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Golf Swing Analyser


It’s normal to play golf a lot. The fundamental principle is straightforward: Pick a club, and decide how to hit the ball yards away towards the hole. Of course, understanding the swing proves to be more complicated. Need a more and more golfers look for golf swing analyzers in today’s data-driven world to find the game’s problem areas. A decade ago, golf analyzers were reserved for professional golfers and players with a lot of money to fill on a unit. Today, golf swing analyzers have become more comfortable and cheaper to use than before.

Because of their fame, there are many different golf swing analyzers on the market. Every product’s key features are highlighted, and helpful advice is given in each review. And for the golfers on a budget, cheaper and great value units will also be included.

Best Golf Swing Analyser 2021

Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors

Arccos could be precisely what you want—or it could be more than that. If you seek a comprehensive approach towards the golf game, including course stats, strategies, and historical data, for every hole, then Arccos could have a good time. You can buy the sensor kit from Amazon.

If you want to fine-tune how to hold a golf club precisely and maximize the swing, then it’s good to spend less money on something such as the Swing Index.

The instructions that come with the Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors are helpful and make setting it up easy. More accurate than you would expect, making it neat, the feature you’re most inclined to like is helping you choose the right club.

One of the better golf products on the market, the Across Caddie Smart Sensors, is recommended for anyone who plays mostly golf, has spare change, and wants to take their game to the next level.

  • Doubles as a range finder
  • Easy to set up
  • Accurate readings

  • Must have a smartphone

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Blast motion golf swing analyzer

One of the critical factors that make any swing analyzer successful is how easy it is to use. Blast is relatively easy to pair with your phone, and it charges wirelessly. The unit powers automatically when you turn on the app and start putting, which is a great feature. Every time you make a stroke, you are immediately provided with eleven data points focused on the timing.

Blast Golf uses a small sensor that can get attached to the tip of your grasp. Other products are attached to the shaft, whereas the rest attached to the golf glove. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages.

It does need some effort to attach the Blast Golf sensor with the grip. If you keep it on your putter during your practice sessions, it will limit any frustrations you might have.

  • Can easily share to social media
  • Can use for other sports like baseball

  • Can experience connection issues

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Swing Caddie SC200 Plus

Instead of assuming how far each club has been hit, use technology for the advantage and take the average carry distances onto the course with you.
This portable device is effortless to use – you turn it on, wait for a little for it to calibrate, then it’s all done. Just ensure that you adjust for the club in use for every shot to enhance accuracy. It has three modes.

Practise Mode: This mode will show your shot length, ball speed, smash factor, swing speed, as well as the time you’ve been playing for, and the total shot count. This is the best mode for practicing in the home or garden, showing accurate figures.

Target Mode: This mode lets you select a range and hit ten shots. The device scores each shot from ten, allowing you to see where you have to improve.

Approach Mode: This mode is like the real place, as it chooses random distances and then scores each attempt out of 10.

  • Uses Doppler radar technology
  • Three modes to choose from

  • Not always accurate

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FlightScope Mevo

The entire system is 3.5 x 2.5 inches. Within this tiny frame is a doppler radar system that can intricately track the clubhead through the swing. Different eight data parameters are registered and sent to the FlightScope App. Some collected data includes ball flight speed, club speed, carry distance, launch angle, and flight time.

In some different swing analyzers, the FlightScope Mevo is used for both outdoors and indoors. If you use it indoors, you’ll have to invest in a chipping mat and hitting net also. Another great feature of the Mevo includes recording video clips of your swing through the app. These clips can then be used to find problem areas for improvement.

  • Very Small Size
  • Super Accurate

  • Expensive

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Selfie Golf Analyser

A simple, lightweight, and versatile design help you secure the mobile inside the holder and clip it onto an alignment stick or any club positioned inside your bag. This can work with both cart and stand bags and is compatible with every mobile phone. It will enable the user to capture the swing without any shaking that may come with someone holding it.

It may seem a bit expensive at $40 for the basic set (without the Alignment sticks), but the Selfie Golf is made to a very high standard and includes spare attachments and a Dust Bag to keep it secured you are not using it. Well worth an investment if you like watching your swing back to give you the feedback you need on what you can do to improve.

  • Lightweight and Versatile

  • Price


When you’re purchasing a swing analyzer, you have to decide what features you want. All swing analyzers can analyze the swing, but most on the market do more than that. You can opt for an item that doubles as a rangefinder. Video capturing will help you view and analyze your swing in slow motion and see for yourself how your swing is. If your phone is a decade old, the chances are that it won’t be compatible with many golf analyzer apps. It’s essential to check that your phone is compatible with the systems before you splash out on a swing analyzer.

Most of the devices will attach to the end of your club, but you can find it annoying as it may affect your swing or weigh your club down. An excellent device can be let down by short battery life. Ideally, the best golf swing analyzer can last you some fair games before the charge, but various available options will last up to five years without any charge. There are many golf swing analyzers available on the market, and the numbers are just increasing with the increase in technology.