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Top 5 Golf Hybrids For 2021


The golf club in the hybrid, as the name suggests, is a mix of both fairway wood and the iron. Commercial manufacturing of these hybrid variant has been in the market for over ten years. But the market has now lapped it up, with almost all manufacturers adding them to their list. With the hybrids adding the pros of both and conveniently dropping the cons, it is the best choice for the new aspirants and the professionals.

The main reason for this shift to the hybrid variant (it is not just you, but international players as well use them) can be associated to the ease that it provides. Needless to say, it decreases the overall weight you will have to lunge forward as it is not purely iron. This enables you to hit with more consistency and less effort. The other benefits you can enjoy are:

  1. With more delicate finishing and rounded edges, the resistance you feel from the club is reduced.
  2. Another notable benefit that you can enjoy is the ease of making the ball airborne. This is because the hybrid variant provides an opportunity to shift the center of gravity in the club.
  3. These have shorter shafts as compared to the iron ones. Hence, they are more controllable, and you have greater ease around them. Shorter also means you are cutting down the overall weight that goes into it.
  4. With a wide sole and flat face, the hybrid is a convenient way for the beginners.

Hence the long iron clubs (especially three and four), which are the most tedious ones, are generally replaced by the hybrid variant. If you get the feeling of it, you can further replace the other troublesome ones.

Here are some hybrid golf clubs you should try out this 2021.

Top PickModelPriceRating
Top 5 Golf HybridsCallaway Golf 2018 Men’s Rogue X Hybrid

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Golf HybridsCallaway Men’s XR Hybrid

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Top 5 Golf HybridsTour Edge Golf Hot Launch 4 Iron

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Best Golf HybridsTaylorMade M4 Hybrid Rescue Club

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Best cheap hybrid golf clubTaylorMade Men's RBZ Hybrid Rescue

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Callaway Golf 2018 Men’s Rogue X Hybrid

Available in left-hand orientation, Callaway offers 3 Hybrid, 18°, and another variant of 2 Hybrid, 20°.
The body of the club is stiffened by jailbreak bars that strengthen the body. This helps you keep the energy you put in into the impact region. This impacts considerably on the ball speed and the distance. The club comes with ultra-thin and hyper speed face cup technology, which contributes to the speed with which the ball is hit.

Top 5 Golf Hybrids

Both together enhance the effect and results in you having a better and distant shot with this hybrid for relative ease. Besides, the center gravity is lower and forward. This helps in launching.

But since the speed increases tremendously because of the above two factors, it is often seen that the ball may swing too high. You just need to have a hang of these hybrids, and you are ready to go.

At 167.99$, these are not your cheapest option, but they still pay back your money’s worth. Invest in them if you want to have a comfortable alternative to fill the gaps between the golf clubs.

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Callaway Men’s XR Hybrid

This model from the Callaway too comes in left-hand orientation. The configurations available are 3H 19° and 4H 22°.

The product has higher MOI and lower center gravity. The clubhead is redesigned to change the position of weight gravity. With a nice and broad body, these are easy to hit. These all add to the ball speed and the distance that you will achieve as a result.

Golf Hybrids

The body of club sports a subtle black color. The small detail design gives it an elegant look.

The product does not come with a head adjustability feature. This is the 2015 version, and hence, the clubs of other companies and other models of Callaway released subsequently might have additional prospects.

This 3 hybrid is a suitable replacement for the 5 wood as against 5 iron. And it plays more like wood and has a longer shaft. They promise to give you massive hits, provided your swing is correct.

At about 220$, these may be worth your money, but you can still look at the upgraded or new editions from the Callaway. However, given its distance and MOI, it is always a good buy.

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Tour Edge Golf Hot Launch 4 Iron-Wood Hybrid Irons

TOUR Edge offers you this highly sleek and sophisticated right hand oriented golf clubs. The hybrid is available in numerous loft degrees ranging from 18° to 59°, offering a wide choice for the customer. It is a hollow-headed iron.

The product has heavy soles. This implies that the center gravity is so adjusted to give you flying shots with ease.

Top 5 Golf Hybrids

The clubface has a thickness that is comfortable enough to give you long and powerful shots. The face is thinner, thus producing more flex.

The steel body is hollow, giving it more stability and hence allowing accuracy for the user. In addition, the hollow body increases the launch angle of your shot.

The hybrid has great turf interaction and gives a great balance and forgiveness.

It comes with a KBS tour 90 shaft with Lamkin grip.

This thinner and lighter hybrid give you faster club and ball speed.

The single club comes at 79.99$. It is an excellent club for the money. However, if you are looking for the set, it comes in a set of four at 570$. The product comes with a warranty; hence it is an excellent option for you. This is an affordable and sound investment for golfers at any stage.

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TaylorMade M4 Hybrid Rescue Club

These rescue clubs are right-hand orientation. It has two configurations 3 Hybrid, 19°, and 4 Hybrid, 22°.
To increase the ball speed and MOI, it has two internally split mass pads. The shape of the head is also redesigned to get a proper alignment.

Longer speed pocket promises the users flexibility and distance.

Top 5 Golf Hybrids

A subtle marking on the crown gives an added visual advantage in aligning the ball and a better shot. It finishes with a thin silver strip at the top and glossy black finish at the back.

It gives off a soft sound on knocking, but a distinct one.

With rounded shape, it sits well behind the ball, giving a better golfing experience even to the beginners.

It has a deeper head than its M3 counterpart. The shafts are lighter and of the best quality.

The product does not have adjustability.

With decent performance, the product is a quality product. If you are looking for simple and easy hybrids on the budget, M4 might be the right pick for you.

If you are contemplating between M3 and M4, go for M4.

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Buying a club is entirely your choice and preference. It is true that these hybrid ones do provide you an edge over the iron ones, especially if you are a beginner. The shots which will be distant and flying past is deemed to give you confidence.

These hybrid variants are designed for use with ease and provide better flexibility to the user. However, it is still better for you to try out them before been satisfied by the perks. This is because not everything suits for all. If you are looking for the product online, look for the ones that offer you replacement options.

If the hybrids are replacements for your iron, make sure that the distances they give are similar. Also, do check the loft. The degrees that are mentioned after the hybrid indicate the angle of the clubface with the ground. Hence, look up the conversion charts and buy ideally.

If you already have your niche established, look for the hybrids that enhance your area of expertise.

There are no compulsions to jump over to the hybrid. Suppose you are okay with your traditional one, it’s okay. But if you want to upgrade or are stuck at a level, then adding hybrid to your options may prove fruitful.