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Thurso Adventure Holidays In Scotland: 13 Best Caithness Activities


The Scottish Highlands has one of the most beautiful, spectacular, and jaw-dropping landscapes in the world. The rainy weather and the cold winds rushing through your cheeks give you an adrenaline rush to try out sporting activities. You have got to trust the Queen! The Queen often considers vacationing in the Balmoral Castle in Scotland, as Scotland is one of her favorite places in the world.

Think about it! The head of the state loves nature and hunting out in the Scottish highs and falling in love with the place. The Queen, who has the luxury of visiting any part of the world during holidays, chooses Scotland. This alone tells you that visiting Scotland is one of the best decisions you could make.

Although the Scottish Highlands is spectacular, the Thurso town on the north coast stands out even though the county is almost flat, which does justice to its popularity. Thurso in Caithness County is popular among the youth and adults worldwide for sporting activities and the rush of adrenaline that they feel while doing these activities all year round.

If this place is not on your bucket list yet, then consider adding it to the list. Here is a list of some of the most adventurous activities that you could do while visiting Thurso.

  1. Ferry from Orkney to Thurso during a storm

    While a ferry ride might not sound like an adventurous activity, the right conditions level up the situation. When the weather is stormy and windy, sailing in the 3 hours, 45 minutes ride will give you an adrenaline rush. The winds gush through your body, and the rainwater is showering on you with a mist of danger in the atmosphere. However, travelers with seasickness should definitely avoid this and consider other activities.

    It is a good way to start your trip in Thurso while enjoying the beaches at Orkney Island. While some might have different views regarding the ferry trip, you won’t experience it until you participate in the activity. The ideal months to visit for such a stormy adventure are between November to January.

  2. Surfing in Pentland Firth and Dunnet Beach

    The Dunnet beach makes an ideal spot for surfing due to the strong waves and the windy conditions. The not so calm waves allow beginners to take up surfing courses, while intermediate and advanced surfers can take advantage of these conditions to enjoy the sport.

    A surfing school has been established at Dunnet Beach, and so you can contact the establishment for further details. A visiting surfer had experienced a disastrous situation in Pentland firth but could dodge the situation and reached the shore safely.

    Therefore, check the weather and contact experts in the region to find an ideal spot for water surfing. The waves are 15 feet high during high tides, and during low tide, it is around 5 feet high.

  3. Windsurfing at Thurso

    The Dunnet Bay, a few miles away from Thurso, is an ideal spot for windsurfing and kiteboarding in the Scottish Highs. The conditions are ideal for almost half a year, i.e., 150 days, because the northern UK has windy conditions all year round. Ideal months for windsurfing in this region are from April to October, but students usually take away the May-June spot since it’s vacation time in the UK. The wind flows in the southern-northern direction; therefore, plan the route in advance.

    To be on the safer side, make sure to check the weather forecast and avoid traveling all the way only to return in disappointment. An ideal spot for advanced surfers with miles of beach area with white sand giving the exotic experience with dramatic views from the skies. The limestone escarpments make it even more scenic and beautiful.

  4. Scuba diving: Exploring the underwater world

    The crystal-clear standstill waters at Brough Bay are considered one of the best diving zones in the UK. This zone is also good for beginner divers, while advanced or intermediate divers can enjoy a soothing and relaxing time. One can observe sea creatures like Orcas, salmons, dolphins, and seals. While the weather in Northern Scotland is considered chilly, even below zero degrees, the Brough Bay surprisingly is warmer due to the intersection of the gulf stream.

    One can also enjoy other activities like snorkeling. Since it’s a popular destination for scuba diving, many clubs are established in the region, and you can contact them for details regarding water suits and transport. When at Thurso, don’t miss out on scuba diving and snorkeling.

  5. Cycling along the flat plain white sand coast

    The flat plan land with white sand deposits creates a spectacular promenade to ride along, viewing jaw-dropping landscapes and enjoying every bit of the Scottish weather. While walking along this promenade of white sand sounds like fun, you also grab a bicycle and move around the area. Cycling is much preferred to walking as much ground is covered faster. The gradual slopes and flat terranes in Caithness County seem like a naturally designed park to enjoy cycling. Join the Caithness Cycling Club to discover new trails and challenging routes.

  6. Thurso Mountain Biking

    If you are a mountain biking enthusiast, consider looking up mountain trails on the internet. The Dunnet Forest area is considered to have the best mountain biking trails. The route can be completed by intermediate to advanced bikers. Join the local clubs to know more about mountain biking at Thurso.

  7. Horse Riding

    The countryside is known for horse riding and polo sports. Therefore, leaving the countryside without exploring horse riding or carriage riding will be an utter disappointment to your travel. Therefore, make sure to pick up some horse-riding skills while in Thurso, and once you become an expert, move around the region. You will also be eligible to participate in multiple sports, and the adrenaline of commanding the horse and moving around in the attire will be an adventure of a lifetime.

  8. Hiking and Trekking

    If you are a camping enthusiast and a nature-lover, then Thurso has some amazing spots to explore while hiking and trekking. The Borve Castle at the Thurso highland is considered one of the best hiking trails in the region. Make sure to carry your gear and wear appropriate clothing for the weather. The weather is mostly rainy, so make sure to look at the forecast before setting off on the trail.

  9. Canoeing and kayaking in the calm sea

    The Pentland Canoe Club attracts many adventure seekers each year to witness the variety of environments that the region offers for kayaking. The reason why it is a popular spot for kayaking is due to miles of coastline, river bodies, lochs, and a cluster of islands to seek out during your adventures.

    Imagine just being one with the sea and be free from all the worries in the world. The winter sessions at the club are highly demanding since there are UKCC qualified coaches that train beginners to gain paddling expertise. One can also enjoy surf kayaking in this region.

  10. Rigid inflatable boat rides

    Rigid inflatable boats or Rib rides are simplified boats that allow you observed wildlife or explore the sea closely. The currents in the sea will give you a bumpy ride which worsens almost half the year due to climatic conditions. These conditions work in favor of adventure enthusiasts since the thrill in the bumpy, shaky rides induced an adrenaline rush in the body. There is no need to be alarmed as expert pilots have experienced handling the boat in such local conditions.

  11. Paragliding & Hang Gliding

    A local resident John Elder has inspired many people to paraglide around the Thurso region. His powered paraglider and training experience in Spain allowed him to explore many regions in Scotland. It is an advanced-level sport, and beginners will have to sit back on this activity. He describes that experience of flying above the Caithness County without being on a plane as exhilarating.

    The open fields and the wind currents are ideal for paragliding, and the paramotoring skills make it possible to fly 1000 to 3000 feet above the ground. John looks forward to establishing a paramotoring community in this region, making it the most wanted adventurous activity.

  12. Fishing and Sailing

    River Thurso is considered to host shoals of salmon fish in Scotland. Grabbing a boat and sailing will allow you to explore the region from a different perspective. Apart from sailing and waiting patiently to catch some fish, you will score some fresh salmon for your lunch or dinner or maybe ship off some for the Queen. You can contact the local fishing services and request them to take you fishing and explore the Caithness County while sailing in the river.

  13. Thurso Bouldering

    While people assume the Caithness region to be flat and not an ideal region for mountain climbing, the stigma is false. Surprisingly there are many places in and around Thurso where there are many places to enjoy this activity. There are some quarries and escarpments along the east coast, where it is possible to enjoy climbing.

    However, there are risks associated with the quarry region due to loose rocks. Sutherland, which is few miles away from Thurso, has some good rock exposures to climb. The Warwick Head and Noss Head are the best sea cliff routes to take. The Smoo Cave is rather popular in this region and so include this place in your itinerary.

    Adventures at Thurso await you to explore the region and participate in adventurous activities that provide a lifetime experience.