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What Are Some Suitable Jobs For Pet Owners?


We’ve all at least once heard that it’s better to love your work. And for loving your work, you need to get the right job, which balances your interests and qualifications. People who love books can go into the publishing industry, those who like music can start with their page to fame, and food lovers can start their blog or bakery or any other upcoming option.

But the idea might be confusing if you have some different interests, which aren’t all that artistic. What if you genuinely just like animals? Below are some jobs suitable for pet owners.

Dog sitter

You’ll be glad to land this dream job. Any animal lover, especially dog lovers, will love this job since it will be so much easier for you than a person uninterested in animals. As a dog sitter, you’ll be required to after other people’s pets when they cannot do it themselves -for instance, you will be asked to look after their dog while they’re away for their work.

The job can be done in more than one way. Much like babysitting, you can either go to their house to dog sit or have them drop off the pet at your home. What you essentially require for this job is the patience and experience of handling pets -if they see that you’re an animal lover yourself, they will be more confident about trusting you.

Animal Caretaker

A high paying job, the work of an animal caretaker is like the name itself suggests. You’ll be responsible for taking care of the animals in the zoo. This would include ensuring that the animals have been given food and water and are overall okay.

In a nutshell, you have to take care of the well being of the animals under your care. An animal caretaker’s work also includes playing with the zoo animals, recording their behavior and any changes or patterns they are showing, exercising with them, grooming them, and reporting any problems. This job does not demand any high qualifications and pays well. But it’s a job that demands a sense of responsibility, and that is why it’s suitable for an animal lover.


Photography is an art that not everyone can master. However, if you are good at it and have fantastic bonding with animals, this is the right job for you. Photography for animal lovers can branch out in many options. If you’re passionate about wildlife, you can go ahead and become a wildlife photographer.

Another option that is just as impressive is taking photos of people’s pets. You can open your studio or go to their homes. Alternatively, you could click pictures and provide stock images. As a photographer, the most important things you’ll be required to invest in are – your photography skills and the appropriate equipment.

Pet Groomer

As the name suggests, a pet groomer primarily grooms people’s pets. This would include ensuring that the pet has a fresh and clean look. Things like cleaning the teeth, trimming nails and hair, and overall making sure the pet looks and is presentable will be part of your job. Grooming a pet can be challenging for somebody who does not enjoy a pet’s company.

On the other hand, as an animal lover, you could be precisely the kind of person a pet owner is in search of. Since you’ll also be able to sympathize with the concerns and anxieties of a pet owner, it will be easy for you to communicate with them. The job pays well and requires prior experience with pets.

Veterinary Assistant

Coming to the more formal options you could choose as an animal lover, the veterinary assistant’s job can catch your attention. As a pet owner, you would know precisely the amount of sensitivity and attachment they have when it comes to their pets. As a veterinary assistant, you’ll be the first person they contact.

As an assistant, you’ll be required to answer their queries, see if the administrative work is going well, and arrange emergency meetings. It’s a starting position for any animal lover who has previously had a pet and understands how to communicate with other pet owners. The role of a veterinary assistant is perfect for a patient and calm person.

Pet Trainer

If you are a pet owner, you might understand the need for a pet trainer. If you’re willing to learn a bit more about how to train different kinds of animals, a pet trainer’s job is suitable for you. You get to make other animals a part of your routine -from furry dogs to exotic breeds. You’ll essentially train the animals how to be obedient.

Did you know there are celebrity pet trainers? This job can take you to big places, and as somebody who has no problem spending a great amount of their time with animals, you’ll be able to see the appeal of this job.

Marine Biologist

While this job may not prove to be right for all animal lovers due to its demanding nature, it can certainly be suitable for those attracted to the idea of marine life. As a marine biologist, you’ll be formally studying marine life and their characteristics. You’ll be observing how marine life interacts with humans, the other creatures they live with, and the environment they’re a part of.

Scuba diving can also be a part of your research, and you’ll get to gather exciting information about marine life. For becoming a marine biologist, you’ll need first to get a bachelor’s degree in marine biology.

Horseback Riding Teacher

This is an exciting career option for those who possess a love for horses and horse riding. It’s an exciting job that involves you imparting the knowledge and skill you’ve gathered as a horse rider yourself. You’ll first be required to get certified after getting adequately trained to deal with horses, so it’s a proper and formal career.

This job will also present before you the opportunity to interact with different people of different backgrounds. Since horse riding itself demands physical fitness and skills, it’s more suitable for people who enjoy working hard physically. It can be a tad intense at times, as you’ll need to be patient as a teacher.

Animal Cruelty Investigator

All animal lovers can sympathize with each other on this point. Cruelty towards animals is wrong on multiple levels, and it’s simply unacceptable. If your love for animals gets a chance to combine with your passion for justice -well, this is the combination. As an animal cruelty investigator, you’ll be required to respond to complaints, collect evidence for fair trials, and explore the case with utmost seriousness.

Granted, this is a profession that isn’t suited for the more faint-hearted animal lovers. It is emotionally demanding but crucial. As an animal investigator, you get the respect of animal lovers worldwide, since the rising animal cruelty is nothing less than disgusting. The work also offers a decent wage and might interest animal lovers with a strong sense of justice.

Gone are the years when people limited themselves to the few mainstream jobs -not that anything is wrong with them, but wanting a job that suits your interest isn’t impractical either. The positions listed above allow you to explore your options as an animal lover. You get to be the companion of different types of animals while ensuring you’re getting an excellent pay in return.