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12 Open-Shelf Cabinet Ideas for Your Home


Open shelves may be a very heated topic in terms of kitchen design. For some people, the idea of doing away with top cabinets in favour of shelves might be scary on a practical level. However, there are many ways to make this designer-approved aesthetic work for your house and your lifestyle.

Making the most of your cooking area may be achieved with the right open-shelf kitchen design ideas. Do you have a particular area that isn’t big enough to fit a cabinet? What about a wall in your dining room that is otherwise empty? Shelves are a formal method to provide more depth to your area and a platform for your favourite decorative things like books, plants, and pottery. You can mix open shelves with top cabinets to get a combination.

The most fabulous home design suits you, and these open-shelf cabinet designs show how adaptable and flexible shelving can be. We offer tips for setting up and decorating open shelves in your house below.

Urban-Style Open shelf cabinets

what to put on open shelves in kitchen

Stainless steel open shelves may give your kitchen a touch of urban flair. To emphasize your enterprise facility’s somewhat more relaxed feel, style your shelves with white, grey, or black dishware or place your favourite glasses on them. Indoor herbs offer utility and life to your kitchen, so you may embellish the shelf units with a few plants to enliven the space.

Wooden-Style Open shelf cabinets

A modern cottage kitchen looks fantastic with open wooden shelves. They provide a touch of rustic flare next to white or light grey cabinets that warm the room and enable you to customize your kitchen. Your preferred cookware, such as a magnificent royal blue Dutch oven, elegant cookie jars, or a few plants, can be used to adorn the shelves.

built in open kitchen shelving

Minimal-Style Open shelf cabinets

Reduce the mess and articulate each place to create a minimalist kitchen. You may improve the look and utility of your kitchen with a few open shelves. The most significant part: You are motivated to maintain your kitchen’s cleanliness and order because of the available display. The open shelves in this kitchen are decorative and hold a few lovely flowers and bottles, but you could always keep your favourite mugs or pottery on them.

open kitchen shelving for dishes

Modern-Style Open shelf cabinets

With all the cupboards closed, a contemporary kitchen may appear exceptionally clean. Make the room livelier and add a personal touch by including open shelves in your design. You may showcase valuable goods like a hand towels dispenser or a cookbook, or you can use artistic vases and bowls to adorn them. Consider placing open shelves around a portion of your kitchen counter to optimize the amount of storage space you have.

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Classical-Style Open shelf cabinets

Classical kitchens are defined by their streamlined, elegant design. You may tailor the room to your preferences and needs by including a variety of colour schemes and patterns in your design. Open shelves can add the wow element you’re seeking. There are countless ways to decorate your classic open shelving kitchen, whether you construct steel shelving and use it to store everyday goods like seasonings and oils or choose glass front upper cabinets that wrap around your kitchen corner to exhibit your antiques.

built in open kitchen shelving

DIY- Style Open shelf cabinets

This elegant piping option is a perfect alternative if you want shelving that complements your decor while making a stylish statement. These shelves seem trendy and are built on copper pipes which not only support the frames but also blend in with the ceiling decoration. These shelves are easily accessible on many purchasing platforms and are sold as DIY goods that must be assembled using the provided instructions.

open kitchen shelving for dishes

Vintage- Style Open shelf cabinets

These retro-styled stylish circular shelves fit gracefully over the sink and are ideal for storing items that will make you smile as you wash dish after dish. These open shelves are perfect for displaying your favourite plants, trinkets, or even your dish soap if that’s what you want. They add character to any kitchen.

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Farmhouse- Style Open shelf cabinets

When positioned in a unique niche over a table or console table, these shelves complement the farmhouse style and provide plenty of storage while taking up little room. These shelves can accommodate anything and add several feet to your storage and decorative area, even if you need to take out the step stool to reach the top tier.

Pantry- Style Open shelf cabinets

A neatly kept pantry is beautiful and may be appreciated by anybody. With these plain and straightforward shelves, you’ll be motivated to design an uncomplicated and orderly area. This method lets you store everything from dinner plates to cereal, extending from the floor to the ceiling. Remember to bring your equally gorgeous step stool to access the top shelves.

Corner- Style Open shelf cabinets

You can have miles of blank wall space when your cabinets run out of capacity. Why not use those gorgeous curving corner shelves to occupy that space? Not only is it simple to do, but adding additional shelves between the side of the cabinet and the wall completely transforms the look and feel of your kitchen.

Floating- Style Open shelf cabinets

Open kitchen shelves are ideal when you want the items on your shelves to stand out. The ease of open shelves may be provided with them, but they can also be cleverly employed to retain décor subtlety. These floating shelves, filled with largely clear glassware, fit in so nicely with their brick and stone surroundings that they almost don’t exist.

Mounted- Style Open shelf cabinets

These broad shelves are securely supported by stunning bracing made of black metal. By selecting this choice, you get the stability and dependability of a sturdy shelf together with a charming aesthetic accent. This option may be used with various shades of wood or metal to complement your home’s decor and is perfect for houses with a vintage feel.

Advantages and Disadvantages

It’s wise to analyse the benefits and drawbacks of this design before deciding whether to use open shelving throughout your kitchen or simply on an accent wall. Here are the top reasons for choosing open shelves in your new kitchen.

Features: If your kitchen has an unusual design, open shelves can assist you in filling odd spots that would usually be empty.

Visual appeal: This is a crucial factor to take into account. Cabinetry shelves enhance your decor in a rustic kitchen and seem airy and spacious in compact spaces. Your kitchen’s open shelves are an intriguing addition.

Customization: An excellent option to display antiques is on open shelves. Whether you amass old cookie jars, plants, China patterns, or glassware, your prized possessions will look stunningly displayed on open shelves in your home.

Ease of access: They are practical! Having everything readily available at all times might be a significant time saver if you frequently entertain or cook.

Cost: Lastly, installing open shelves throughout your home makeover will help you save money. Open shelves might be less expensive than upper cabinets if you’re on a limited budget.

Even though there are many advantages to installing open shelves in your kitchen, it’s crucial to be aware of the drawbacks.

Storage: Unlike closed cabinets or shelves, open shelves may contain fewer goods.

Safety: There are better options than open shelves if you are concerned about anything falling to the floor.

Cleaning: Open surfaces attract dust more quickly than shelving that is concealed by cabinet doors.

Organization: Mess may accumulate quickly on open shelves.

The Bottom Line!

Do you intend to renovate your kitchen and think of using open shelving? Open shelves are a fantastic way to give your new kitchen a spectacular appearance. They give your kitchen walls a distinctive feel while enabling you to display objects that might otherwise be buried behind cabinet doors. We’ve put up this guide with ideas, pros, and cons to assist you in choosing between cabinets and open shelves. We hope you got what you were looking out for.