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Interesting Facts about America’s Love for Fishing


Americans love fishing, there is no denying that fact, in-fact the participation of Americans of age 16 and above has grew by a 11% against the 9% in hunting. Fishing has been the real family bonding activity, in America since ages and is continuing. With youth of America addicted to social media, video games and other indoor stuff, fishing is the best way to bring the youth into greater access to the recreational activity, and bring closer to the nature, with fishing the whole of the family comes together and participates in the adventure and in that way create a life long archive of memories and bond. I have complied some interesting facts about America’s love for fishing so read and enjoy:

  1. More than 49.9 million Americans of age 16 and above are into active fishing and related activities.
  2. An average american spends near to $1300 on fishing every year, which is about 2.3% of the average American income.
  3. The Americans spent 18 days in a year Fishing, that is nearly 5% of the time in year.
  4. According to data a whopping $16 billion dollars on fishing gear and that was in 2011, with a increase of average 11% every year you can imagine the magnanimity of the sport.
  5. $22 billion were spent on fishing trip related things like food and lodging.
  6. In the whole lot of anglers, a quarter of them are females, which shows the popularity of the sport in fairer sex also.
  7. The fishing supported jobs employee more people than the whole of Walmart combined in America.
  8. The total total excise tax paid by the fishing related terms is 3.7 billion dollars since 1952.
  9. The ice which is the indirectly connected to fishing, consumes $ 301 million.
  10. The recreational fishing related spend is $42 billion, which is a great amount in economic terms.
  11. The Fishing bait or lures which is the cheapest item for the fishing generates a revenue of more than $ 1 billion, amazing isn’t it.
  12. There was a increase of 11% increase in people opting for fishing in five years from 2006 to 2011, as against 9% in hunting which clearly reflects the increase for fishing among Americans.
  13. The participation of the people in fishing in America was 60% who were 40 years old or less.
  14. The number of fishing licence holders in America is at a staggering 29.5 million.
  15. Fishing was the second most popular outdoor activity in US.
  16. The most popular fishing location in US was shoreline in 2017.
  17. One astonishing fact is that 45.3% of anglers say that they release the fish after the catch.

Fishing brings Family together

Thus we see that the Fishing is again gaining its popularity, in the United states and it is a great thing for the country, as the country is worst affected by its youth addicted to social media and other indoor activity so much that they do not have time for connecting with the family or the nature, which itself is devastating, if fishing can be a source that can bind the American people, specially the youth then it would be a great favourable trend for this great country. Fishing is a great way to be together with the nature and experience something magical, which no amount of office time or city mambo jumbo could provide, it is truly a adventure not to be missed out. What did you learn today?


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