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How To Keep Your Children Safe?


For every parent the safety of their child comes first. Keeping our children out of any harm is the top priority for us as a responsible and caring parents. We are always worried whenever the child is out of our sight. Whether they are at school, gym or simply playing with friends. The scars a person receives in his or her childhood have deep impact on his life altogether. People do take precautions such as installing home security devices and even GPS tracker for kids, but still every parent want to make 100% sure that their child is safe and secure. We understand this plight of every parent, so we have complied few point that can be practiced and tried by parents, to keep their child safe while also ensuring their independence. Few tips are training your child and other tips are regarding being vigilant and prepared.

Tips For Training Your Child:

  • Children should know themself:

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    As soon as a child is able to interact and understand, let them memories their name, address and parents or guardians phone numbers. Make sure that they remember each and every detail. This practice makes sure that in any case of emergency or being lost they can tell the police or the authorities the contact details.

  • Always hold on to your child in public places:

    Often in crowded places children get lost, or worse kidnapped. It is a brutal fact and crowded places are the favorite target place for the child traffickers. So whenever you take your child to a crowded place always hold his or her hand.

  • Make them aware about strangers:

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    Young kids are fast learners. They can understand more than we believe that they can understand. So start teaching them basic safety features when they are two or three. Teach them not to speak with strangers, tell them not to go with anyone but their parents.

  • Teach them to say no:

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    Most of the kidnappings of small children takes place, with the criminal offering children with some sweet, toy or gifts. When children are not taught to refuse random offerings they would fall for the trap, as their innocent minds cannot identify the bad intentions and outcomes. So always teach your child to say no to strangers and even known individuals. Teach them to only take anything form anyone after parent’s approval.

  • Look for potential distress signs in children:

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    Sometimes children are too afraid to tell anything bad happened to them. Sometime the abuser threatens the child. But the child behavior would always reflect his mind. So if your child is quiet, sad or is showing unusual behavior, talk to them and discuss freely. Make them feel safe and understand their fear.

  • Talk and listen to your child:

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    Be a friend to your child. Always ask him or her about their day. Ask if everything is ok. Is there anything unusual happened today. Make him feel comfortable of your company. So that you become the first person they would be comfortable to, discussing their problems and even gossips.

Tips For Being Vigilant And Prepared:

  • Install Home security cameras:

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    As a parent you should install some good Quality, home security cameras at your house. This would give you complete watch over your house and surrounding. Most of the criminals and kidnappers avoid the houses where CCTV cameras are installed. Even if someone tries to snoop in, you always come to know and inform 911 or police.

  • Install a best nanny cam:

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    Often the child is left alone with the nanny. We have seen some horrible videos about nannies treating the child in most heinous manner. When we install a nanny cam, this makes the nanny more alert and vigilant and it also makes sure that your child is treated nicely.

  • Use GPS tracker for kids:

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    A good quality GPS tracker for kids is a good way to track movement of the child and to make sure that he is at right place. If someone tries to kidnap or abduct your child, he or she can be tracked with the help of this device. This also makes you aware if your child is straying away to some odd activities or places.

These are some points which you can practice and implement to protect your child from harm. With crimes rising alarmingly against children, we cannot turn blind eye to this topic. As a parent it is our responsibility and duty to make sure that he or she is protected against every distress and trauma and have and safe secure and happy childhood.

Happy parenting.

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