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How To Keep Your House Safe While You Travel?


How To Keep Your House Safe While You Travel?

With holidays approaching everyone has some plans or the other for traveling. Traveling is a great way to destress, unwind and refresh. But this also means that we have to leave our house and valuables. With incidents of robbery, housebreaking, and burglary increasing all around us, it is all more the reason to make us nervous. But one cannot just sit in the house all day and avoid vacations. That would be stupid and bad. So what should be done, that both our intentions are fulfilled, vacations and home security?

So here are some tips and advice to protect your house while you are traveling so that you travel with peace of mind and your house also remains safe and secure. It is not about home alarm systems only but various other small points can make a huge difference to home safety.

Hold your mail and newspapers:

Piles of newspapers and overflowing mailboxes are a strong indication of an empty house. Anyone with ill intentions can easily make out that the occupants of the house are on vacation, just by looking at the piles of newspaper lying or the porch. So it is always better to ask your newspaper provider to stop it till you come back. The mails can also be stopped by informing the postal department or requesting online.

Put your light on timers:

Lights are also an indication of occupancy of a house. So whenever we are vacationing, the lights are off at night. This is a great indicator for the thief, to make out the house is empty. So to avoid this scenario, we should put our light on timers. This means that we can fix a time (usually at night) when the lights would go on, and a time to put them off. We can fix this to our daily routine of sleep and rise pattern. Thus we can easily give an impression of the house being occupied, fooling any thief or burglar.

Don’t announce on social media:

People are crazy about social media. Anything and everything gets posted on social media these days. The grave mistake that people make is posting their vacation pictures on social media. It is like an open invitation to the thief a burglar to rob their house. It is like stating that I am on a vacation far away, my house is all empty, so go and rob it. So never post your vacationing pictures on social media. Post it after you return and this way you can select the best of the pics and share it with your social circle.

Tell your trusted neighbor or family:

When it comes to home safety, nothing is better than a good neighborhood watch. A trusted neighbor is always an asset. So whenever you are going on a vacation out of town, do keep the neighborhood informed. Ask them to keep a watch over your house and property. If possible you can also ask a neighbor or family member to maw your lawn. This way if anything or anyone suspicious comes near your house through neighbors would be alert and inform the police and you.

Get a good home alarm system:

Home alarm systems help avoid theft and robbery in the house. Home alarm systems along with smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and high-security cameras make a house 100% safe and secure. If you have a good home alarm system, whenever someone would try to break-in to your house, it would get activated and you and the police would come to know of the incident and can take prompt action. With home security cameras you can watch your house live from any place in the world.

Get the right Home Insurance:

Home insurance is a great way to avoid heavy financial loss in the event of a burglary or a theft. These are relatively cheap and cover all the expenses in a case in any mishap that happens to your house. It not only covers the theft but also covers natural disasters and calamities. Thus taking good Home insurance is always a smart decision.

Conclusion: vacation is a must for every family and is a great time to nourish and develop the bond between the family members. So one must always go on vacation and enjoy the holidays. If we follow the points given in the article and just be more vigilant and alert, we can enjoy the holidays without being worried about our house.

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