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Golf ball comparison chart


What are the elements that make a golf ball?

Dimples –

Golf balls will have dimples because these dimples can help the golf balls fly. The dimples can help to create a very thin layer of air that will stick to the surface of the ball and increase the lift and reduce the drag that is on the ball. The sizes and patterns can affect the stability, distance, spin rate, etc. The dimples are so important that without the dimples, a smooth ball would only travel half the distance that a modern golf ball would travel.

Core –

The core of the ball is very important as it drives the compression and it refers to the overall density. The higher compression balls are better for experienced golfers who have fast swings. When the ball is hit very hard, then it can change its shape for a little while, and a good core has to be able to support the energy transfer that occurs here. Those golfers whose swing speeds are slower usually use gold balls that have lower compression because this can help to maximize the spring effect through impact.

Cover –

There are two main types of golf ball covers they are urethane and surlyn. Surlyn is generally a lot more durable, but they generally have lower spin. Urethane is mostly in higher-end balls and makes skilled players love this a lot more, and this can give you better control.

Construction of a golf ball and how it affects performance

Two-piece construction

If you are a new golfer or you just have a slow swing speed, then you can use the ball with this construction. These constructions have very large cores, so when you hit the ball, the distance can be maximized, and movement and spin are also minimized. In addition, there is a thick cover shell, as wells o you can be safe against any wayward shots.

Multi-layer construction

For those people who have faster swing speeds, these golf balls can work very well. The cover of the ball is very thin, and this ensures that it spins and also gives a crisp and soft feel to it.

There are things that you should be aware of when you go to buy a golf ball. Look for those places where you might lose points and when you find your weaknesses, then choose a golf ball based on that so you can get some better scores. Different balls are better based on the distance or spin that you want from that shot, so you will have to adjust based on what you want.

If you have just started golf, then the balls are very different. You should start it slowly, and they get better at it over time. When you get better, then you can change balls and move to something that is better. You can visit a store near you and check and see your options.

Every small way that a ball is manufactured can change many things about the way that the ball moves and shifts around. This is why you need to be very careful when you choose the correct ball because it can affect the way that the ball goes.

Tour level balls

These balls are multi-layer balls, and they are designed to be used by people who are more experienced, and it is mid to lower handicappers. The golfers who use this ball can sculpt shots and generate a lot more spin. In addition, there is a thin cover, and this can provide a better feel when you hit it and golfers like that.


The golf balls are made in a way that they can reduce the sidespin, and this can enable the toe ball to travel over a larger distance and have a more straight flight. In addition, there is a large core, and this can help to maximize the carry. There is also a thick cover so it can protect you from any shots that are wayward.


When people refer to feel in golf, then it is about low compression in a golf ball, and this allows it to deform when it is hit. These balls are better for people with low swing speeds, and this can reduce spin and create a more straight flight path of the ball.


These kinds of balls are made with two-piece construction. They are made specifically for people who have slower swing speeds. However, if you play golf occasionally or are a beginner, these balls can be perfect for you. The construction can give a good distance and have control and durability as well.


You can also get personalized golf balls. You can get your initials or sayings on these golf balls. These personalized balls can be very good gifts to those people who play golf.


All these golf balls have different things that they can be used for. You can choose to use any of these depending on the kind of player that you are. Try and be honest with how you play and what you would need for that because it is no use if you use a ball that is not suited to you, as you would not be able to get the right performance out of it. Keep in mind how construction affects a ball and how it can affect the way you play. Try your best to find the right ball and keep practicing, and over time you will get better, and once you do, then you can change the balls and use something that you would prefer to use.