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Why Home Security System Is Necessary?


My friend used to work in a home security system Installation Company. So, when I considered getting a home security system for my house but was not sure, his knowledge about the home security system helped me a lot. He understood why it is so confusing for me to decide “whether it is necessary or not? “And “exactly what features to include or not?” He told me that there are a lot of elements to think about when it comes to the installation of home security systems.

Undoubtedly, some negative things (like arming, disarming, paying monthly fees and dealing with false alarm) that are all tied with home security systems cause us to wonder whether the home security systems are worth to inherent. So, to clear all the doubts, one needs to be well educated about home security systems. It has some necessary items and some are essential for particular situations.

Here is a brief knowledge about home security systems and why is it necessary for the present scenario.

Brief Knowledge about Home Security

A basic security system consists of a panel, cameras, an alarm, and a monitoring device.

  • Panel: –

    Panel is the brain of the home security system the most necessary part of the security system to work. All home security items like home security cameras, smoke alarm systems, or carbon monoxide detectors are connected to the panel. The panel is the one that gives or sends you the collected information by different items.

  • Cameras: –

    Home Security Cameras does not only captures any suspicious activity around our house but also keeps the burglars or intruders away. This technology keeps our family, house, and valuables in safe surveillance. If you feel the Home security cameras system is affordable go for it each cent of your investment will be worth it.

  • An Alarm: –

    The home alarm system provides the owner with sound protection around his or her property. Many models provide you with facilities like a smoke alarm, motion detector, or carbon monoxide detector. But it can be annoying sometimes in dealing with a false alarm.

  • Monitoring: –

    Monitoring is another key part of the security system. Different companies and models have different ways of monitoring. Some home security system’s panel is directly connected to the owner device like laptop or phone showing them live footage 24*7 hours. On the other hand, some will inform the monitoring center if a break-in occurs and employees of the monitoring center will inform the authorities and the owner.

Why We Need Home Security System

In the current scenario where the crime rate is steadily increasing, day by day with four burglaries in a minute. The prime issue of concern is how to keep your property and dear one secure. No one can see their family and valuables in danger hence home security system has become significant.
Around 14% of US resident has a home security system installed, especially in metro cities. Now, it is your turn to think about this matter. Here are some points you should consider while deciding.

  • A Wise Man Always Believe In Numbers: –

    More than 50% percent of burglary occurs during the daytime when the members are at work. At the houses that are fully covered by the garden or fence. 95% burglar involves break-in by force like by breaking a window or lock. In this scenario, the home alarm system or door & window detector can save your house by notifying the authorities. Home security cameras can even prevent you to be part of these statistics as burglars avoid to intrude those houses that are equipped with security cameras.

Pros Of Having Home Security System

  1. The home security system is good for fire. The latest technology home security systems are equipped with smoke alarm systems and fire extinguishers for home. All these updated features prevent great damage to occur when your house is on fire.
  2. It helps in managing the use of electricity. Sometimes, we forget to turn off lights while leaving home, the security system allows to shut off the light through remote access.
  3. Allows remotely and constantly monitoring your house. One of the biggest benefits of wireless security cameras is that it allows monitoring your house through your connected cell phone.
  4. Nowadays companies also include best life alerts systems like emergency pulls or medical alert pendant in their home security system which is very beneficially, especially for the ones who live alone and are at advancing age.
  5. It provides you with a peaceful state of mind.
  • Cost and Savings: –

    The cost varies widely with different model, companies, facilities and monthly fees. But there is a 10% to 20% saving when it comes to the rate of insurance premiums. Seeing the fall in the statistics of burglary in houses that are equipped with a home security system. Insurance companies are willingly deducting the rate for the houses that are equipped with a security system.


After understanding the purpose of each basic part of home security systems and its vital pros you can assure that for, what you are paying and why you are paying. With the help of these super cool home security systems, you can keep hawk’s eye on your valuables and dear ones. Home security keeps you and your property safe from intruders giving you a secure and peaceful environment.

Home Security System

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