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How To Teach Kids About Internet Safety?


How To Teach Kids About Internet Safety?

The Internet is a boon of technology. It has made life simpler in innumerable ways. The World Wide Web has become an easy tool for kids. It helps them learn. Many educational websites encourage children to learn online. Kids also use it as a means to play games online. Social media helps them stay connected with their friends. They can even shop for toys and books online. But with an increase in its use, the Internet has become a place of threat. Children get trapped by online predators.

They end up entering their personal information on these sites. Cyberbullying and harassment are common these days. The kids are not aware of the problems they are creating for themselves. They consider it exciting and adventurous. Hence, parents and guardians must guide their children. Teach them about Internet safety. They should not get trapped by online predators. Here’s why kids are more vulnerable to cyberbullying and problems likewise.

Why are kids vulnerable?

Cyberbullying is at its rise nowadays. Online bullying is different from bullying in schools. Children do not consider it bullying. They think it is a source of entertainment. They continue entering information at such sites because they find it adventurous. Children do not share it with their parents. So they end up getting into the trap. Children begin to have mental stress because they cannot tell anyone. Childhood is a time of exploration. The children want to explore several aspects online.

They even indulge in watching pornography and adult content. Kids begin to neglect their studies, and their mind gets distracted. They spend more time on such websites, so their physical health starts declining. Classroom bullying is easily identified. But online bullying is overlooked. Social media has made classroom bullying virtual. Nobody catches these online bullies because the victim children fear to let their parents and teachers know. Today, very few people care about cyberbullying issues.

Why is Kids smartwatch vulnerable?

How To Teach Kids About Internet Safety

The kids’ smartwatch is another threat-posing device. This smartwatch lets them talk to their friends, use social media and play games. But the personal information entered is hacked by online predators. The GPS tracker for kids in the smartwatch allows hackers to track the location of children. Issues of kidnapping and blackmailing have increased, as a result of these Kids’ smartwatch. Research shows that hackers manipulate the conversations made using these smartwatches.

Online predators threaten children by manipulating their talks. Online attackers steal the personal account information of parents through these smartwatches. The GPS tracker for kids helps hackers threaten their parents through calls. They find out the user ID, call the children and instruct them.

The kids believe that their parents are asking them to do so. These online predators trap children using the Kids’ smartwatches and GPS tracker. The hackers manipulate the parental lock set by parents. Children start watching content prohibited by their parents.

How to teach kids the safety measures?

Why is Internet safety important for kids

  • If the kids notice inappropriate messages, teach them to block such users.
  • E-mail is a source of internet scams. Online predators steal information and hack the smartwatches of kids. Teach the kids to tell their parents or guardians about such mails before opening them.
  • Parents should allow their children to play only those computer games that do not involve an internal texting system. Cyberbullies can threaten children through these games.
  • Teach the children to download games after consulting their parents.
  • Tell children to chat with their good friends and cousins only. They should not reply to the messages of a stranger.
  • Parents should not buy their children smartwatches with GPS trackers for kids. An elder should accompany the child. Do not let the child go alone. So, GPS tracker will not be required. They should encourage their kids to use the computer for online studies and games.
  • Some social media sites reveal the personal information of people. Explain to kids that they must not enter their personal information on any website without asking their parents. While chatting, do not send your address, credit card details or mobile number.
  • Make rules for kids. Set parental lock. Do not wait for something to happen.
  • Teachers and parents must become e-literate. If they become aware, parents can guide their children.
  • Teach your kids to avoid sharing pictures and videos on social media platforms. They must ask their parents even if they want to send it to a friend.
  • Be friendly with the kids. Let them share everything with you. When they are unable to talk to their parents, they search for people online. Online predators are waiting for this chance.
  • Encourage them to tell you if they encounter any strange content. Talk to them about Internet safety. Tell them the uses of the Internet and how it can pose a threat to them.
  • Spend time with your children. Teach them through books and encourage reading habits. Reduce their screen time and take them outdoors. Physical activity will keep their body healthy.

Physical activities for kids

Binge-watching and online studying make children sluggish. Their physical activities become null. Sitting and staring at the screen all day, they become physically dull. Mountain climbing and riding mountain bikes is a way to curtail their screen time. The best mountain bikes include Ibis Ripley GX Eagle 2019, Santa Cruz Hightower CC XO1, Giant Yukon 1, Specialized Stump jumper Comp Carbon 27.5 12-Speed (for Women), YT Jeffsy Base 29, Giant Stance 29, Specialized Turbo Levo Comp and Specialized Fuse Expert 29.

Internet Safety For Kids

Bicycling is the best physical exercise for children. It strengthens their leg muscles and arms. Apart from recreation, bicycling is also a means of maintaining heart rate. It helps improve the stamina of children. If the kids are physically fit, they will naturally concentrate on their studies. Instead of playing online games all day and deteriorating eyesight, encourage your children to play outdoors. Mountain bikes are the best choice. These bikes are available with gear and without gear. Your children can pick the color they like. Bicycling will keep them fit.

Sitting on computers for short will reduce the risk of getting trapped by online predators. Other physical activities include jumping, running, aerobics, push-ups and climbing. These activities increase bone power and muscle strength. Kids should be encouraged to play sports like basketball (helps in increasing height), volleyball (Increases the strength of arm muscles and hands), football (helps increase the strength of leg muscles) and racing (helps in regulating blood flow in the blood).

Physical activities are essential, along with studies. The time children spend on kids’ smartwatches reduces considerably. They stay away from internet scams. Since they play physical games such as riding mountain bikes, they do not become addicted to online games. Cyberbullies do not harm them mentally.

Parents should play with their children. They should be encouraged to go mountain bike riding with friends. Ask your child to select a mountain bike that best suits him/her from the many choices available in the market. The kids can go for mountain riding with their sports coach. So, there will be no need for a GPS tracker to know their location. Parents can stay relaxed that their children are safe with an elder.


With the increased use of the Internet, the threats associated with it have grown considerably. Kids study, chat and play games online. But the online predators and cyberbullies have an eye on them. These predators want to steal the personal information of the parents of these kids. So, they hack the account details and track the location of children. Kids’ smartwatch has become a potential device for cyber issues. The predators track the location of children through a GPS tracker.

They blackmail these kids and their parents by hacking their phone number and other details. Smartwatches for kids have many features that attract children. Parents also want to keep a watch on where their children go, and if they are safe using GPS tracker for kids. However, cyber threats pose various problems. The cyberbullies find out the user ID, call the children and direct them. The kids think that their parents are asking them to do so.

Teach the kids how to block users. Allow children to play only safe games online. Tell them to chat with their close friends only. Do not let them download games without permission of an elder. Set parental lock and do not let them enter personal details on any site.

Teach them to not share any videos or photos on social media without asking parents. Be friendly and let them share anything they want to. Spend time with them and encourage outdoor games like cycling, running, volleyball, football, basketball and mountain climbing. Instead of playing games online, encourage kids to go for mountain bike-riding.

The best mountain bikes include Ibis Ripley GX Eagle 2019, Santa Cruz Hightower CC XO1, Giant Yukon 1, Specialized Stump jumper Comp Carbon 27.5 12-Speed (for Women), YT Jeffsy Base 29, Giant Stance 29, Specialized Turbo Levo Comp and Specialized Fuse Expert 29. Discuss with your children the problems associated with Kids’ smartwatch and GPS tracker for kids. Instead, buy them the best mountain bike. Keep them physically and mentally healthy.