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Why Kids Should Play Golf?


The aspect of technology that makes us the most uncomfortable is the effect it has had on kids. Video games have evolved, but increasing with the number of players is the number of hours they spend on the screen. Children today need to get away from computer games. They need to socialise with other people and get some physical exercise done. Golf is an excellent reason for doing just that. Involving your kids in this sport will be an experience you’ll be grateful for.

But why golf? – You must be wondering. There are multiple answers to this question.

  • Minimal risk –

    Other popular sports have their merits, but they’re also going to have potential risk for injury. With soccer, baseball, football, or any other sport, your child runs the risk of getting injured. And it’s completely fine for those who do not mind getting hurt. But not every kid is the same, and if your child has so far been away from sports and stuck with computer games, getting started with them might not be the most encouraging idea. Unlike them, playing golf carries almost zero risks of getting hurt. You won’t hear about serious injuries while playing golf! It’s a non-contact sport that serves the purpose of getting your kid out from the house.

  • It’s for everyone –

    This sport has its own requirement, but body shape and size does not cut that list. Anyone can play this sport, no matter what shape and size they are. We’ve seen golf champions in all shapes, colours, and sizes. You don’t have to be worried over not having started early in this sport! And you can play it your entire life. You do not need any particular strength, speed, height, or body shape to be a golf champion. Think of the middle-aged men in movies who enjoy sports for relaxing on a break –as we said, it’s for everyone!

  • Safe environment –

    The golf course is not a dangerous place. It’s a healthy area where your kid can socialise with other people, learn social cues, form and maintain bonds, and enjoy the day. It’s not an extreme or dangerous sport and is played in a positive environment, with safety in mind. Once you get your child involved in golf, you do not have to be perpetually fretting over his or her security. Plus, it’s also good for your child’s mental health to spend a day in such an environment.

  • Everlasting friends –

    The best part of doing any physical activity is the camaraderie and friendships that you encounter and hold on to. Your child will meet some fantastic people. It’s a place where making friends is very easy. People who play golf have a distinct, charming personality, and most of them are mostly successful.

    Friendships should certainly not be confined to traditional definitions of success. By success, we mean a healthy a positive growth. And to be practical, in this world, you’ll be grateful for such an influence on your kid. Your kid will get to hang out with different kind of peers and form unique bonds. Everlasting friendships are what develop a person to have a robust and optimistic perspective about life. And your child will get friends for a lifetime!

  • Suitable for kid’s health –

    The biggest concern of the modern-day parent is the obesity observed in their child. Today is marked with a plethora of options for video games and smartphones. Kids tend to stay glued to the couch. Dragging them away to the outdoors is going to do wonders for your kid. Golf is an excellent weapon in fighting obesity. It lets your child spend the day outdoor, enjoying the sun and the benefits of nature. It’ll also be a lifelong exercise in developing habits that will pave the way for a successful future.

  • Business –

    It’s not just other kids your child will be playing with. Children get to meet people with invaluable insights into the real world, and just knowing them helps one to prepare for business. Who we encounter in our childhood ends up making a massive impact on our life later on.

    Golf is one such opportunity that prepares children and teens for their future careers, teaching them some valuable business lessons. Values are not limited to money, and your kid will learn some life lessons to cope with all the ambition, struggle and hard work that are a part of adulthood –but all of this in a fun way!

  • Scholarships –

    College funding opportunities for avid golfers come in abundance, and it’s just one of the perks of playing this elegant sport. It’s better to start at an early age to get a chance at gaining scholarship money, but that does not diminish the fact that golf can be started at any age.

  • Mentor for life –

    This sport will give your child some important life lessons that will change him or her as a person. While playing golf, your kid will learn how to be disciplined and persistent, and realise the importance of respect and integrity. Conducting themselves with these values will translate in other parts of your kid’s life as well, whether it is school, internship, or friendships outside the golf court. This is what makes playing outdoor sports better than computer games.

  • Bonding with family –

    Your entire family can play golf, no matter how old or young the members are. By involving your child in this sport, you’ll be doing the best thing that most modern parents are missing out on now –bonding. Your child will bond with the family and realise the importance of those living closest to him or her. By spending some quality time together, you’ll grow a healthy relationship that will last years and bring your child closer to you. Kids who spend time with their family learn to be healthy and positive in the face of life’s challenges.

  • The fun part –

    It has so many fundamental values attached to it, but the best part about golf is that it’s an enjoyable and fun experience. You’ll be doing a fantastic job by getting your kid into golf! The child will make such pleasant and happy memories on the golf court, and that’s something to look forward to. It will significantly encourage your child to do more such activities in future. As an adult, your kid will willingly get involved in activities that involve socialising and will learn to rely on values and perseverance.

Introducing your kids to a sport like a golf, which is good for both physical health and mental health is a gift you can give to them! Soon you’ll see the difference between your kid’s personality. Don’t hesitate -it’s one of the best steps you can take to add a little healthiness to your child’s life!