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10 Ways To Choose The Best Hybrid Bike


Hybrid bikes are great for roads as well as grit tracks. They are a great companion for fitness, recreation, commuting, and adventure. If you are looking for a bike but don’t know which one suits you, hybrid bikes are perfect.

Going to a bike store is an overwhelming experience. You have so many choices that it often confuses you instead of convincing you of the best option. Most riders choose hybrid bikes because they offer the flexibility of a road and a mountain bike.

What is a Hybrid Bike?

The name itself gives you a clue; a hybrid bike combines various designs from different bicycles. Hybrid bikes are adaptable, versatile, and flexibly designed for a road and a gravel track. A hybrid bike is suitable for the city and other rugged terrains. It is comfortable, stable, and easy to ride owing to straight handlebars and wide tires.

Before selecting a hybrid bike, consider how you want to ride. Are you riding for fun, for fitness, or commuting to your school or work? Do you want to go for adventure rides on weekends? And of course, what’s your budget?

Here are ten things worth considering in a hybrid bike.

  1. Choosing the Right Frame

    The time you will be on your bike and the daily distance covered is a prime factor to consider when choosing a bike frame.

    If you are riding less than 2 hours, or the distance covered is less than 25 km in a day, consider a sturdier frame. In these cases, it is better to go for rigid forks and a steel frame. Considering aluminum frames is also a great option for added strength and lightweight.

    If you are riding more than two hours or covering more than 25 km in a day, go for a light and strong frame for a comfortable bike ride. Choosing a frame made of carbon fiber or aluminum would be best.

  2. The shape of Handlebars

    To select the right handlebars, compare the distance between the seat and handlebars. Choose a convenient distance and position that gives you stability and a relaxed position while riding. The riding seat must be below the handlebars for a comfortable ride. If the seats are higher than handlebars, it will give you speed but will not be comfortable.

    Considering a straight handlebar makes the bike lightweight and gives you more control. The second option can be a riser bar; it allows you to sit upright for a good clear vision and control while steering.

  3. The Correct Wheels

    The standard size of wheels is 700cc. Some bikes may have 26-inch wheels, which are smaller than the standard 700cc. It is recommended to choose a 700cc rim; it is designed for smooth rides across bumps, pavements, and cracks on roads. The wheels are apt for mountain terrain and acceleration on roads. The tires must have the optimal width that suits both rugged terrain and roads. Don’t choose an extra-wide tire that is designed specifically for mountain bikes. Even the thin tires are for racer bikes and will not suit a hybrid bike.

  4. Bike Suspension

    Most of the hybrid bikes do not have suspensions. Suspension forks increase the weight of the bike and can make pedaling less efficient. If you are riding on paved paths, roads, or smooth tracks, you can forgo the suspension.
    If you know the paths will be bumpy, choose front suspension forks. Choose a correct axle dropout when selecting suspension for your hybrid bike.

  5. Choosing the Brakes

    Brakes can be of two types, rim brakes, and disc brakes. Most hybrid bikes are fitted with rim brakes designed to grip brake pads on the wheel rims. These are easy to repair, economical and you can observe the amount of wear for timely replacement. The biggest disadvantage is that it wears out the rim and might have to replace it after a few years.

    Disc brakes grip the brake rotor hub mounted on the wheel; they are either hydraulic or mechanical. Hydraulic brakes are more effective, stronger, and require less physical effort. Mechanical brakes are similar to rim brakes and cheaper than hydraulic brakes. It is best to choose a hydraulic brake; if you need to look for a cheaper option, go for mechanical disc brakes.

  6. Choose the Right Size

    Get the right size according to your height. Choosing a smaller bike or a bike much bigger than your size will be uncomfortable, shaky as well as unsafe. An uncomfortable bike will defeat the purpose, and it will be annoying and aversive.

    To find the optimal size of the bike stand over the middle bar frame. Keep both your legs on the ground straight and flat – toe to heel. Keep the handlebars straight and check the saddle’s height concerning your legs on the paddle. You can also try sitting on the saddle, keeping one leg on the pedal, and if the other leg touches the ground without tilting the bike, it is the correct size for you.

    Most bikes have an adjustable saddle that can be raised or lowered easily as per your height.

  7. Gears

    A bike has a wide range of gears; there can be up to 27 gears in a bike. A gear is a complex phenomenon of sprockets, chainrings, and the number of teeth. We can forget that and focus on the optimal number of gears in a hybrid bike. To consider this, you must know the terrain where you will be riding your bike.

    If you are riding on a plane surface, you may not require gears. Most hybrid bikes are designed with single-speed gear to keep your bike light and powerful. Gears increase or reduce the efforts of muscles in pulling the bike. If you are riding on hills and need reduced effort to climb uphill, you require gears.

    Therefore, choose according to the terrain you intend to ride. You may not require a bike with 27 gears unless you are a professional cyclist; the optimal level can be up to 10 gears in hybrid bikes.

  8. Fenders

    Fenders play an important part in protecting you from dirt and grime splashing on while riding a bike. Fenders become essential, especially in wet and mushy terrain. It also protects others on the street. A bike without fenders splashes mushy dirt everywhere around. Put on fenders if you live in a damp area or during the wet season. In dry seasons get rid of the fenders to reduce the weight of the bike.

  9. Cargo Racks for Bikes

    Urban bikes are generally designed to carry cargo racks. A hybrid bike may not have inbuilt cargo racks; however, you can get it custom-made from an authorized dealer or purchase it separately.

    Cargo racks come in handy to carry groceries, stores, bags, and other essential items that may be required to commute daily or regularly. Most urban bike models are designed with a cargo rack since urban people prefer it. It is better to get a removable rack and attach it when needed or removed for day-to-day biking.

  10. Additional Accessories

    There is a wide range of accessories that you can consider fitting to your bike. One of the essential accessories for your bike is a front and rear reflector. If you are riding in dark hours, reflectors are important. You can also attach a front light. Most of the lights are rechargeable with easy to remove and attach latches.

    A horn is important if you are commuting in a busy street. A saddle cover or a comfortable saddle seat with cushion gel can be a great purchase for comfortable riding. Adventure lovers are advised to get a GPS holder or a cell phone holder attached to the front handle to keep your GPS or cell phone safe while you navigate your way. Similarly, you can buy accessories like alloy pedals, water bottle holders, and direction indicators as per your requirements


A hybrid bike is the best option to combine an everyday bike with some adventure tours. A careful selection will give you the ultimate joy of riding and will save you money in the longer run. Choosing the right hybrid bike depends on factors like your daily commute schedule, purpose, the average distance you intend to cover daily, and terrain conditions.

Bikes are a good choice to commute to work. It keeps you fit, reduces the carbon footprint, which is great for the environment, and doesn’t drill a hole in your pocket. No matter what your age is, you can always ride a bike. Get going and buy a hybrid bike for yourself, and remember these ten points when selecting a hybrid bike for yourself.
If you have your recommendation for hybrid bikes, share it with us in the comments section.