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Top Fishing Spots Near You in Houston


Lake Anahuac

Along the Texas coastline, Lake Anahuac comes under the umbrella of a wildlife refuge. It is 45 miles on the east side of the city. Enjoy finding redfish, speckled trout, and southern flounder along the East Galveston Bay throughout the day.

Anahuac is one of the best places in Houston, with access to both freshwater and saltwater fishing. Freshwater fishing is along the East Bay Bayou banks. The area is full of black drums, white crappie, and flounder.


Mc Govern is an eight-acre beauty with a neighborhood pond. It is among the prime spots for fishing in Houston, but only for those ages twelve and under or sixty-five and over.

The water is clear, situated in the heart of the museum district, and the area is very well maintained. It is also a part of Houston’s dearest Hermann Park. They redid the old lake in the year 1999 to add safety measures and enlarge it.

Mary Jo Peckham Park

Katy park is brilliant for families to fish because of the surrounding amenities. You may enjoy the bank and pier access, as well as a recreation center in the park and picnic tables.

This lake stretched along five acres is stocked with catfish in summer and trout in winters to encourage frequent visitors. You may teach your younger fam-gem how to fish in this Mary Jo Peckham Park.

Lake Conroe

You may head to Lake Conroe for a different experience in Houston. It is about forty miles towards the north of Houston. Anglers enjoy this fishing spot the most, and this lake is known for several fish that grow to fantastic epic proportions.

The Wildlife Department and Texas Parks have recorded a largemouth bass weighing close to or more than sixteen pounds. In the year 2016, a monster-sized fifty-two-inch blue catfish was also first caught and then released here. Head up towards the north, and you may make into the history of Texas fishing!

Tom Bass Park

On the northwest of Pearland, Tom Bass Park is situated. It is so expansive that the authorities have divided this park into three sections. All three sections have ponds, and Section III has a fishing pier and bank access. Residents frequently report catching catfish, trout, and many others. The size of the park helps create added space between visitors and a more relaxing atmosphere.

Lake Livingstone

Lake Livingston is one of the largest lakes and is situated next door to Texas’s Sam Houston National Forest. Lake Livingston is known for many things, including a notable catfish fishery and white bass population. Enjoy two fish cleaning stations, a fishing pier, three boat ramps, and bank access. If you don’t have the necessary fishing equipment, there’s nothing to worry about. You can borrow any cane fishing pole from the park store.

Galveston Bay

For those whose hearts are set on saltwater fishing, it is recommended they head to Galveston Bay. Many charters and guards make a living by taking groups out for this fantastic fishing experience on Galveston Bay. You can also fish at Eagle Point Fishing Camp, The Galveston Fishing Pier, or Pelican Island. These are amazing spots.

The island’s thirty-two miles of beaches offer brilliant and direct access to one of the sought-after fishing experiences in Houston. You can access the Gulf of Mexico. You can fish on this island throughout the year and for as long as you choose to. The catches surely vary from flounder to bull shark to redfish.

heldon Lake

Sheldon Lake has many perks of a state park. You also get great fishing access. There is three plentiful access to banks, fishing piers, and two small ponds for young families to release and catch small fish. The eighty-two feet John Jacob Observation Tower lets all the visitors watch amazing views of the surrounding lake and wetland, the San Jacinto Monument, and the downtown Houston skyline.

Double Lake

The double lake is a scenic and peaceful place. It is well stocked with bream, bass, and catfish. The lake has three amazing fishing piers you can go to and enjoy with your kids and a limited access boat ramp. The boats with canoes and small motors are allowed on the lake. The Double Lake Recreation Area surrounding this place also has beautiful campgrounds and hiking trails.

More fishing destinations in Houston

Caddo Lake

If you have been to Caddo Lake and tried fishing, well, you should. This lake is located on Louisiana and Texas border, and honestly, the one thing that has ever been here its captivating beauty.

A large portion of Caddo is protected, so this is a great place for women and fishermen out there. This spot has a wide variety of fish sizes ranging from minnows, chub, shiner, and flathead catfish. You have your perfect day of fishing because of the natural surroundings of Caddo Lake and its great ambiance.

Please keep your trip simple. Do not make it complicated because the complexity will make you frustrated. Take your kids to Caddo Lake and enjoy with your friends and fam gem.

Choke Canyon Reservoir

This reservoir is located more than one hour drive, barely from San Antonio. It is a great spot to ward away your tension and stress. Being one of the most amazing big bass lakes in Texas and perhaps the biggest bass fishing spot in Houston, this place is worth your time.

You can visit Choke Canyon with your friends and fam-gem any time of the year since there are many catfish all through the twelve months. The summer heat is difficult here and maybe a little challenging. But wildlife, including alligators, will make you feel away from the world!

Lake Amistad

This lake is located twelve miles on the northwestern side of the south Texan plain and is a perfect fishing spot to visit in fall and spring. Lake Amistad is considered the greatest lake in the largemouth bass. The lake is has a desert of clean water all around it making this lake one of the best places to release tension and anxiety. The lake is great during winters but is consistently a great fishery.

Since the attention span of kids is short, be sure to make plans. Ensure that the weather is good, and find a fishing spot with access to restrooms and a playground. Bring toys, snacks, or anything that will occupy your child if she/he gets bored. Please never force your kid to fish. There is nothing wrong with just enjoying the weather around this Amistad.

Lake Texoma

It is among Houston’s four great border reservoirs, and Lake Texoma is prominently known for its bass fishing, particularly that it is so abundant here. Of course, you would not miss several smallmouth basses along the Denison dam. You may move to the rocky banks of this lake for a largemouth.

Cedar Creek Lake

Creek Lake is another great place. You can visit and fish for bass. If you want to stay close and travel far, this is your best chance. Located approximately an hour’s drive south-east of Dallas, you will love its shoreline, especially if you are a weekender. Enjoy fishing and being at Cedar Creek Lake with your kids, friends, and family.

Falcon Lake

For a long time, Falcon Lake is considered the best largemouth bass lake Houston could ever have. Although water fluctuations are challenging here in this channel of catfish, and your trip may trip here and there, the journey here surely is worth it. The lake is located forty miles in the southeast of Texas. It is also a fantastic fishing spot for a fish of three pounds.

Colorado Bend Park

If you want a mixture of sporting activities and fishing, Colorado bend state park is the perfect place. The river area is somehow slow-moving. Still, anglers can stay here and enjoy the nature of this park. If you have your kids along and ask why the bag is required, tell them that Mother Nature needs it, and one must always carry it along while fishing and on outings. After or during your trip, you may pick some trash and candy wrappers and help keep the Colorado Bend Park clean!


Fishing has always been a fun recreational activity. Whether it’s Sunday or an evening with pleasant weather, you may go fishing with your friends and family. Your kids will surely love spending time away from gadgets in the lap of nature. The abovementioned fishing spots are the best in Houston. You may choose a one close to your home and catch small and large fish. With that, you may also teach your kiddos to keep their surroundings clean in parks and around the lakes.