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Why You Need Car Seats To Keep Your Baby Safe


To keep your children safe, comprise a significant responsibility. Part of that duty involves being aware of child passenger safety. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says motor vehicle crashes constitute one of the significant causes of death for children in the United States. From 2013 to 2017, there were almost 3,312 kids under the age of 13 who were killed while riding in a car, meeting with an accident.

And you know what, over one-third of those children had not been placed in car seats, booster seats, or seat belts. Many of these deaths could have been prevented, but due to ignorance, this mishappening occurred. Using a car seat that is installed according to the age and size of your child is the best way to keep your child safe and secure. Unfortunately, more than half of car seats are not installed correctly, and more than that, they are not even used.

The right car seat is one that is designed according to your child’s age and size. One should always consult the manufacturers about this. Keep your manual and read it thoroughly to keep your child safe and choose the best car seat for him.

Importance Of Car Seats For Babies And Children

  • Make Your Supermarket Visit More Easier –

    Infant car seat safety

    Car seats have become a necessity when you have known the ratios of death that has happened in the past few years due to lack of security. Incidents can happen anywhere and anytime, so we have to maintain an extra layer of protection around us that will ensure the safety of us and our loved ones, especially children. Even the law is asking parents to use car seats, and booster seats especially are your child’s age range is between 3 years to 12 years for their children.

    let’s Suppose you have got to run to a supermarket to get some groceries immediately, it will be extremely challenging for you to carry your child along. They may slip in your arms, or there are also the chances that you may even drop the groceries in the way. So, car seats make your visit easier as now you have the convenience of leaving your child in the car for some time while you can ensure their safety during your absence.

  • Gives Your Children A Comfy Environment:

    Since protecting your child constitutes a significant way of showing love to them, by using car seats, you can turn your trips in the car into dreamlike journeys for them. Child car seats are designed in such a way that they are perfect for small children to fit in. These car seats are included in one of the most useful devices to transport little children traveling by car. They have a perfect structure that is precisely proportionate to the size of your child, having a security system that will protect your child t in cases of severe side impacts.

    Why You Need Car Seats To Keep Your Baby Safe

    A safety harness is also there that serves as a fantastic tool to ensure proper safety. So, having such car seats for your babies is undoubtedly going to help you drive confidently without even a pinch of worry about your child because now you know they are safe inside their car seats.

  • Car Seats Can Save Your Child:

    You must have heard that nothing happened at our time, we used to travel without car seats, and everything always came out to be perfectly okay. But remember that anecdotes are not still data. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has concluded that there is a 67% more chance that your baby comes out fine after an accident if you have used car seats or booster seats for the protection of your child. You must be very well aware that nowadays there are more cars on the road running at a higher pace than ever before, that is inviting more and more dangerous situations.

    Best Selling Baby Car Seats

The child’s body is much delicate as compared to the bodies of elders. The child’s skeleton is made of cartilage that is later turned into bones, which makes her body a lot delicate. Children are going through the phase where the brain and spinal cords are developing and have not yet fully developed.

Brain and spinal cord damage are much more vulnerable in children, whose minds and bodies are still developing. Children are more prone to be attacked by such incidents because of:

  • Children’s smaller size that makes it easier for even a relatively light bump to your car to send them flying.
  • Children’s lower self-control- an adult has a proper understanding that he has to sit still in his or her seat. But a child may squirm or jump in his car seat or booster seat if he is not adequately seated taking security as a significant concern, making him more vulnerable to such dangers like when you get into a crash.

Rules For Car Seat Safety

If you want to do all you can to protect your child from death, serious injury, and trauma after a car crash, follow these simple tips:

How do I keep my baby safe in the car seat

  • One should keep in mind that he/she has to keep children in the rear-facing front until she exceeds 24 months or weight exceeds the recommended value given by the manufacturer.
  • Children should be kept in a car seat only with a harness until they age seven.
  • For children of age between 8-12, they’ll need booster seats for their safety.
  • Children should not sit in the front seat until they weigh more than 90 pounds.
  • Children should not be kept with airbags until they exceed the weight recommended by the mechanic, so make sure that the car seat is rid of airbags.
  • You can put car seats in the back seat of the car. The center seat is the safest location, but side seats are also acceptable if you have multiple car seats, or your middle seat does not have an appropriate buckle.
  • If the seat has two buckles, then make sure that both must be buckled at all times.
  • You can consult your pediatrician also to get the perfect way of seat installment.
  • It would be best if you were very careful that your child doesn’t move her strap under the arm or unbuckle the car seats.