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Why Should Women Play Golf?


Recreational activities or leisure is an essential aspect of women’s life. It plays a crucial role in the well-being and quality of life. The benefits of participating in leisure activities for women starts from socializing, improved health, mental alertness, and an engaging pastime. Golf is a recreation as much as a sport, and when you play it with a few partners, you get to talk, chit chat, have fun, and socialize. Despite the benefits, women’s participation in golf is flat across the world, and like many industries, it is looking to the female population for growth.

According to the National Golf Foundation, only 19% of all the golfers are women. The number of women who are deliberately involved and actively engaged in this sport is even less. Unlike other sports, golf requires skill instead of brute strength. It is played in the most beautiful settings. This sport is social and gender-neutral with great fashion; cocktails await at the end of every game. So why aren’t more women playing golf?

Reasons for women to play golf:

Here are some of the important and beneficial reasons why women should start playing golf.

  • Networking:

    Golfing is all about networking and making new friends. It helps you bond well with your client or spend some quality one-on-one time for an informal meet; the time you spend on the course playing and having potential drinks after can help your business grow. Golf is believed to be an important business tool.

  • Workout for mind and body:

    It is estimated that walking around a golf course with 18 holes, that is 5 miles helps an individual burn up to 2000 calories. The average course requires to walk over five miles, carrying or pushing a bag and walking up and down different undulations. It can be a great workout, which entirely depends on how flat or hilly the course is.

    Taking a golf cart is an exercise; golf swing is a full-body workout as it requires using arms, legs, and core muscles. There are even some yoga postures if you consider the balancing—the turning and twisting of the torso. The overall aspect of being on the course is meditative. By being there, you are breathing good air and looking around at the nice scenery.

  • Experiencing beautiful outdoors:

    The most beautiful and amazing part of playing golf is where it takes place. Unlike the other sport, golf requires many acres and miles of land, and golf courses offer an abundance of trees, animals, and other wildlife to enjoy. Golf courses provide a domain for animals and plant species to flourish, so simply playing golf, you are helping these wildlife playgrounds remain intact.

  • Golf Fashion can be fun:

    If you are into a trending fashion, you must get into golf sport. It opens up a whole new wardrobe collection for you. It will be easy for golfers to look fashionable, rocking those golf skirts, pink tank tops, and golf shoes. The woman golfer of today faces incredibly different apparel options, from retro plaid shorts to capris, to shirts of various sleeve lengths and collar treatments, to eye-teasing skirts and even dresses. Golf fashion can be quite sporty and cute at the same time.

  • Golf is social:

    Golf can be an opportunity to network professionally, but it can also be a really fun activity with friends and family. Even better, the golfing courses around the world provide a handicapping scoring system that allows players of all abilities to compete. But if you are beginners, then why not take a lesson together. There is nothing better than having a good conversation and burning some good sweat while golfing with your girlfriends. There are always lots of laughs and talks that can be shared on the course, lunches, and drinks after the end of every game become the major highlight.

  • Golf teaches life lessons:

    Goal is considered a game of integrity, honor, and character. It is said that “Golf is the infallible test.” This sport is the only game with no referees are outside of competitions. It teaches you to be honest and tactless, two necessary skills in life. Just as much it is about your external ability, it is also about your inherent ability.

    It encourages you to battle with yourself and defeats all the self-doubts. It learns about endurance and resiliency, making you a better person. It helps you achieve self-confidence and trust in yourself, which helps gain you the respect of others.

    Golf is a game that every woman should learn how to play. Through golf, you learn how to deal with ups and downs, successes, and failures on and off the golf course. It can help you deal with competition, fear, stress, and anxiety, and other such situations outside the golf course, in the real world.

Golf equipment for women’s

  • Golf balls: The golf ball to be used should have a certain speed and. It must also have a thin outer layer. The features for the best golf balls for women are; it should be very accurate, have low compression and high dimple count.
  • Golf drivers: The driver is a great club that delivers the ball with unrivaled speed and distance. The best golf driver for women can be Callaway rogue drivers.
  • Golf iron for women: Best golf Irons are the ones with the feature of thin club heads that can be fluted that makes the ball spin once the golfer makes contact. Cleveland Launcher HB Irons can be considered as the most forgiving golf iron for women.

Best golf balls

  • Titleist Tour Soft is the best golf ball overall.
  • TaylorMade Project is the best ball for amateurs to learn to spin.
  • Bridgestone e6 Speed is the best golf ball for straight flight.
  • Callaway Warbird is the best value golf ball.
  • Titleist Pro V1 is the best high-end golf ball.

Best golf drive

Here are the five best golf drives:

  • Ping G400 Max is the best golf driver overall.
  • Callaway Rogue Draw is the best golf driver for fixing a slice.
  • Wilson C300 is the best adjustable golf driver.
  • Cobra King F8 is the best golf driver for swing forgiveness.
  • TaylorMade RBZ Black is the best affordable golf driver.


While the journey for golf as a sport has just begun for women, it is also addressing obstacles to the growth of female players head-on. It is about working at the grass-root levels to educate the world about the importance of bringing women into the game. Golf is one of the most beautiful and leisure games one can play. Many golf courses around the world are among the most beautiful places to visit and enjoy.

With the elevating changes, lakes, and a luxurious lifestyle of that area, it is easy to see why the courses are wonderfully spectacular. One of the good reasons for women to play golf is considering the chances to see nature by offering its utmost beauty are getting lesser and farther between all the time.

To be on a golf course a little early in the morning or be it a little late in the evening is a true piece of heaven. The peace and stillness on the course at those times are so very relaxing, and you may even like the dew in the morning – although many golfers have claimed to like it.

Need another strong reason why women should play golf? Competitiveness, Yes! Golf is a sport where women can compete with men equally with her skills, not her strength.