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Why Your Fishing Boat Should Have A Trolling Motor


Those outboard motors that are used to push or pull fishing boats, pontoon boats, small sailing auxiliaries as well as small crafts are referred to as trolling boats. They are turned on and off frequently, sometimes running only for a few seconds to keep the steady at a particular place or to maneuver slowly. The main components of a trolling motor are:

  • The power head which is responsible for controlling the functions of the motor aa it houses the electric circuit board.
  • Propellers which may have either two, three or four blades with leading edges to prevent the weeds and kelp from fouling them.
  • The power head and propeller hub are connected through the shaft, which is made up of materials like aluminum, stainless steel or graphite composite so that they are light in weight, impact resistant and durable.
  • Electric motor and the propeller shaft are located in the watertight propeller hub.

Best Trolling Motor

While looking for a trolling motor, the basic features which every fisherman wants are that the motor should be quiet, durable, and efficient and well- built. For a modern day serious angler, a troller is one of the necessities as its absence makes things much harder. Make sure that you have sufficiently equipped yourself with enough knowledge to pick the right one for yourself.

Aquos White Haswing Cayman 12V 55 lbs. Shaft Bow Mount Trolling Motor is the best trolling motor ever because of its features which are simply remarkable and its functionality both is salty as well as fresh water. What makes it stand out in the crowd is its flawless foot pedal controls and remote- control capabilities. The depth collar of the troller assists in quick and simple maneuverability in both fresh and salt waters.

An amazing part about this troller is its long lasting battery. You will not be required to carry spare batteries with you as a single charge will make it work efficiently for the whole day. All medium to large boats demand of a feature i.e. the freedom to select their speed and make it hands free. This bow- mounted trolling motor also satisfies this condition. The only downside of this motor are the plastic rollers on the mount. They are brittle and therefore pose a threat of breaking very easily.

Why should you get involved with Trolling motors?

Trolling motors which are available in the market these days come with the latest technology and the best of materials used for manufacture, which makes them tough, reliable and pocket- friendly. These trollers guarantee trouble- free fishing to many fishermen who have been using it for years. Even if you leave it without any attention in your yard or garden for years, it will give an absolute performance without any hassle. Here are some of the reasons why your fishing boat should have a trolling motor.

  • They are environment – Friendly:

    Trolling motors are silent, cause almost no noise and are very easy to use. They create negligible disturbance for other fishermen as well as for the local flora and fauna.

  • They are easy to install and remove:

    You don’t have to put in much time and effort to fix it on your boat. For smaller boats and kayaks, transom mount motors are used whereas on the other hand for larger boats and absolute maneuverability, a bow mount motor is to be used.

  • They are available in various varieties:

    You can choose among a large variety of trollers depending upon the size of your boat and the environment situations you are going to encounter. Motors with different battery power, thrust levels and shaft lengths are out for sale to cater to your needs.

  • These motors work both in shallow and deep water:

    If you enjoy stealth fishing, they are fantastic to use on your craft. With this, you can easily reach those fishing hotspots that are otherwise impossible to get to without scaring the fishes.

  • The trolling motors come with excellent features:

    You get a variety of options for features to be used to control your boat. You can either choose to steer with hand or foot, or use an electronic self-directional steer which further diverges into co- pilot, auto pilot or GPS iPilot. You can concentrate and focus on fishing while these amazing features will take care of your boat. They will make sure that you don’t get distracted and miss your target.

Mount types

Trolling motors come with varying mount types: bow, transom and there are even engine mount motors. The most popular among them is the bow mount motors as they provide comparatively better control and precise steering. This is because it pulls the boat through the water instead of pushing it from behind as is done by transom mount motors.

But at the same time, transom mount motors can be very easily attached with the stern of your board by just using a simple clamp. Moreover, the engine mount trolling motors are attached to the cavitation plate of an already working outboard motor and serve as a great choice for multipurpose boats. They even save you a lot of space. But the only drawback is that they are very much expensive when compared to bow mount or transom mount motors.

Some negative aspects

If you are using a single 12V battery then it is a no brainer. But if not, it will be a lot of pain to load two- three batteries every time into your car for recharging unless you have a set up to recharge them in the boat itself.

Moreover, if you are going fishing with kids and desire to have a motor to tow their tube or ski behind your boat, then forget about it. Trolling motors are not that powerful. Then comes the cost of batteries. The good ones are quite expensive, but this cost can be negated as they last you about four to five years and you are not spending even a single penny on gas.


These trolling motors are so good that once you use them, you will definitely be hooked to it in the same way like the fish you are hunting for gets hooked. One significant thing which is to be taken into consideration is that you use a manufacturer’s recommended circuit breaker. It should be fitted in line with the batteries of the trolling motor. Don’t even think of saving money by using some cheaper and inferior circuit breakers. Add the spice of trolling motors to the resume of your boat. You will surely have an amazing experience catching all those big fishes you have always dreamt of possessing.