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What Size BMX Bike for Ten-Year-Old


It is a great decision to buy BMX bikes for your kid. But choosing the right one is not an easy task. Research service states that it is the hardest decision for the parent to choose the right BMX bikes for kids. If your ten-year-old kid wants to improve his skills in BMX cycling, then it is a better decision to buy the best one for him. Kids’ bikes are sized according to the wheel size, not the frame size. Therefore, it is important to note the size before choosing bicycles for your kids. Because only if you know the correct size will you choose the right size bike, and your child will be comfortable, safe, and will enjoy the ride. Apart from wheel size, the frame weight is also important because a lightweight frame will provide a comfortable riding position to the child, and pedaling will be easier and more enjoyable. Bikes made up of alloys are more expensive than Steel frame bikes, but the alloy is lighter and easier for riding and is the best option for children. If your kid is older, then BMX bikes can be an alternative that generally has heavy-duty frames, and it is good for experienced riders.

What are BMX bikes?

BMX or Bicycle MotoCross(X) bikes became popular in the 1980s and are believed to initiate mountain biking. Riding a BMX bike is a sport that is officially recognized in competitive games in Olympic games. It consists of different BMXing disciplines which are practiced off the road. These bikes have smaller wheels and recognizable frames. It is easy to ride them in extreme environments such as pump tracks or skateparks due to the simple designs. Features that define a BMX bike include thick and steady tires that are durable and stable and lightweight. These bikes are primarily designed for performing tricks and off-road cycling. They are fun to ride, virtually indestructible, and strong. There are two types of BMX bikes, production, and custom. Kids are BMX beginners, so you must purchase production BMX bikes, and once they advance, you can get them custom BMX bikes.

How can you select the right BMX size for your kid?

Switching to BMX bikes can be a great decision for kids. There are different sizes of bikes available which can fit from 7 years to 14years and above kids. Right bike size also depends on the height of the kid. For instance, size 16″ is suitable for children between 3.7 ft to 4.6 ft tall. Generally, junior science bikes are best for six to ten-year-old kids. These bikes have slightly larger frames than the mini size. The appropriate wheel size for 6 to 10 years of kids is 90-130cm. 20 inch BMX bike will be suitable for your ten-year-old kid. The kids’ and BMX bikes generally share similarities, but the kids’ bikes are lighter and easy to ride while the BMX will be durable and heavier. If your kid is more experienced and coordinated, then you can opt for 20-inch bikes with gears. It is also the standard size for BMX, more durable, and designed for a skatepark or street riding.

What are all things to consider when buying BMX bikes for kids?

You have to keep in mind certain factors before buying your kids their BMX bike.

  1. The right size:
  2. you have to select the appropriate BMX bike according to your kids’ weight and height. If you don’t select the appropriate wheel size based on the kid’s age, your kids won’t have a smooth ride experience.

  3. Your kid’s interest:
  4. it is important to know what type of BMX bike your kid wants to ride. BMX activities involve two categories, racing and freestyling. If your kid wants to perform dirt jumping, flatland, or street riding, then freestyle discipline will be involved while freezing category competitive cycling is involved.

  5. Check the essential components of the bike:
  6. it is essential to focus on the important components of a BMX bike, such as the frame material, wheel size, tire size, brake, weight, etc. For example, if the wheel size or tire size is incorrect, your kids’ riding experience can turn into a nightmare. Likewise, it would help not overlook the bike’s weight because it plays a key role while performing stunts.

  7. The quality and brand of bike:
  8. high priced bikes do not guarantee high-quality materials and components. But the materials used to manufacture the bike are important. You have to check for the quality and features of the bike, such as sturdiness, reactivity, etc. You should purchase bikes for your kids from renowned and popular BMX manufacturers.


There are many leading BMX bike brands across the globe, and some are GT, mongoose, Haro, SE racing, Kink, diamondback, etc. You can choose any brand according to your convenience and budget. Kids from 5 years and above can comfortably learn and ride BMX bikes. The process will be gradual, but your kids will surely love the experience if you buy the right bike for them. Though these bikes are not as popular as regular pedal bikes, they are worth spending your money on if your kid is interested and wants to enhance cycling skills.