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Best Fixed Geared Bikes 2021


A fixed-gear bike is the king of every cycle you see around you today; there was this one ever-spinning gear before freewheels and derailleurs. Today’s fixed gear bikes for track and criterium racing, time trials, and bike messenger use. Many of the riders enjoy the experience of mashing the pedals to go and keep puling upon them to stop—the best interface between you and your bike. A fixed gear bike is commonly called a stationary wheel bike and is popularly known as a fixie in some familiar places.

It is a bicycle that has a drivetrain with no freewheel mechanism. And the first freewheel was developed in the bike’s early history, but the fixed-gear bicycle remained the standard track racing design. Fixed gear bikes are of single speed. Gear selection can, however, be accomplished with the use of an internally geared hub. One of the perceived main advantages of the fixed-gear bicycle is low weight. The added part does not require a fully geared drive train, shifters, cables, freewheel hub.

A fixed-gear bike weighs less than its geared equivalent. A fixed-gear bike requires less energy in any given gear to move than a geared bike in the same equipment.

Some cyclists prefer a fixie because it offers a challenging but rewarding cycling experience. If you are searching for a pure riding experience, then a fixie is a cycle stripped to its bare essentials. Multi-gear processes require a strict maintenance routine, but such bikes are easier to maintain.
The topmost reviewed gear bikes are-

Best Fixed Geared Bikes 2021

  • Pure fix original fixed gear single speed fixie like retrospect mantra fixie bicycle with sealed bearing hubs
  • Critical cycles harper single-speed fixed gear urban commuter bike
  • State bicycle co set gear fixie single speed bike
  • Vilano rampage set gear fixie single speed road bike

Pure fix original fixed gear single speed fixie bike

The pure fix original has an authentic limited gear bicycle look. It has a frame build, wheelset, and handlebar combined to give the motorcycle the hip style appearance of an authentic custom made fixed gear bike you mainly see on urban streets. These bikes are available in thirty different colors schemes. They all range from all-black look to more bold and bright color combos, which many riders prefer today. This gear bike frame is made up of high quality ten steel and uses urban geometry with a straight fork and horizontal dropouts.

When the bikes are all set to go, it weighs from 22-24 pounds depending on the size. Pure fix original is not the lightest bike you’ll encounter, but it is still very much acceptable. It has a velodrome style saddle that offers the right mix of racing feels and comfort, making it a hybrid seat in categories. It is coupled with a 30mm riser handlebar through which the rider maintains an aggressive riding position with some added back comfort.

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  • It features a lovely ratio of 44:16 gear ratio.
  • There are varieties of colors available.
  • It has manageable weight.
  • It provides additional stability.

  • The tires are not that durable.

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Retrospect mantra fixie bicycle with sealed bearing hubs

This geared bike comes with a sealed cartridge that bears hubs to keep your bike neat and clean. Less dampness, grime, and water can get into the delicate parts of your bike when the seats are sealed. This means that retrospect mantra fixie requires less maintenance. Mantra comes preinstalled on the single-speed side. This bike you can ride regularly and efficiently can quickly transform into a fixed gear bike as and when you need it. The Kenda commuter tries we pick have a unique tread with water dispersion grooves. It has more surface areas on the tires, which means you have more traction and better grip on the road and minimal resistance. The bicycle’s rim is of double-wall super deep V star with a machined braking surface, and the always dependable KMC chain ensures a smooth ride.

This is a professional bike, and it is build to ensure that the cog and lockring are tightened, the brakes are adjusted, and the wheels trued.

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  • This bike is super durable.
  • Unicrown, threadless, 28.6mm, fender eyelet.
  • A clear coat protects the decals.
  • It has rear rack braze ones.

  • It does not include portable pumps.
  • The tires on this bike are very flat.

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Critical cycles harper single-speed fixed gear urban commuter bike

Harper’s single-speed fixed gear bikes are stylish, sleek, smooth, and requires low maintenance. It has a high built steel frame and flip flop hub that allows you to ride fixed gear or free harper, which is the perfect whip to brunch, class, or even shopping.

It has a quick flip of the black wheel, and harper turns from a single-speed cruise to a fixed gear ride. It is built using high tensile strength, and its steel diamond frame is designed for its longevity. You can enjoy the ride with comfortable handlebars for improved posture. It comes with machine braking on the rims that provide safer, faster, and efficient stopping.

Fixed gear bikes, especially this one is famous as it has fewer moving parts so you can keep moving. Harper stands first for providing you smooth sailing and effortless riding. It has VP freestyle pedals, 25.4mm riser handlebars, front and rear Promax brakes, that helps you control your ride. 30mm deep V rims and thick uniform tires that ensure a smooth ride.

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  • It has a perfect slim look..
  • It is affordable and durable.
  • The tires are not too wide neither flat.

  • Tires fail to stay inflated.
  • You may find it difficult to move the handlebars.

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State bicycle co fixed gear fixie single speed bike

State bicycle co is a rider developed fixed single speed bike. It is the most attractive and of high quality, and it is available at the lowest possible price. The manufacturers have customed this bike according to the needs of a rider from top to bottom. The company features dozens of featured models of the cycle, it has five handlebars, six frames are available, and you can s=design your bike. It offers a fixed quality for both the local and greater riding community. It has 4130 Chromoly lightweight frames and has 120 mm dropouts. Its wheels are designed with a 700C aluminum track wheel having a rim depth of 43mm.

It provides you with flip flop hub that means you can switch between fixed gear and single speed that too in durable prices. It has a bullhorn wrapped with bar tape.
The manufacturer provides you with one year of warranty, and it offers a reasonable quality frame.

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  • It is durable and lightweight.
  • It is excellent value for money.
  • It provides a one year warranty.

  • Many customers complain that the paint wears off the rim.

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Vilano rampage fixed gear fixie single speed road bike-

The Vilano rampage selected gear fixie single speed road bike is one of the stylish urban fixed gear bikes. It has matching anodized hubs and features 45mm deep V anodized wheels. It is easy to switch between single riding speed or fixed gear; because of its rear hub flip flop with Firewheel and cog, It allows you to quickly change from single speed to quick bag by merely flipping the rear wheel. It has an urban geometry frame, and straight fork, made up of tig welded high tensile steel. It also comes with advanced settings, including 28c tires, to control and contact in urban environments. The Vilano Rampage has riser handlebars and high tech steel frame and came with platform free pedals.

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  • It includes free platform pedals.
  • It is a forged alloy crankset w/46T that has a replaceable chainring.
  • It is affordable.

  • This geared bike needs high maintenance.


Out of all the options available, it is recommended to wisely choose when considering buying a geared bike, as geared bikes have great wheel suspension and offer maximum protection and a comfortable ride. Geared bikes can be used by the minimum height of 5 feet, as these bikes come with convenient seat adjustments. The users can make the best use of these hybrid bikes, which offers a 21-speed system to its users.

Geared bikes are available in many attractive, stylish designs and look that added advantage for the users to choose from. These bikes are good to look at. Choosing one bike can change your future. We recommend the readers to list the priorities before buying the bike.

These are the top-notch brand that avails the customers to buy the best. If you plan to get the bicycle for not more than $345, you should consider all the things and make a list of what you would need in your geared bike. Gear bikes do the works, and the person has not to put in pedaling efforts because it comes with preinstalled gears; such bikes are comparatively easy to use once you are familiar with it lightweight. gear bikes can serve you as a helping hand for the omes who has to go to work but are environmentally friendly.