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Women are Breaking The Gender Stereotypes In Sports and are loving it


Boys play soccer in the field and girls do ice skating that’s how it works. Right? This how it always works when it comes to sports. The sports are already divided – there are boys’ sports and then there is some girls’ sport. This statement is not far from reality no matter how long we’ve come from the days when girls use to stood in side-lines cheering for “the strong hulky boys”; gender stereotypes still exist in sports. Boys get the best mountain bikes to chase their dreams.

But times are now changing, and tide is now shifting to the opposite. There are examples of girls breaking these societal stereo types from every part of the globe and are excelling in the fields that were dominated by males. So how can one contribute to this equality crusade and ensure that there no gender stereo types all across the globe when it comes to sports or anything for that matter.

A Big No To Stereotype Speech

The first and foremost thing to do, to raise your children as a stereotype breaker is by not being bias. Stop saying a thing like- “you throw like a girl!” or you walk like a boy!” It’s not your fault these are so common, that you might not even think twice before saying. But, what do these statements even mean anyway? It shows your child that you think that girls are so weak that they can barely throw a ball. So, first, delete all these gendered statements from your speech.

Along with watching what you say also watch your actions. Don’t discriminate between boys and girls avoid being that parents, who gift their boy best golf irons and skincare products to their teen girl. Be the parent who encourages both girls and boys to live their dreams. Gift your girl the best golf clubs if she loves to play golf. Arrange mini-tournament in the family get together and cheer your baby girl to shine and be a role model for all other young girls in the family.

Watching your speech and action also watch the environment around your child. If you overhear their friend or other adults spouting off stereotypes, immediately take action. Don’t get over the person and start yelling on them. Instead, ask the person politely what they mean to say and why they said it. Kindly discuss with them that why it’s not okay to speak this way, why this type of talk is insulting your child or any other child and how both girls and boys can play sports – all sports. Give them examples of some great conqueror women like- Serena Williams, Allyson Felix or Hope Solo.

Be a Role Model Yourself

Who says that only dads can coach soccer or take you to camp or mom’s work is only to make snacks. Break these stereotypes take your children for trekking without your husband. For safe camping, all you need is the best tents for camping and some hacks.

You can also see my blog- How to make camping fun and safe for the whole family for having amazing and safe camping.

Volunteer yourself to coach or help coach in your child’s school to show the young players that women can be just as knowledgeable and ‘into’ sports as men are. Through this, you will not only be your child’s role model but also too many girls who are dying to grow as a sportsperson.

These type of role reversal concepts can help or encourage girls that they can do anything that a boy can do, while at the same time teaching boys that a girl can also be a strong sports figure.

How History Can Help You

Professional Sportspersons are like a superhero to any child, especially the one that belongs to his or her favourite sports. Use this concept to teach your child that gender stereotypes don’t exist. Show them some inspirational stories of the most powerful, famous and influential women in sports history. Of super-star sisters like- Venus and Serena Williams, Monica Abbott, Rhonda Rousey, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Maria Sharapova, Mia Hamm, Billie Jean King, and many, many others.

Inspirational stories of these awesome athletes will surely give your little girl a boost when it comes to being confident. But, at the same time, it’s equally as important that boys also learn about these fabulous female figures. They need to know that men aren’t the only ones who dominate when it comes to the athletic arena.


So next time if your son says that “he will not play soccer with his sister” or your daughter says-“eww football! That’s for boys” turn their ideas around. Make their concept change but also don’t suddenly push onto them. Teach them and let them decide what they want to be in their life a makeup artist or an athlete no matter whether it’s a girl or boy. Because both of them can be strong, tough and still wear their eyeliner!

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