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Tour Edge Golf Sets


David Glod founded Tour Edge in 1986 and consistently provides the best quality and cutting edge technology golf products. Tour Edge produces clubs that secure the rank in the top ten for every category. The Tour Edge has launched Bazooka 470 and Bazooka 370 black complete sets, among others. These sets are the best sellers’ complete sets and are of excellent quality. These sets help new players to enjoy the game and play incredibly and feel the latest game improvement technology.

Tour Edge’s ‘Get in the Game’ featured equipment full set for men, women, teenagers, and old aged people. It includes putters, wedges, and low -cost gold bags. The main motto is to expand and develop the game by launching innovative, excellent products at a great price. Their latest clubhead shapes in Bazooka 370 and Bazooka 470 black sets performance level is excellent, and its level of forgiveness makes it smooth to launch.
Let’s take a glance at some golf sets.

Tour Edge Golf Sets For 2021 – Ultimate Guide

The Tour Edge Bazooka

Edge Bazooka is a full set that contains a lightweight bag, 5-SW irons, high MOI Putter, 4-hybrid, 3-wood, 5- wood. It includes a titanium Matrix driver with 10.5 degrees. The weight and toe areas of sole are held too in the wheel is its high-MOI design compliments. It is ultra-thin in size and quality, and the driver improvises its merciful off-center hits. The fairway woods are enormous and of low-key stainless steel that ensures easy hit and enables the ball to be higher in the air.

The head is made of stainless steel that saves hard-to-hit shots and enforces the shot’s convenience. The cavity back irons are medium-sized and made of stainless steel. It features heel and weighting that enable your sweet spots bigger and make performance perfect. The putter has a superior white finish, and its alignment aid makes sure the set-up perfect, smooth shots help stay the putts online.

Its 460 cc driver helps in reaching extra distance off the tee. This entire 360 box set is durable and made of excellent quality material.

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  • It is a Uniflex shaft design.
  • The entire set is made up of durable material.
  • It comes with a lightweight stand bag.

  • Few quality issues are there.

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Tour Edge Golf Club Sets

The Titanium driver is a superb golf set with VFT, which helps perform smooth and powerful shots. The sweet spots are overly big, and the fairway woods display face design shallow. The hybrids feature variable face thickness and have a deep center of gravity, which provides launches at higher heights and off-the-center touch that provides more forgiveness. This gives excellent efficiency and relatively easy to use, and to have a torque of 4.2.

This is a complete power packed men’s package. It delivers accurate performance and hits the ball to unfathomable heights. The design of the cavity and the perimeter weighting enable higher, farther, and more precise shots.

Due to the high MOI design, the putter’s stability is increased too.
It results in perfect putts, an excellent alignment that is straight, and has a more significant impact. It contains a stand bag with a dual strap and a shaft iron set of steel. This lightweight, contact golf game tool helps in playing aggressively.

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  • A Titanium driver helps in providing great shots.
  • Delivers unimaginably and easy to use.
  • Ensures more forgiveness and more extraordinary launch on contacts.

  • When we swing, the club may fall apart.

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Ladies Golf Clubs Bazooka 260 complete set

The complete set comes with a container of fifteen pieces and is packed with headcovers and a lightweight stand bag. The driver is 460cc, which supports to cover a significant distance off the tee.

This set features a hybrid that is easy to hit and provides performance of long iron. The bazooka 260 has a lifetime warranty period, absolutely great benefit. This is created with the latest technology and intelligent engineering. It contains a titanium matrix driver with great MOI and gives higher forgiveness, minimizing the head twisting, delivering more consistent shots.

A low center of gravity is accommodating in delivering smooth, accurate, and high flying shots. The hybrid enables the shots to hit the excellent ground. The steel irons are big-sized, and sweet spots are more prominent, and the undercut cavity forgives them.

The putts are more than perfect and precise with the putter of high MOI and weighted heel-toe. The alignments help in providing the best. The entire set contains hybrid headcovers, dual-strap stand bags along with an action stand, 3-wood.

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  • A full set which contains fifteen pieces
  • Hybrid, headcovers, and a stand bag come with it
  • The driver is 460cc, which enables a huge distance
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty

  • Nothing as such

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Tour Edge – Teen Golf Clubs (for both men & women)

The Tour Edge Unisex is the perfect golf set for teens; it comes with a lightweight stand bag with a high Moment of inertia (MOI) putter. Its drive is of 460cc, which helps in delivering high distances off the tee. This set also provides a hybrid that is easy to hit with and provides long iron performance and accurate shots.

This set is ideal for budding young golfers and young teens; titanium matrix is featured with a 460cc clubhead, which provides for a high Moment of inertia (MOI). This aids in preventing undesired twists and turns while also increasing forgiveness for errors in shots. Its 3-wood has a low profile and 360 (oversize) with a low center of gravity. You can reach Par 5S in two. Perform easy hits with tight lies while the ball glides with ease.

Features extreme toe/heel weighting stainless steel irons, which helps provide for larger sweet spots to hit for straight and forgiving shots. The putter is available with alignment aid, which is comfortable and a High moment of inertia (MOI) style putter. Teens love its fast action stand and backpack with straps.

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  1. Available with High moment of Inertia (MOI) putter as well as lightweight stand.
  2. Cover significant distance with 460cc driver from the tee point.
  3. Easy to hit hybrid for long iron accurate performance included in the set.
  4. A lightweight stand bag is included.
  5. Ideal for young teens.
  • Available with easy to hit Hybrid.
  • 460cc driver aids in delivering huge distances.
  • Available with a lightweight bag.
  • Suited and ideal for young teens.

  • Product quality issues.

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Tour Edge Men Hot Launch Box Set

For beginner golfers, Men’s Tour Edge launch box fits perfectly and is ideal since it is available in standard length and can also be called progressive box set. Its titanium driver features a deep face design and variable face Thickness (VFT) technology which helps in maximizing the launch speed. Its low center of gravity in the head aids for higher launches and internal weighting to reduce ball spins and higher launch.

Fairway woods of this Hot Launch Set are constructed with Hyper Steel of 450ss. It is designed with a shallow face, which provides for more accuracy. It features an increased rebound effect with variable face thickness which allows for powerful distance.

Its Iron Woods 7 and 6, Hybrids 5 and 4 aids in delivering accurate, perfect shots, provides for massive sweet spots which can be effortlessly hit with the hybrids. Like others, it features an undercut cavity that provides good forgiveness for errors and consistent and compatible shots. Players of all levels of expertise can benefit from this durable and robust set.

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  1. Features Titanium Driver with Variable Face Thickness (VFT) for powerful drives from a large sweet spot.
  2. Features fairway woods shallow face design and Hybrids with Variable Face Thickness (VFT) provides a high.
  3. Higher launch with Deep center of gravity and greater forgiveness for errors on off-center contact.
  • Oversized Sweet spots for a powerful drive and a Titanium Driver.
  • Fairway woods with shallow face design as well as Hybrids with Variable Face Thickness (VFT) technology.
  • A deep center of gravity creates a higher launch.
  • Appropriate for players of all levels.
  • Higher launches and better performance.

  • The driver’s head is not as good.

Final Verdict

Bazooka 470 and Bazooka 370 Black were introduced with a complete package that offers high-quality and higher performance. These are the best selling products in the segment of golf tour sets. They allow amateurs to play an outstanding game and pave ways for improving their golf effortlessly. Tour golf gold bags also come in a budgeted range for both men and women, beginners, and professionals. Their primary purpose is to enhance the game by providing an outstanding product range at competitive prices.

Tour Edge has done a fantastic job of catering to the industry needs. The brand new Bazooka 370 and Bazooka 470 clubheads are high-performing and more forgiving. We hope this tour edge golf sets review may have unlocked some critical answers to your questions.