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Your Guide: Understanding Bike Lights 101 In Detail


Earlier, riding a bike was just a way of transportation, but now it has become more than that. People adopt riding a bike as their hobby, to stay in shape, and as a sporting event. Because of its benefits, people prefer to go riding in their free time. No doubt bike riding is great for the body, and also riders feel enthusiastic while riding a bike. But they have faced some challenges or dangers in riding. During night riders cannot recognize the road properly because of deem lights, or even pedestrians and motorists cannot identify the riders at night, which becomes the reason for many accidents.

For the safety of riders and they become able to ride bikes properly in the light, the need for bike lights comes in. It is crucial for the riders to put lights on their bikes and mainly use them during nighttime to ride the bike safely, and others spot them easily. With this, they can save them from accidents or mishappenings happening on the roads in the dark.

Types Of Lights That Use By Riders

  1. See Lights Or Handlebar Lights:

    See lights help riders improve the road’s visibility to see where they are going in the dark. For example, if riders are going riding on a winter night, they need a bright and robust handlebar light in front of their bikes to see debris and potholes on the road and cross them carefully.

    With see lights or handlebar lights, you are not only able to see the road, but also other people can identify you on the road that will reduce the chances of a road accident. However, these see lights have a drawback: they are bulkier and more extensive, but with shorter battery life, so the rider can use them for a specific period; after that, you need to charge them.

  2. Be Seen Lights:

    These are the lights used by the riders mainly to be visible to other road users at night. If riders are visible to other people or users, they make sure that they cannot harm them. So if you are a rider, make sure that you can use lights on both sides, the front and back of your bike, so that you can let others see you correctly. For example, you can put white light in the front of the bike and red light on the back and make your riding safe and smooth.

  3. Helmet Lights:

    Helmet lights are lightweight and small which are put on the top, front, and back of the rider’s helmet. With these helmet lights, riders become more visible to road users’ eyes and also helpful for others that they can distinguish their head movements. Always use your helmet light as an additional light with primary see lights or handlebar lights of your bike; never try to use them alone while riding.

  4. Daytime Lights:

    Bike lights improve the visibility of riders at night, but it also helps them enhance visibility in the daytime. The daytime lights help riders catch the attention of other road users who may not identify them on the road. The day flashing modes are available in two types: on-off-on sequence and high-low-high. Use the daytime lights in the morning and make your riding safer.

Why Do Riders Need To Put Bike Lights 101 On Their Bikes?

  1. For Their Security:

    The primary reason why riders need to put on bike lights for their safety. Many people have the wrong mindset that they have good eyesight, so they don’t need lights. They can see the road or obstacles even in the dark. But they are wrong; if they can see the list of riders that do not use lights on their bikes and cause accidents, then they may realize the importance of bike lights for their safety.

    By bike lights, riders can save themselves from accidents or bumping into something or someone. Remember that bike lights may be an additional expense to you, but they are worthwhile for your life. By using bike lights, riders can save them and avoid others from adding them in an accident.

  2. Law:

    In many states, there is a law that riders need to put white light in the front and red light on the rear of the bike if they want to ride at night. If you cannot bear the expense of two or more lights, make sure that you can put at least one light on the front of your bike. Nowadays, most companies start selling bikes with reflectors, but if they don’t do this, go outside and purchase the one light by yourself and put it on your bike. The riders need to follow the law of lighting; that is why they need to put lights on their bikes.

  3. Proper Visibility:

    Riders need bike lights to see the road properly at night and safely cross the obstacles and challenges of the road. With lights, riders improve their visibility in the dark and enable others to identify them at night properly. Thus, bike lights are not only important for riders’ safety but also for others.

How To Choose The Right Bike Lights For You?

  1. Easy And Perfect Mounting:

    There are many types of bike lights available in the market that make your mounting and dismounting easier and perfect. Choose the handlebar bike lights wisely for your mounting system. Try to choose that bike light mount with rubber strips because they give your light more grip if the mount is not perfect for your bike’s handlebar.

  2. Not Too Bright:

    Always choose pretty bright lights for riding at night but not so bright that they irritate your and others’ eyes, hinder vision, or blind someone. We recommend choosing 100 lumens to 1000 lumen lights for your bike because they have an excellent range for max output. There are different brightness modes available in the market to choose the perfect one for you, but according to us, 2000 lumens are unnecessary, so choose less than that lumens bike light for your ride.

  3. Battery And Runtime:

    It is essential to carefully choose the battery and runtime of your bike light because everyone needs that their lights don’t go out when required the most. You can choose a removable rechargeable battery light, rechargeable battery lights, or non-rechargeable battery lights for your bike according to your needs and considering their pros and cons. When you go for a run, you need that type of bike light that runs as long as you ride. Choose the bike lights that give you 5 to 15 hours of battery backup or those whose batteries are replaced quickly.

Advantages Of Bike Lights:

  1. Visibility:

    With bike lights, riders can see the road properly and the obstacles. With the help of bike lights, the riders have more time to react if they see any debris or obstacles on the road. Bike lights not only increase riders’ visibility but also enable others to identify them in the dark.

  2. Safety:

    By putting bike lights on the front of the bike, riders are improving their ability to see and be seen. With these bike lights, riders can save themselves from accidents and also others. So bike lights are essential and beneficial for the rider’s own and others’ safety.

  3. Reflections:

    With the help of bike lights, riders can see the reflection of animals’ eyes, road lines, traffic signs, etc. it will help riders save themselves from an accident.


With a day-by-day increase in the road accidents of bike riders. The riders must use bike lights on their ride to save themselves and others from accidents. By using bike lights, the journey of the riders becomes safer and smoother. So if you are the rider or want to go somewhere on the bike, make sure that your bike has lights. Bike lights improve visibility, decrease rates of accidents, and, most importantly, increase the safety of riders. We hope this article information helps you to understand bike lights 101 profoundly and perfectly.