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What golf ball does Jordan Spieth use?


Jordan Spieth is the three-time major champion and Ryder Cup star. He is an American professional golfer on the PGA Tour and former world no. one in the official world golf ranking who has won the Masters and US Open in 2015 and the open in 2017. He was born in Dallas in the year 1993 and is married to Annie Verret. His professional wins are impressive. Though he missed his cut and was pushed down in rankings at the beginning of the year, he made his comeback and now is in the top 10 in the official world golf ranking.

Jordan Speith has used Titleist clubs and golf balls since he was junior. At present, Jordan Spieth uses the Titleist Pro V1x (2021) golf ball. The Titleist Pro V1x underwent significant changes for 2021 to boost performance through every layer of golf’s number one ball. As a result, it offers the most remarkable combination of spin, speed, and feel in the game. It is because of its unique features it is the best fit for the majority of golfers. Whenever the brand introduces its new golf ball to the world, it undergoes years of development and months of tour seeding to emerge as the best.

Titleist set out to introduce the top quality and best-performing golf ball across the globe, one that would be consistent and uniform in quality. All Titleist balls are made of innovative design and technology and give superior performance. Titleist is the absolute number one golf ball with unmatched quality and precision manufacturing. Titleist Pro V1x offers total performance with high flight, and it features low long game spin, high trajectory, long-distance, soft feel, and drop-and-stop greenside control. This golf ball is available in white and yellow color, and you can customize it also.

Let us see some of the features of pro v1x, making it the first choice of most golfers. It comprises a soft urethane cover system and has a dual-core of 2.0 ZG process. Another essential feature is its fast casing layer. The dimple design is spherically tiled three hundred forty-eight tetrahedral. The number of layers influences the way the Golf ball plays. This Golf ball helps improve the game in the following ways:

  • It offers consistent flight, increased velocity, and long-distance.
  • The precision of the shot is guaranteed.
  • It offers low spin, which is less than the pro v1.
  • It gives you a lot of control and reasonable distance.
  • It offers a soft feel, which is significant because selecting the right Golf ball depends on personal preference.

A golf ball is the only Golf equipment that you utilize on every particular shot. Therefore you must buy the right Golf ball. Your golf ball should fit you like your golf clubs. Some of the significant components of a called ball that you must keep in mind while choosing the golf balls are discussed further. First of all, you must know the types of the Golf ball. There are three main types of golf balls- distance tour performance and spin control.

Golfers looking for the complete package should go for tour performance, and those who wish to hit the ball as far as possible so that the game becomes easier must choose the distance. And others looking to clear that big hook should go for the third type: spin control. Jordan Speith’s Golf ball Titleist pro v1x is a tour performance. The best golfers across the globe use these types of golf balls. They offer optimal distance, feel and spin due to the multiple layers made specially to interact with each other. The spin depends upon the club you are using, allowing you to enjoy great control and maximum spin around the greens and minimal spin and maximum distance with long clubs.


This article was about one of the best golf balls that most golfers prefer, Titleist pro v1x. The type of golf balls, golf ball layers, and cover make a difference in the game. So while selecting a Golf ball, you must see to the point that what type of cover it is made up of and the layers of a golf ball, and how does it feel. For selecting the best golf ball and learning about them, you can visit reviewscast.com. This site will help you review products and simplify your purchasing decisions, and you can get the best products and best deals from here.