you better avoid using all light colours and delicate décor in your house especially the sofa, cause mine was ruined by oli within 6 months. Leather sofas could be a good choice. They are hard, do not absorb odour and can be wiped out easily.

  • Investment on Good Vacuum Cleaner Is Must: –

    Make sure to have the best vacuum cleaner in your town. As I told you before most dog breeds shed a lot. When you are sharing your house with a dog, at least twice a week vacuuming is a must. Keep brushing your pet regularly this will reduce the amount of the shed.

  • Keep All Household Toxic Far From There Reaching: –

    I treat my pet like my baby, we all do that. Just like a toddler, they also don’t know what is good or bad for them. So, it’s a wise choice to keep all the strong chemicals, cleaners, and environmental insecticides out of their reach.

  • Keep All Your Delicate or Valuable Items In Locker: –

    Dogs are very excitable animals and they start playing with anything around them. So, before any unfortunate incident store all your fragile, breakable items behind locked doors.

  • Install Good Quality Pet Cameras : –

    As we are not always present in our house, there is a possibility  of the dog getting info some trouble. So it is always a smart step to invest in getting a best pet cameras for our pet. Through a pet camera we can monitor our dog from any place and alert the neighbour’s or family members in case of some accidental emergencies.


If you keep a dog, keep it with gracefully, adore him, and take care of him as your own child. They are like a blessing. If you have a pet be responsible for them and take care of them. They love their owner unconditionally and thus deserve to be treated best.

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