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Why Are Women Better Than Men At Golf?


Golf is a club-and-ball sport where players use various clubs to bit balls into a series of holes on a course in a few strokes as possible. Equipment used for playing golf is balls, clubs, tee.

A golf course consists of either 9 or 18 holes, each with a teeing ground that is set off by two makers showing the bounds of the legal tee area, fairway, rough and hazards and the putting green surrounded in the fringe with the pin (usually a flagstick) and cup.

Why Are Women Better Than Men At Golf?

It was so long ago that women were banned from the golf course entirely. Nowadays, of course, the majority of golf clubs have a good sense to welcome women. Distance in golf stems not from swinging as hard as you can, but remain supple and relaxed, allowing golf club to naturally accelerate with a “whipping” motion while continuing balanced.

As women are generally more flexible, they have a natural advantage a fast, fluid swing. But women aren’t here just to take part they’re here to take over. We believe that women are not only as good as men at golf but also have several advantages over their male counterparts.

Reasons why women are better golfers than men-

  • Superior multi-tasking skills.
  • Women have advanced learning abilities.
  • They are more flexible.
  • Women handle stress better than men.

Women have superior multi-tasking skills:

Women are better at performing several tasks at once than men, whose testing scores are always significantly lower. On the golf course, multi-tasking is essential; you have to map out and adopt an overall strategy, calculate risk and reward, manage power and direction, work out your score and try not to throw your club in your frustration.

Women have advanced learning ability:

Academics have found that when it comes to completing schoolwork, learning at university mastering languages, women are superior. And at Topgolf, we’ve seen many a young man confidently offer his girlfriend/female friends some gentlemanly advice on how to strike a golf ball accurately, only to slice his shot at a ninety-degree angle side-netting.

The young man generally reacts to this by the golf-mat- and then continuing to provide his insight on how to hit the perfect drive. Whereas were noticed that women in comparison, rarely step forward to offer advice to their male company unless they asked for, and the women in our female golf lessons are extremely attentive listeners.

Women are more flexible:

We see some very dubious attempts to hit the long ball distances at Topgolf, most notably swinging the club as fast as humanly possible. Strength can, of course, be a natural advantage, but lifting heavy weight will stiffen you up, rather than help you strike fluidly through the ball.

Women handle stress better than men:

Scientists have consistently found that females across different species can deal with pressure more effectively than males during challenges, due to the fear blocking properties of the estrogen hormone.

Can women hit a golf ball as far as men:

Those tee locations adjust the hole’s length to account for the difference between male and female golfers and between ordinary males and golf professionals. In general, women can’t hit their shots as far as men.


Women react better than men to competitive pressure as we read that women handle stress in a much better way than men, they are flexible and are also multi-tasking, etc. so women are better than men at golf. In the coming years, there will be a hike in women golf players as we can see that women are no less than men and are of excellent compatibility as men.