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Why Is Trekking Good For Family


Trekking in itself is an activity that is tiresome and relaxing at the same time. Whenever we talk about peace and solace, the mountains come to our head because they are away from the crowd, noise, and pollution. One can truly re-discover himself from within through trekking. A peaceful mind is indeed what everyone should aim at. Trekking with strangers is fun, but it gets better when your family is with you.

Trekking is a great activity for your entire family to indulge. Your wife, your kids, brothers, and sister, and even parents, for that matter. No matter what age you are, you grow during that short journey when you struggle to reach the height of the goal. Trekking has brought many families closer than they ever were before. It is not just a fun activity on the weekend; trekking with your family could truly be life-altering for you.

We have listed some of the reasons which prove that trekking with your family could be one of the best decisions you take as a whole.

A complete bonding experiences

There is no doubt that whenever a family does anything as a whole, their bond grows stronger, and they get much closer. The same goes for trekking. The parent and child bond becomes stronger as both of them see each other going through the same struggle simultaneously. This subconsciously creates love and empathy for each other. Supporting each other throughout the trek would surely entice the thought of gratefulness in everyone. With the world moving too fast today, we are always on the run.

Yes, we do it for the family, but that family is left alone and cannot make time for them at all. This trek will allow you to spend quality time with your family without the worries of the world. Trekking will give you memories to bond over even after the trek is long over.

It’s like working out together

As soon as you quit the screen time and go for a trek, you will realize that it is not just a fun activity but a workout in itself. The climbing, walking, building a tent, and making your food require constant physical activeness and tiresome, just like a workout. When you trek, you’re your family, you surely divide the load of chores, but you still need to climb and walk for hours which is a family workout.

A person alone gets tired and stops, whereas when the family is there, you are motivated. It is a great cardio exercise, and everyone enjoys it.

Children can also learn a lot of balancing and agility through treks. Trekking will make you all physically active without thinking of it as a job.

An opportunity to appreciate nature

There is no better way to appreciate nature than being surrounded by it. When you are in the raw, natural setting, you would realize how the world was before becoming a corporate machine. Seeing hills and mountains with birds and animals around you is truly mesmerizing. As boring as it sounds to go to a location with no phone network and just plants around you, you will have a newfound respect for nature after the trek. This can only be felt through experience. At the end of the trek, you will feel like staying there forever.

Seeing and learning about different types of insects, plants, birds, and animals would be knowledgeable and interesting for everyone, especially for the children. Treks are done in many different landscapes, and through this, you can see forests, mountains, meadows, and swamps. Each geographical location will have a different set of flora and fauna, and every location would have its teaching lessons for you.

An inexpensive trip

Unlike other trips, you do not have to spend a lot and travel to distances with your car in trekking. Trekking could be done in any nearby region if you are located in one. Even if you live in an area where there are no places to trek, the costs would be much lesser than any other travel-based trip when you solely go trekking to a particular place.

Trekking gear could either be bought once at low costs too if you are a casual trekker. You can even rent gear for trekking sometimes. This makes trekking inexpensive because the most you need is boots, a jacket, and other necessary clothing items depending upon the weather. Some food and water depending on your intake. Get a backpack, pack it all up, and you are done!

As there are children with you on the trek, keeping emergency food and water is necessary. Make sure you carry first aids and mosquito repellent with you as well. The entire family can go with this gear and items and come back without spending any more money.

Developing skills

Trekking improves your ability to face issues and solve them at the instant moment. As you are stuck in a location with not various resources, you need to be alert and aware at all times. Your problem-solving skills improve a lot through trekking, and when you are with your family, you also learn teamwork. Trekking requires critical thinking because you are not just climbing or walking; you face other obstacles along the way, which makes the trek tedious.

To eliminate or to cross these hurdles, you need active thinking skills. Younger people in your family would not only learn from this but also enjoy this because they are the ones who can cross leaps and bounds with their imagination. The solutions that we miss out on can be derived from a child. In longer treks, you even learn cooking and tying your tent and making your bed. The skills you develop on a trek are fantastic, especially for a beginner.

Learn values

Skills are surely needed, and an additional tool for every human but values are a must. Trekking will give you some new skills to learn and help you imbibe some of the greater values that will be with you lifelong. Things like minimalism, simplicity, precision, discipline, challenging and many more are added to your thought library.

When you trek regularly, you will start applying these values and ideologies in your daily life. For example, it is a must for children to learn discipline and minimalism. With these, they can survive anywhere and in any situation of life.

Every family that will go on the trip would learn something different from the rest. Then, when you all go back home and discuss it, many more values and ideologies would come into the picture.

A fun challenge

Do not limit trekking to walking, climbing, and coming back. Enjoy it to the fullest. Play games, create challenges, have fun with them. There is so much to do and explore that you can truly come up with various activities to pass your time when resting. These will keep you away from your phone more.

Concern for each other

Trekking alone and trekking with the family has one major difference: you always feel secure and safe because you have your people around you. This builds a sense of security for everyone. In addition, you come closer as a family and learn to express your concern if you ever missed.

Memories for a lifetime

Lastly, it’s the memories. After the trek is over when you have the time to give your legs the rest they needed when the feeling of accomplishment takes over you. When you return from the trek and head home, all you will have are the conversations about the trek. The struggles, the fun, the challenges, the food, everything will be forever written in the diary of your head. There will be funny stories, there will be scary stories, and every person will have a story of their own with their perspective.


Trekking with family could be one of the best experiences you all could have. Regardless of how close you are or how little you talk, a trek would surely spark some amazing conversation for you all, and you would feel much closer to your family when the trek ends. Learning skills and values is also a part of it, and they are a great learning experience especially for the kids.

So, please do it for the memories, do it for learning, do it for the challenge, but most of all, do it for fun. Enjoy every moment because when you go back home, you will be in your routine again. Make this a detox your brain and body needed from long ago. This is the quality time your family needs. So, do not wait for anything. Plan the trek soon and take everyone with you. Happy trekking!