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Best Fishing Spots In Florida


Laying around as the sun reaches its peak and the fishes catch its prey unassumingly is every man’s dream (or a woman’s…possibly!). But ever wondered where to set your seat to bask in the perfect moment? Well, you can never go wrong while choosing one in Florida, which flaunts its varied fishing sites ranging from deep waters to shallow ones. You name it; you get it. So, filtering out sites for your next expedition, check out the ones listed below!

Freshwater to your preference

  1. Lake Okeechobee
  2. Stick Marsh and Farms
  3. Bienville Plantation
  4. Lake Tohopekaliga

Freshwater fishes do have their own charms. Whizzing past in the silent waters, these prove to be a great catch. With thousands of lakes to choose from, Florida never disappoints you with the choices it has to offer. Some of the favorite spots for the anglers are listed above.

Most of these places have rich and diverse freshwater collections making you eyeing from panfishes to black crappie. Many of the places also hold annual tournaments, with each one vying to take the trophy.

Lake Okeechobee

Lake Okeechobee boasts of a large area, with it being spread across acres of Florida’s best land. This makes the place more desirable as you won’t be cramped among thousands trying their luck, especially in the peak season.

Lake Tohopekaliga

If you are looking out to catch big, then Lake Tohopekaliga might be a choice to consider. With measures taken into consideration to concentrate fishes, the place has a high rate of catches.

Bienville plantation

If you want to have a quick getaway and enjoy your vacation while fishing one of the best basses, the Bienville plantation may be just the right place for you. Enjoy your days off or family gathering amidst nature with a luxurious stay and a riverside that offers you great catches.

Stick Marsh and Farms

However, if you want a guide to help you through your endeavors, Stick Marsh is an option to consider. But you must bear a fishing license to fish around its lush waters freely. Filled with heavyweight basses, a knowledgeable guide can find for you the best spots where even a bad day will not mean no catches!

Many restoration methods have been employed to prevent the rapid dwindling of the numbers owing to intense sport but primarily due to changing climatic conditions.

Enjoy both the sea and the freshwater fishes at a hands distance apart

  1. Stuart
  2. Tampa Bay
  3. Destin
  4. Miami-Dade
  5. Florida canals

Some water lets you enjoy the best of both worlds. Giving you a rich collection of both freshwater and marines within few miles of each other, these water bodies let the anglers test their skills.

Florida canals

Since canals connect the oceans and everglades, these are hotspots where both fresh and saltwater fishes thrive. However, the more you go inland, the seawater species decreases according to their habitat. Just go with the right bait, and who knows, you might fish some bass or even peacocks!


With shallow bays and waters from the Gulf of Mexico, Destin is a popular fishing site in the whole of Florida. From redfish to tuna, you can lay your hand on pretty much everything that the waters have to offer. There are multiple piers (like Okaloosa Island and Navarre Beach Pier) to give the best experience for the anglers.


With creeks, wrecks, channels, and reefs, the geographical position of the Miami-Dade makes it one of the most desirable places for the fishes to thrive. Be it the big games you are vying for or the smaller ones, you can settle for your fishing spot from one of the piers.

Stuart City

A small, unassuming town that holds some premium fish species is the way to define the Stuart City. Sandwiched between two beaches, the waters boast of many gaming fishes like Sailfish, Blue Marlins, and Mahi Mahi Dolphin fishes. Both offshore and inshore fishing is popular here, with the species making highlights at a different time of the year.

Tampa Bay

Equipped to support the beginners to competitive anglers, the waters of Tampa Bay are one of the best fishing grounds for the silver kings. Other notable species that rule the water are Redfish, Snook, Sharks, and Mackerels. With many more species worth eyeing for, Tampa Bay gives you a wholesome with the best offshore, nearshore, and inshore adventure.

For the seekers of seawater fishes

It is no surprise that the whole of Florida’s coastline can vouch to guarantee you a worthy experience of fishing for the marine ones. With waters from the Gulf Stream and the Atlantic Ocean, there is no denying the diversity of the catches that you can look out for.

Many of the places that give you both fresh and marine water experience are also best for the offshore experience. Other places to look out for are Sanibel Island, Longboat Key, and Sarasota. These fishing spots do double up as a place to explore and spend your vacation away. Look out for the seasonal fishes that flourish in the waters at a different time of the year.

Beaches to test your skills

  1. Cocoa beach
  2. Palm Beach
  3. Daytona beach
  4. Ft Myers Beach
  5. Lighthouse beach

Fishing at beaches is wonderful. For one, you can enjoy your fishing and, at the same time, take your family for a great vacation (nothing beats vacation and beaches!). Though the tides may not guarantee you the best games, you can surely hook a Snook or a Snapper with your experience. Opting to lay your nets in a peaceful location might increase your prospects of catchaagainst the noisy beaches. Be it shore fishing or fly fishing, the beaches allow you to explore things at your own risk.

Daytona Beach

The beautiful oceans of Daytona Beach provide an all-year-round fishing experience for anglers across all proficiency levels. With Piers and Jetty, your fishing experience is not just limited to the shores. You can also charter a boat and set out to the Atlantic or into the lagoons to increase your catches.

Ft Myers Beach

Located on a tropical island, Fort Myer and much more to offer than just the clear waters and sandy beaches. The rich waters make sure that you can catch hold of Redfish, Snook, Tarpon, Mackerel, Mahi Mahi, and even sailfish. The beautiful location and great catches make your money well spent.

Cocoa beach

Like other beaches, the Cocoa beach also does not disappoint you in terms of the visuals or the catches it offers. Be it the Shallowater species like Redfish, Grouper, or Blue Marlin or the shoreline fishes like Snapper and Black Drum.

Palm beaches

Palm beaches offer you some of the biggest catches against a picturesque backdrop, from sailfishes to crevalle. Many piers are constructed to give you the best fishing experience by covering the best spots for the anglers. The spots change with the fishes moving around the waters. Hence, make sure to know around the area if you don’t want your trip to go waste.

lighthouse beach

The lighthouse beach, located at the tip of the Sanibel Islands, enjoys the bounties of both Gulf of Mexico and San Carlos Bay. A T-dock is constructed, which is the favorite spot for the anglers vying for the great catches. Since the beaches are a hotspot for vacation, it is better the come early if you want to secure the best spot and the catches.


Florida won’t ever disappoint you with the lush waters that never run dry. Seasons and temperature largely determine the abundance of the fishes in any water. At the same time, climatic factors influence the dwindling numbers. A number of measures are carried out to keep the waters rich and true to their initial days.