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How Has Crime Reacted To The Corona Virus?


Climbing cases of coronavirus

We are currently in the 21st week of pandemic restrictions in us, and cases keep climbing. California, South Carolina, North Dakota, Kentucky, Hawaii. Those are among the 18 states that set single-day case records last week, putting the country on track to breaking a national single-day record for a new coronavirus case less than two weeks ago.

More than 73,500 cases were reported on Friday, approaching the country’s history of 75,697 cases, set on July 16. Since June 24, the seven-day average has more than doubled, to more than 66,100 on Friday from 31,402. As the number of cases has continued to climb, so has the number of hospitalizations, which dipped briefly below 28,000 in mid-June but is now skirting its own April record.

Deaths are also rising: Friday was the fourth consecutive day, with more than 1,100 reported U.S. deaths, which are trending upward in 30 states. On Saturday, South Carolina announced 80 new deaths, a single-day record.

The coronavirus outbreak –

A surge in Starr Country, a rural, impoverished area in South Texas, near the border with Mexico, offers a grim example of the type of hospital crisis looming. The country’s infection rate of about 2,350 per 100,000 people is far higher than in more populated parts of Texas, including Houston. The single country hospital cannot handle the crush of Covid patients, and ethics committees have formed to help determine which patients should treat and which should send home to die.

Crime rates continue to rise while the number of reported corona cases climb –

With several local businesses being closed and a large portion of the workforce forced to take time off to combat the coronavirus, the crime rate within the area is steadily increasing. We especially see an increase in assault calls, firearm assault calls, and domestic violence calls. It is because of people getting cabin fever from staying home or believe no arrests are taking place due to fear of the coronavirus.

Many people believe the coronavirus prevents law enforcement from doing their job in protecting and serving the citizens of Dothan. The jails are open, and people are arrested; we will enforce the law.

New coronavirus cases have accelerated in more than a dozen U.S. states as summer weather and reopening have prompted crowds of people to gather across the country and officials to weigh next steps.

Coronavirus lockdown: How has it affected crime?

The launch of covid-19 has changed the lives of people in the U.S. and other countries in a dramatic fashion, shaping the behaviour of law-abiding citizens and criminals alike. People are no longer out and in the same way. Instead, they are hunted down at home, following the recommendations of death experts. The result of fewer people in public is less crime.

People chose not to shoot each other in the numbers that they were before Covid. The previous year, there were 194 murders in the city; so far this year, it has been 45. Crime has also plummeted in Atlanta, where police usually have processed 100 to 150 crime reports at this point in April.

Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on crime

Crimes have been greatly affected by epidemic, and due to this, the rates of crime have also been unstable. Following are the types of crimes and how are they affected by covid-

Counterfeiting and fraud –

Forgery and fraud are directly related to the covid pandemic. In the U.S., individuals arrested after impersonating doctors and demanding payments for treatments.

Cybercrime –

Cybercrime in America is increasing with work from home; more and more corporate data is being accessed from homes that may not have the same security level as office systems.

Domestic violence –

The U.S. called for a domestic violence “ceasefire.”
The number of women reported missing has surged from five per day from before Covid-19 to eight during the lockdowns.

Hate crimes –

An intelligence report referenced multiple incidents of the hate crimes already perpetrated across the country, such as three Asian American family members stabbed by an individual who claimed that the family was Chinese and spreading virus.

How Latin American crime gangs are adapting to pandemic

But for many, this change has been positive. Zach Lewis, a Sioux City, police sergeant, used to visit a local hospital frequently during his shifts to speak with crime victims. That has changed with the pandemic. There were 51 reports of assaults in February, a Sioux City police sergeant who compiled crime statistics. In March, the month that residents began to hunker down at home, there were 47. Numbers have also started to trend down in April with 13 reports.

Coronavirus, crime and continued gun violence

This is changing of our ever-growing discontent. Protesters captured into unmarked vans, widespread gun violence, and climbing coronavirus numbers compete for headlines daily. And that’s not even touching on the first mask debate. It’s a weird and alarming time – and crime continues to emerge with coronavirus restrictions and recommendations.

Here’s a summary of how crime is flourishing across the country right along with the coronavirus.

General crime trends

  • Corruption as a whole has declined during the pandemic, but gun violence has seen a steady rise.
  • A University of Pennsylvania professor who reports crimes during the covid-19 outbreak found that reported crimes dropped by 23% across the 25 cities he’s monitoring.
  • Drug crime saw a dramatic decline of over 63% compared to five years ago.
  • Property crime has dropped by 19%, while violent crime dipped 15%.
  • Some investigators found an overall drop in crime in many major US cities. The Bay area had a decrease in reported crimes of around 50% at the onset of stay-at-home orders.

New York crime trends

New York City has seen a steady decrease in the crime since the outbreak began but in April rates of crime statistics. In March, the month that residents started to hunker down at home, there were 47. Numbers also have murder, car theft, and burglary theft increased year by year. Outstanding in recent reports about crime in New York included five deaths.

There were ten shooting in NYC over Memorial Day weekend, resulting in five death. NYC has witnessed seven fewer violent crimes reported between March 16 and April 12 in 2020, compared to the same period in 2019. Major crime in NYC dropped by 28.5% in April, compared to last year. This year, the city has a sum of Five thousand one hundred twenty-one reported crimes- more than 2,000 fewer than the 7,162 reported in April 2019.

Chicago crime trends

Until years of manual reports of predominantly lower crime rates, shootings continue to plague
Chicago during the pandemic. Find out more below. On the year of Memorial Day, there were 49 shootings in Chicago, resulting in 10 deaths. That’s the most Memorial day carnage the city’s seen in five years. Significant arrests went down by 53% in Chicago between March 16 and April 12, and Part ll crimes dropped by an impressive 73%.

Los Angeles California crime trends

The city of Angels saw a stark drop in crime as the city hunkered down to a battle to COVID-19 pandemic in March. Even though all sin has been trending downward, gun violence still outpaces other violent incidents. See how evil is evolving in Los Angeles with data from the latest LAPD crime reports. Violent crime was up across the board between April 19 and May 16, compared to the previous 30 days period. Overall, violent crime increased by 12%, with rape showing the biggest jump-over, 40%. Shootings are still on the rise, though.

States crime trends

States like Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, etc. are also affected by rising crimes during Covid.

Report COVID-19 fraud
If you are a victim of a scam or attempted fraud involving COVID-19, you can:

  1. Contact the national center on the hotline at 866-720-5721 or online at justice.gov/disastercomplaintfraud.
  2. Report it to the FBI’s internet crime complaint center at ic3.gov.
    Many of us worry about being a victim of a crime or scam while we’re at home. But by taking a few simple, and often inexpensive, precautions, you can minimize your risk targeted by burglars or scammers.

How To Keep Your home safe from crime during COVID-19 time

Should I install a home security camera/device?

Free lightning acts as a deterrent and makes it easier to find your way if you’re coming or going after dark. Visible burglar alarms will detect burglars and warn you of an intruder. There are motion sensor detectors too that can identify any de-movement of intruders in your home; they installed on doors and windows.

How about a video doorbell?

However, a home security system can protect your home while you are working from home.
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GPS tracker for kids during COVID-19

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In response to the COVID19 pandemic, the United States issued mandatory stay-at-home orders around the end of March 2020. However, there are multiple indications that the crime drop driven by decreases in minor offenses typically committed in groups. Simultaneously, serious crimes that are generally not committed with co-offenders have either remained constant or increased.

It is our responsibility to keep our closed ones safe so that we can all fight coronavirus and be safe from crimes.