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15 Small Bedroom Office Combo Ideas


The concept of Bedroom office combo ideas is not new. You probably had to complete some work at home during the previous couple of years. However, working from home is now more widespread than ever. If you often work from home, you presumably have an office area.

However, where do you set up if working from home becomes increasingly commonplace and every space is already occupied?

Often, it makes sense to set up a tiny workplace in the bedroom. The most private space in the house is the bedroom. We all look forward to the day when we can have a room at home only for work! And a laptop transforms any location into a little workplace. We enjoy the peace and the fact that there won’t be many distractions. Here are some home-bedroom office combinations that could work for you.

  1. Take Advantage of Every Narrow Space

    You may be resourceful by reusing a room’s corner, a nook, or space in the closed balcony to create a focused workstation that helps to improve your concentration when space is restricted, and your work area must be in a bedroom.

    small guest bedroom office combo ideas

    Smaller areas or quieter rooms, like bedrooms, will work best with a soft pastel color scheme, like white paired with gray on furniture or your workstation, which will give a delicate yet more substantial contrast, producing an attractive and helpful place, ideal for a new section of your tiny bedroom office combination.

  2. Use a vintage desk to add personality

    When living in a small place, you need to consider what bedroom furniture you can fit in so that the two parts blend well. A compact bedroom and office combination that works well relies on dimensions.

    Vintage items are excellent since they have more irregular sizes. An antique desk long enough to sit at the foot of the bed without taking up any floor space is the perfect fit for a laptop, notebooks, and lamps.

  3. Make Your Desk Area a Focus

    A little bedroom office is a perfect place to display your artistic talents. In order to add color and inspiration to a tiny or dull bedroom, create a feature wall on bare walls.

    master bedroom office combo ideas

    Consider your style of writing before you begin. Your interior design aesthetic—realistic, striking, minimalist, or tailored—will determine how you display art.

    If you steer clear of drab and formal concepts, many desk designs will match your interior design aesthetic and house architecture.

  4. Disguise your desk by using a curtain

    It’s vital to consider how to make a bedroom office “hidden” while not in use when creating one. If the area is large enough, you may separate it with drapes or screens to prevent you from seeing it from your bed.

    Consider the room’s focal elements to ensure the bed remains the focus of attention. To subtly separate day from night, a mattress may support a small writing desk with draperies crossing the front rail. A working nook that doesn’t intrude may also be made if you have a large wall of windows by putting drapes over the opening.

  5. Add a desk area along one wall

    Make the most of the space in a small bedroom by using a sleek, bespoke wooden unit with a desk, accessible storage, and a wardrobe that runs the length of one wall to make room for a double bed.

    pictures of bedroom office combo

    You may move around more easily thanks to this layout without the bedroom being cluttered. This is the most brilliant way to take care of your space while you build a workstation.

  6. Make Use of Your Corners

    Most of the time, corners in most spaces can have “empty” space. For cohesiveness, ensure the seat and desk you select blend in with the rest of your bedroom’s design. You can put your desk here; it doesn’t have to fit precisely; we prefer the concept of it being inclined as depicted.

    Consider personalizing one if a desk fits outside the corner. This piece of furniture may be tailored to match your room’s design, which may be contemporary, vintage, elegant, or modern.

  7. Ensure privacy while allowing light to enter

    Choosing the right office area at home is essential if you want to be productive. The bedroom is typically the best choice if you need a particular place. You don’t need much space, but you need tidy surroundings and windows that allow in natural light.

    combo bedroom office

    To get as much natural light into the room as possible, pick a spot near the window. Window films are a great addition if you have neighbors or want a better view. With various patterns to choose from, you can either keep it subtle with a frosted, delicate design or go crazy and multicolored for a more significant impact.

  8. Choose a wall-hung desk instead of a traditional one

    A small bedroom-office combo needs interior decorating tricks to look lovely and work effectively. To keep the floor clear, use a fixed desk on the wall.

    Ultimately, a space-saving design may be folded closed, producing an interior compartment specifically allocated for maintaining notebooks and a tablet.

  9. Boost Flow with A Cohesive Color Scheme

    The interiors of our homes have had to adapt to suit new, perhaps conflicting, uses due to the increased time that many of us spend there. Home offices are incorporated into corners, corridors, living spaces, and even bedrooms. By decorating, you can zone an office space or incorporate it smoothly into your design concept.

    Stylish Bedroom Office Combo Ideas

    To create a cohesive and lovely atmosphere in your little bedroom-office combo, consider employing a tonal color strategy and selecting a shade from your existing décor theme for your workstation

  10. Frame your work area with window sills

    Placing your workstation close to the windows could be an excellent option for your space if you live in a cloudy area.

    While working, we do have a tendency to be drawn to the sun. This natural sunshine may also keep your home’s electricity off, saving you money and exposing you to enough vitamin D throughout the day.

    In the northern hemisphere, north-facing windows receive less light. Thus there will be little glare coming from this direction.

  11. Make Your Workspace Greener by Using Plants

    Use eco-friendly room dividers. Although plants are an excellent complement to any area, they are much better if they directly support the operations of the space. The most crucial advice is to conduct studies on which plants would be most suited to your area.

    Small home office ideas

    The most crucial advice is to conduct studies on which plants would be most suited to your area.
    Use a modest workspace discreetly disguised by a few plants in a room’s corner. The workstation’s natural wood finish, warm-colored chair, and desk cushion let it blend in with the surrounding vegetation.

  12. Spaces for work and relaxation can be separated using staggered walls

    Integrating tasks in space, nooks, and corners provide countless chances for a practical arrangement.

    The contrasting dark and light hues on the walls in this design indicate the division of area.
    The eye is extended and given the impression that the space is more significant than it is by painting the office nook’s walls white and the bedroom/living area dark. This is true even though the foreground wall is dark. This arrangement is helpful for visually dividing a space.

  13. Utilize contrasting wall colors to divide the spaces visually

    Sometimes dividing up areas is as easy as using different wall colors. The person occupying this bedroom/office combination will probably be more comfortable and calmer when working in the white space.

    Small home office ideas

    It reflects more light, which makes the delicate color scheme more visible. Because the computer screen is brighter than the background in the office’s gloomy environment, the eyes are naturally pulled to it.

  14. Differentiate between Spaces Using Floor-to-Ceiling Dividers

    Even translucent space dividers like this one that hangs from the ceiling have a little spatial footprint but are pretty effective at the visually segregating room. Try putting a sheer curtain within the black-framed windows that divide this sleeping area for enhanced seclusion.

    The divider and drape block your view of the bedroom when you are seated at a desk next to the plants.

  15. For aesthetically pleasing lighting, use a cluster of pendant lights

    This may be a practical option for you if your workstation and bed must be situated next to one other in a particular area.

    bedroom office ideas

    Select three pendant lights with equal diameters and hang them over your workplace in a staggered pattern.
    Place them near enough to the wall to prevent your hands or even other equipment from casting too many shadows on your workplace.

In conclusion, visually divide the spaces

In a hybrid space, such as a guest room/office, you want to establish visual contrast between functions to maximize the experience. When this is accomplished, users of the space can concentrate solely on the spatial function they need. The easiest method is separating locations with a physical barrier or a change in hue.