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Why Every Parent Must Use A Nanny Cam?


With the rapidly changing world, it is becoming difficult to maintain a rhythm between work life and personal life. As parents, we try every possible thing to keep our little ones safe, and in this, technology has helped us a lot in recent years. From a breast pump for mothers to GPS trackers for kids to home security cameras, technology has become our new friend.

For parents who require caregiving assistance for their children, it’s essential to become cautious about the selection process. If you spend most of your day at the workplace and are always worried about your kid’s safety with their caregiver, we have a solution for you. Since you’re trusting a caregiver with your kids, your home, and your possessions, you surely want to get things done the right way.

Nanny cams are a new parenting trend in which parents can install an undetectable camera in the house to keep an eye on caregivers. These cameras record videos of what your nanny does to kids when you’re not around. You can watch the video live via computer or can save it for later.

Why install a nanny cam?

  • Long term safety of your child –

    Many parents hire a nanny and have them take care of their child for a long time since the child was very young. Imagine the unsettling experience where parents find out that the nanny was abusing their kid the whole time. This aspect is more common than you think. It’s seen that younger children are not that able to communicate abuse or even if they do, can get intimidated to keep quiet, and this increases the risk of a nanny taking advantage of them.

    With a nanny cam, you can review footage of your nanny’s interaction with your child. With this, you can take immediate action against any lousy conduct and save your child from years of trauma.

    Why Every Parent Must Use A Nanny Cam

  • Emotional support –

    Even if you don’t suspect your nanny and they are best at their job, it is difficult to stay away from your kid for 8 or more hours for 5 days a week. With a nanny cam, you can watch your kid’s cute moments and be with them even from a distance. These connections are invaluable that is afforded with the help of nanny cams.

  • It lets you correct things –

    Not all nanny problems are related to abuse. Sometimes, nannies just choose a different approach to raise your kids than you do. With a nanny cam set up, you can see the differences in the methods and, if necessary, offer guidance on how you want things to get done instead. This will make you sure that your kids are getting educated in a way that aligns with your values.

  • A sense of inspiration –

    Going back on the idea that a nanny chooses a different approach than you do, sometimes these differences are for good. For instance, you see in the footage that the way nanny is playing with your kids brings the best in them, you can replicate it when you’re at home. Nanny cams help you to know what your child enjoys the most and what are the techniques to connect with them.

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  • Multiple purposes –

    Just because we call it nanny cams doesn’t mean it can just be used to supervise nannies. When your nanny is off duty, your camera can monitor your child’s bedroom, act as a baby monitor, and so on. Also, if you hire a cleaning staff or a handyman, you can see the behavior of your household support staff with the nanny cam. This multi-functionality gives a higher return on your investment when you buy one.

  • It is legal –

    It’s entirely legfal for using hidden cameras in your home in 50 states. However, we advise you to check the law of your land or you can not use the video as evidence if it is illegal. You can record the videos for standard rooms such as the living room or where your nanny lives in your house. For audio recording, the rules vary by state. If you’re getting worried about the blind spots the camera won’t cover, you can instruct you, nanny, to not enter such places. Consult a legal professional for detailed information about the legalities of audio and video recording.

  • Peace of Mind –

    No matter which issue stated above means the most to you, knowing the fact that you can see your children and approach them in the times of need brings eternal peace to your mind. The time you will worry about your chid’s safety, your nanny’s behavior, and the values she’s giving to your child can take over your head and hamper your work performance. With a nanny camera, you can alleviate all of your worries in just a couple of clicks. This can save you from stress and keep you in peace.

  • Should You Use A Nanny Cam

  • Range and availability –

    Many parents feel nervous about investing in nanny cams because they think they will have to spend a lot to buy one. Nanny cams are not at all expensive, and the investment is worth it. You can find nanny cams in different makes and models with many specifications. Some cameras offer clearer surveillance footage and more features than others. If you do your research, you can find a great model with plenty of features without spending a lot of money.

The Bottom Line

If you’re worried that nanny cams are challenging to find, you’ll be happy to know they are relatively easy to purchase. You can find them online or in any electronic retail store. If you are buying cams online, you can compare them with different models to ensure you’re getting the best features at an affordable price. After purchasing a camera, you might be a bit unsure about how to install it. Luckily, you don’t have to be tech-savvy to hook up a nanny cam, and you will be able to do it yourself with proper knowledge.

The process of setting up the camera will depend on the type you’ve purchased. Some cameras are hidden in the household stuff like a clock making it very easy to set up. However, the unit comes with instructions on how to install the camera. Make sure you place the camera in such a place that captures clear and unobstructed footage.

The benefits of nanny cameras are numerous. There are many things you need to be aware of, but it gets difficult to know each and everything because of your busy schedule. In this situation, nanny cams come to your rescue with multiple benefits. We hope this article was informative enough to provide you with the required knowledge, and now you won’t spend your day worrying about your loved ones and whether they are safe.