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Why Is A Dog House Essential For Your Dog?


Why Is A Dog House Essential For Your Dog?

Furry paws, big eyes, and an ability to make the saddest of days bright -dogs are genuinely our best friends. And more than that, they are our family. We would go to great lengths to protect them.

A dog house for this lovely member of our family is essential. Whether your dog sleeps on your bed, or outside the house, you must be serious about getting a dog house for your pet.

But how can you find the best dog house for your furry friend?

Giving a safe space to your dogs is essential, especially when they live outside and spend time outdoors in long periods. While building or purchasing an outside shelter for your dog, you must keep in mind some factors. The portability, durability, and the size of the best pet house you want to bring for your little friend are things to pay attention to. For an effective dog house, you must check if it protects your pet from extreme temperatures, rain, wind, and snow. It must also provide enough protection to keep your dog safe from predators.

Importance Of A Pet House

Protection in Summer And Rain

Experts explain why you need the best dog house and the best cat house. Dogs dissipate heat by convection and radiation, conduction, and evaporation. In hot temperatures, the dog needs a home to protect him and stay cool.

Why Is A Dog House Essential For Your Dog

Air-conditioned dog houses are great options for taking breaks from fetch games on hot summer days. They help in preventing heatstroke in dogs.

The house you build for your dog should serve the purpose of comfort and protection for your pet. Avoiding constant direct sunlight in the summer heat is essential for dogs.

Having a cool place prepared for your dog can help him rest in severe rain and heat. In cases of thunderstorms, the dog can find comfort in his house. Your dog will certainly appreciate this gesture of yours.

Protection from Winter

Having a dog house in winter can help you prevent hypothermia in your dogs. It will also continue to protect him from snow, wind, and other extreme temperatures. Experts suggest that these structures should not be thought of as permanent. Regular monitoring of your pet’s outdoor time is still required. You must let them back indoors in bad weather.

Dog house plans

Your dog can also find a comfortable place for cuddling on summer days. He can go to his house after exercising. Dog houses also act as safety nets in unpredictable weather conditions. In such surprising situations, it’s better to be prepared.

A thing you must keep in mind is that insulated dog houses attract wildlife. Winters are harsh times for all creatures, and a variety of wildlife may come to your dog house in search of shelter. These animals may bring along some serious diseases with them, and your dog could be at risk of catching them. He may also injure himself seriously in attempts to ward off these creatures, like skunks, opossums, raccoons, and coyotes.

To make sure your dog is safe and healthy, use a good GPS tracker for dogs. It will ensure the safety of your pet by tracking its location, and you can stay relieved.

How To Choose The Ideal Dog House?

With so many factors to keep in mind, dog owners can be confused while choosing the ideal dog house.

To find ‘the one’ among all the options, you must start understanding your dog’s needs.

How To Choose The Ideal Dog House

What is the breed of your dog?

Some breeds, with shorter snouts and thicker coats, are more vulnerable to heat exhaustion. For dogs of these breeds, your dog house should give enough shade and airflow.


Regard the adult size of the breed that your dog belongs to. The dog house you build should have enough room for making a complete turn inside. Plastic homes with convenient clean-up options are a great way to go for owners who like portable shelters. They can also opt for portable tents and pop-up playpens for their dogs.

If your dog is still a puppy, keep in mind that he will grow. Building a dog house that won’t fit his adult size is pointless. To avoid the wastage of money and time, you must plan well while constructing the dog house. Build it large enough for your beloved canine’s grown-up version. But do not make it too large, as dogs like cozier spaces, instead of open and airy ones. Plus, your dog’s body heat will naturally warm the house on wintery days. To get an ideal size for your pet, construct it nine inches more than your dog’s height, and eighteen inches added to the length of your dog, and twelve inches more than his width.

Material and location

The material and the location of the dog house are important factors while choosing one. For dogs at higher risk of heat exhaustion, a wooden dog house is the best. It’s better to avoid plastic or metal dog houses since they do not keep your dogs cool in the summer heat. Paint the wood with enamel or epoxy paints. This will make cleaning it more manageable and increase its durability.

Location wise, it is better to move the dog house to dryer areas. Choose the shadiest part of the yard. Providing a comfortable living environment is essential. Such locations also protect the dog house from bad weather and the sun. Such avoidance preserves the materials. If you’re planning to build the dog house on your own, try lifting the floor off the ground to avoid sitting in the mud, snow, or rain. Raising the floor will also increase airflow and keep your dog cooler on hot days and drier on colder ones.

Choose a slanted and hinged roof. Such a roof is very easy to clean. It would be best to use metal or fiberglass shingles since they protect your dog and the material in storms.


Dogs do not need safety lights as we do. During the night, safety lights are not a necessity for dogs, unlike for our houses. Fun fact: dogs can see the light five times dimmer than the human eye can see. They are made differently, with the retina having more rods, which are also sensitive to motion, letting the dogs spot the smallest of movements. That is why dogs are too quick in sensing predators and strangers.

So, instead of adding a steady light for nights, add a motion sensor light. Place it away from the dog house.


The last thing you want is for your pet to be unhappy. Just like we have our habits, our pets do too. And since you know your dog the best, constructing or purchasing a house that does not interfere with what he loves to do is the best thing you could do as a dog friend. If your dog has a habit of keeping tabs on his surroundings, build him an outdoor dog house with a flat roof. Do not choose a shelter that has an overhang, because they do not allow full visibility.

If your dog pants a lot and overheats a lot, avoid shingles. Shingles on the roof can attract a lot of summer heat, which will be a significant discomfort for your canine friend. Get a plywood panel instead.

The Best Cat House

Just like dogs, our feline friends need a proper shelter too. Whether for feral cats or the playtime of your feline, you must give them a comfortable and safe home.

Best Cat House

Outdoor cat houses are the best choice to go for. The shelter you purchase or buy for them must serve the purpose of protection and calm while serving the adequate amount of heat.

Like dog houses, materials for cat houses vary as well. The roof of the cathouse should be able to protect it from rain. While purchasing a cat house, going for one with a peaked rooftop will serve the purpose of protecting your cats while outside. With such a roof, the rain will run off without getting your cat wet. Use water-resistant material, and shield the cats from the elements.

Keep the predators in mind. Provide a safe and convenient entry and exit door, so your pet does not get trapped inside. Select a well-designed shelter for your cats, keeping their needs in mind. If you have multiple cats, purchase a cathouse that is spacious enough for their free movements. Cats hate being restricted. But this also makes their safety a concern for you, especially when they’re still little and playful. Buy a good GPS tracker for cats and breathe a sigh of relief.

While selecting a cat house, you can also choose a piece that serves as furniture. Decorative and comfortable cat houses add charm to your dwelling. It can be both comfortable and look luxurious. Insulated cat houses are also an excellent option.

Building a house for your pets is an act of love and becomes easy when you keep their needs and preferences in mind. When you pay attention to details and keep your dog’s joy in mind, building him a house will not seem that difficult a task.