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Why are Some Golf Irons Better Than Others?


As a fresher at playing golf, you might feel a little daunted in choosing the right golf clubs and why you should choose the one right for you. A professional golfer’s backpack contains various varieties of golf clubs. Woods, along with the driver, wedges, Iron, hybrids, and putters, are the five types of clubs used today. However, before we go ahead and understand why golf irons are different from each other, it is essential to know about the other two.

  • Woods: The woods have the most prominent heads and the enormous clubs’ shafts. They are utilized for the most extended shots, particularly those played from the teeing ground because golfers can swing them the fastest.
  • Irons: Irons are generally arranged in numbered patterns or sets, varying from 3-iron to 9-iron or pitching wedge. They have comparatively smaller clubheads concerning woods, comparatively thin in the front to the back area. Irons have lofts that are angled faces engraved with grooves to help grip and spin the golf ball. They’re most commonly employed on fairway shots or short holes.
  • Hybrid: Hybrid is one of the classes of clubs and is a relatively new type of golf club. They just became famous around the dawn of the twenty-first century. A hybrid’s clubhead is a crosslinking between an iron and a wood.
    Wedges: Wedges are a sort of golf club, they’re also a subclass of irons since they feature similar clubheads concerning irons, but they’re slanted more sharply for providing more loft. The wedges are the golf clubs with the maximum loft.
  • Putter: Putters are the advanced specialist set golf clubs with the broadest range of sizes and shapes. They’re the clubs that players use to strike the golf ball into the field for the final round shots – striking the ball inside the goal.

More about Iron Golf Clubs:
This group of clubs is frequently the most numerous in a player’s bag, with an average of seven clubs ranging from 3-iron to 9-iron. Irons are golf clubs capable of sending the ball further than Hybrids and fairway wood but shorter than wedges.

How are the Iron Shafts different from others:
Shaft: Iron shafts are mostly made of steel in modern club design, while a large sector now uses graphite shafts, and both are readily available from club manufacturers. The selection of the Iron shaft is utterly dependent on the Golfer’s ability to swing it before hitting the golf ball. A golfer with low swing speed tends to choose a Graphite shaft as the material is light and is easy to lift. On the other hand, the Golfer with high swing speed tends to choose an iron or steel shaft, making it easy to strike the golf ball. Hence, depending on your swinging ability, one should buy the best golf iron shaft or graphite shafts.

Loft: loft can be best defined as clubface angle concerning a vertical line. Lower-numbered clubs have a lower loft than greater numbered irons. For example, the iron club numbered three and nine is very different as the angle at which these lofts are inclined differs. For Iron club numbered 3, the loft is at an angle of 21°, and for that Iron, club numbered 9 has the loft inclined at an angle of 41°.
These minor loft differences enable the Golfer to select the appropriate club for carrying the ball over the calculated distance, i.e., the distance between the ball and the planned landing spot.

Why is Iron golf clubs better than the others?

  1. When it comes to irons, most golfers are more precise than when it comes to wood clubs. Short irons clubs, such as the 7-iron club and below, are easier to use than long irons. A tactic used by many golfers, when a fairway is exceptionally narrow or there is trouble on one side, such as water, a golfer may choose to head off with an iron to increase the probability of hitting the ball in the green.
  2. A golfer can choose among the variety of iron clubs present in the set to hit the desired number, and it is better to know which club is better to hit a long-distance shot as this helps build the confidence of the Golfer.

Various factors determine why one should choose an Iron golf club set. For example, the player can swing the shaft and how comfortable you can hit a shot using these golf clubs while striking the golf ball. In addition, the Iron Golf club set is numbered. It has a variety of variations among the available set, which allow you to hit the desired strike at a specific distance, which, in case, is rare for other golf clubs.