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Why Should Home Security Always Be A Priority?


When it comes to security, there is a notion that only the VIP deserves it, but is that notion valid for the regular citizens of the country? Did you know that your home is the most vulnerable area and has the highest possibility of crime occurring there? Think about it! The president has a secure bunker, a white house with layers of security, including the digital IT world, and you just have a door to protect you.

Well, the job description does matter for added security, but your home is precious. It needs protection and security from burglars, robbers, and some psychopaths.

Sometimes living in a bad neighborhood can also play a factor in up the home security, but crime around a good neighborhood has also increased. Hence, it is a priority to set a budget aside to upgrade your home security from a manual lock to establishing eyes and ears. Here are some home burglary statistics around the US proving the importance of having home security installed.

Some burglary statistics in the states

There are many home invasion incidences in different states of the US. Surprisingly, these episodes have also occurred in remote areas of the country. According to statistics generated by the FBI, it has been suggested that on average, every 30 seconds, a burglary takes place in the United States, that’s around 3000 burglaries each day.

Even though such is the country’s state, only about 25% of Americans have opted for a home security system. The numbers will drastically reduce when a home security system is installed or upgraded.

These burglaries can cost you hundreds of millions of dollars, and sometimes even your life. For instance, in the burglary that took place in Redwood City, the burglar assaulted two victims and took away expensive watches, some cash, and other valuables. Not every thief is Arsene Lupin, and so your home security will work effectively to mitigate the crime. It has been reported by the local PD and by compilation of national data that, on average, the household loses 2,500 dollars in a home robbery.

The valuables stored might not even be insured, and so it will cost you a fortune if you are already struggling with making ends meet. Here is a list of reasons why you should make home security a priority.

  1. Being a Parent increases Responsibility

    Being a parent indeed comes with bundles of Responsibility that unveils as time passes. It is the job of a parent to provide, protect, and raise their kids to be good members of society. It is not an easy job to multi-task with this, as providing for your family requires you to do a job. This job takes about 9 hours of your day and leaves your kids alone at home.

    Hence, your kids are vulnerable even if you hire a babysitter as it becomes difficult to trust an outsider. You cannot always rely on your neighbor, and those 9 hours will leave you restless. Hence, to avoid such a threat on your children, installing a home security system will allow you to monitor the babysitter, check live CCTV footage, and also control the safety locks in your house.

  2. Storing important documentation

    Your house is not just a safe haven or a zone of comfort but also a storehouse to store your personal documents and belongings. Some important documentations like wills, property papers, IDs, and others are crucial as they define who you are and the assets you own.

    These days, digital storage is in effect, but having a hard copy is important in case of digital outbreaks. These aspects are always ignored, and you can’t just store these in a bank locker as they are needed every now and then. Identity thefts are increasing, and hence, now more than ever, it is important to safeguard your documents at home.

  3. Privacy and boundaries

    Your home is a space that allows you to have privacy and lays down boundaries from the outside world. Thus, no one has the authority to evade this space to eavesdrop on you or to gather data for social hacking. It might be a thing in North Korea but definitely illegal in capitalist countries like the US. As the saying goes, walls have ears; it is often true and allows the leak of private information to the public.

    Your neighbor might be at the center of this, and so to avoid the blame game and prohibit invasion in your private space, it is of utmost importance to set up a high-tech security system. This includes raising walls, installing sensor alarms, and an intercom system.

  4. Preventing the impact of the crime

    It is your job to make the job of a thief difficult. Keeping your house vulnerable is like inviting a thief for dinner as your guest. When you add the top-of-the-class security system around the house and establish a perimeter, these criminals don’t even dare to enter your home.

    This way, you help the neighborhood reduce crime rates and avoid the thief committing a crime due to the difficulties you have created. Instead of losing your money to the thieves, invest it in security systems.

  5. Restoring Safe Haven Status

    Everyone on this planet knows the meaning of home, which means a familiar, warm, safe, and comfortable place. Keeping your space vulnerable completely ruins the foundation definition of what you call “Home.” You don’t want to return home with a criminal lurking in the shadows while pointing a gun at you and asking you to hand over your valuables.

    Hence, establishing a security system at home ensures that your home remains safe, allowing you to confide in it and keep your valuables safe.

  6. Prevent your home from Squatting

    If you are away from your home for many days or months and have a pattern based on your job description, your home is at risk from theft and squatting. Squatting is becoming a trend among young, broke travelers, even the locals, that when they find a vacant home, they take it over. This is especially true when you own a house in tourist localities like the beach or the mountains.

    Furthermore, if you own a holiday home or a farmhouse, they are vulnerable to squatting. Hence, it is important to hire a professional to take care of you while you are gone and install a good security system as insisted for many reasons as described above.

  7. Prevent a fire from taking place

    Some incidences at home can be mitigated, especially if you live alone in the house. Imagine you are alone, and there is a fire that is left undetected, and it grows. Since you don’t have a fire alarm system installed, the fire can keep growing and burn the house quickly.

    Hence, installing a smoke detection sensor and water sprinkler will mitigate the effects and keep you and your home safe. Rather than being busy with the insurance paperwork after the fire, get working on this system to mitigate such disasters.

How to keep your home secure and estimate the budget?

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